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Give her space to miss you and she’ll come back

Aren’t you tired of feeling that you are the one who puts all the effort into the relationship? You deserve a break, and above all, you deserve to be valued and appreciated. No more waking up daily thinking about what you will say or do to maintain an unbalanced relationship. How long has it been since she has had a detail with you? How long has it been since she made a surprise for you?

Without a doubt, she needs to start appreciating what she has. And what better than to apply the saying “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone“? Give her space to miss you, and she’ll come back. But you have to know how to do it properly, and we have prepared this article to help you.

Give her space and she’ll come back

There are a series of do’s and don’t do’s that you must respect in order not to end up sabotaging your relationship with her. Read carefully:

1. Do not ignore her

Avoid the first big beginner’s mistake. It’s not about ignoring her entirely because she might mirror you back and start ignoring you too. Where does this game end? You would probably be talking back to her and continuing on her line. If you ignore her, you’re risking a lot and getting very little. Play it smart.

give her space and she'll come back - don't ignore her

2. Don’t be too obvious

It’s also not about starting to answer with monosyllables and still being there but being completely different when you are with her. She will probably notice it in a minute and not want to get into your game or ask you outright what’s wrong, leading to a very awkward and zero productive discussion or conversation.

3. Be busy

Now we’re talking about what you should do. For starters, be active. She doesn’t prioritize you, so you do it.

Think about what you would do without her. Think about your own goals, the ones you should never forget. Think about your hobbies, friends, and your ideal future job. Think about your plan and make more time for yourself.

Focus on being productive and spend less energy on a person who doesn’t value you enough. Then, she will eventually realize that everyone gets tired of being ignored and not paid enough attention.

4. Go out with other people

Note: This is not about jealousy. That’s a very toxic perspective. It’s about clearing your time, reclaiming your life, and boosting your self-esteem. Spend time with your friends and those people who have always been there. Value who values you.

Along the way, she will open her eyes and see that there are more people in your life besides her who do know how to give you the minimal care you deserve, and she will feel that maybe she is risking your relationship by putting in too little effort.

5. Take care of yourself

Maybe that’s the summary of what you should do, but prioritizing yourself. Being in a relationship where efforts are not balanced can lead to mental and emotional exhaustion. So realize that you don’t deserve this behavior, and it’s not a relationship you would have wanted for yourself.

give her space to miss you - take care of yourself

It may be temporary, but your obligation is not to make it work. Always take care of yourself. Make the most of it, go to the gym, go back to watching series, or, as I said before, go out with other people and take care of yourself in every way. Above all, don’t become dependent on your partner.

6. Use social media

On the way you do all this, prioritize yourself and date other people; you can post it.

Posting will serve as a little alert for your partner. You’re not doing anything wrong, but maybe she’ll suspect something isn’t right and decide to react before it’s too late.

What should your aim be? Giver her space to miss you

Your purpose should be to give your partner a chance to rectify her behavior. To have a healthy, mature, communicative, and stable relationship, you should ideally talk to your partner directly. If your partner is healthy, mature, and communicative, she should appreciate your feelings and propose a change in her behavior.

But if she is an explosive person, she might accuse you of being too needy or exaggerated. So your other option is to follow this series of steps we’ve offered to take care of yourself, feel better, and try to get your partner to open her eyes before having that conversation.

How can I know if she will come back?

The objective of these steps is that your partner starts to propose more plans, have some details with you, and ask you more often how you feel so that you don’t have to come back to this situation.

You will know she will come back to you when you see that she starts to write you more than before or propose plans that she doesn’t usually suggest.

When should you let go?

Suppose your partner is indignant at your behavior and doesn’t even offer to talk about it to make things right. In that case, you’re probably in a relationship where your partner gets angry at losing you but doesn’t do anything to keep you around.

give her space - when should you let go

Recognize that? It’s a possessive relationship. She thinks she’s won over you like a trophy, and it’s her right to have you there, in her life, without the possibility of leaving. So when she sees the threat of you leaving by spending time with other people and going on with your plans without her, she gets frustrated and may even get angry with you.

It’s time to ask yourself: Do you want this in your life?

Give her space and she’ll come back: Final words

If you have an ideal relationship, even if it might cost a fight, you should be able to have a productive enough conversation to start changing small behaviors on both your parts to be happier as a couple.

Because if you’re not happy as a couple, what are you in a relationship for? If it’s not that serious or conversation is not an option, give her space to miss you, and she’ll come back. And if she doesn’t, don’t think you’ve lost anything because it means she didn’t love you. Have you ever applied these tips? How did they work for you? Let us know in the comments!