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Is he busy or not interested? How to know for sure

When your boyfriend, crush, or the person you like is more absent than usual, your imagination starts to betray you. You think he doesn’t love you any more or is no longer interested in you. You feel like a heavy burden, you doubt yourself, and in the end, it affects your day-to-day life. And then you start thinking, “Is he busy or not interested anymore?

But you don’t know if he is swamped and it’s a matter of time before he pays attention to you again, or if this story ends here. Don’t worry. In this article, we differentiate the different signs that will help you recognize what is happening:

6 signs he is still interested despite being busy

It can be challenging to tell if someone is genuinely busy or making excuses to avoid spending time with you. However, some signs can indicate if a person is genuinely interested in you and still wants to be with you despite their busy schedule. If he’s still opening up and sharing his life with you, it’s a sign that he trusts you and values your connection.

is he busy or not interested - spends time with you

He wants to keep you involved in his life. See if these signs check with your boyfriend:

1. He prioritizes spending time with you

People who value your relationship will make time for you despite their busy schedules. If he frequently rearranges his schedule to spend time with you, he still wants to be with you.

2. He keeps in touch regularly

If he takes the time to send periodic messages, even if they are brief, whether, through text, call, or email, it shows that he’s still interested in maintaining the connection with you as much as he can.

3. He asks for your availability

Sometimes he will be genuinely busy, and you should know that if you know him well enough. Another sign that he is worried about pushing you away because he doesn’t have that much time is that he asks when you’re available and makes plans accordingly. It may signify losing interest if he’s not trying to see you.

4. He makes efforts to plan dates in advance

If he plans dates and makes an effort to keep them, it shows that he still values your time together and wants to make the most of it. He will discuss plans with you, such as dates or trips, showing that he sees a future with you and is committed to making it happen, despite his busy schedule.

Moreover, he prioritizes quality time. Even if he doesn’t have much time, he makes the most of it by giving you his undivided attention when you’re together. He values his time with you and wants to make it memorable.

5. He shows up when he says he will

If he’s consistently making excuses to avoid spending time with you, it’s a clear sign that he’s not interested. On the other hand, if he shows up every time he says he will, it’s a good sign that he still wants to be with you.

is he busy or not interested - shows up

6. He maintains physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is an essential aspect of any relationship. If he’s still making an effort to maintain it, even with a busy schedule, it’s a sign that he’s still interested in you and wants to keep the spark alive.

5 signs he is not interested anymore

It can be painful to realize that someone you’re interested in is not reciprocating those feelings. If he’s giving you excuses about not spending time with you, it may be a sign that he’s not interested in you. Here are some key signs to look out for:

1. He cancels plans at the last minute

When someone frequently cancels plans at the last minute or is always “too busy,” they show zero respect for your time. So it may be a sign that he’s not prioritizing you. Someone genuinely interested in you will make time for you, regardless of their schedule.

2. He doesn’t make an effort to communicate

Today, it is effortless to keep in touch even when you are on the other side of the world. You only have to send a text and a picture showing how much you care. Some guys act as if they care in person, but once you text them, they don’t seem interested anymore. If he’s not initiating communication or seems uninterested in staying in touch, he might not be interested in you. Someone who values your relationship will try to keep the lines of communication open.

3. He avoids physical intimacy

If he’s avoiding physical intimacy, as we discussed earlier, or is unresponsive to your advances, it may be a sign that he’s not interested in you. Physical intimacy is an integral part of a relationship, and someone who values that connection will try to maintain it.

4. He’s not involved in your life

Another critical sign is when he doesn’t show interest in learning about your life or meeting your friends and family. Anyone who values you will want to be involved in your life. 

5. He gives vague responses

One of the most common signs happens when he gives vague or uninterested answers when you talk to him. And it hurts because you perceive a considerable change in his attitude. Someone who values your connection will try to engage and show interest in what you have to say.

is he busy or not interested - vague responses

Is he busy or not? And what should you do in your case?

If he’s not dedicating time to you because he’s genuinely busy, it’s essential to understand that he may not have control over his schedule and to respect that. Please focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and what you appreciate about him. Communication is key, even if you can’t see each other as much.

Make an effort to stay in touch through text or phone calls to maintain the connection. Planning for future dates or activities can also help you spend quality time together when his schedule opens up. Remember that busy periods happen to everyone, and be patient. On the other hand, if he’s ignoring you because he’s not interested, it can be a difficult situation to be in.

It’s important to have an open and honest conversation with him if you feel comfortable. However, if he’s still not interested, it’s time to focus on self-care and your happiness. Try new activities, surround yourself with supportive friends and family, and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings.

Moving on can be difficult, but holding on to someone who doesn’t feel the same way will only lead to more heartache. Accept his lack of interest and focus on finding someone who values and appreciates you for who you are.

Is he busy or not interested? The bottom line

To sum up, these signs can help you determine if a person is genuinely busy or simply making excuses because they’re losing interest. If the person still values spending time with you and makes an effort to keep the connection strong, it’s likely that they still want to be with you despite their busy schedule.

How many signs did you check on both lists? Please share it with other women in the comments section and see what others think about it.