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Signs he has strong feelings for you

You’ve met a guy with whom you’ve started to build a relationship, and a simple crush has turned into something more. If you like him, he could be the one. But as is often the case, men are hard to read, especially if you have a good friendship. So it’s time to start looking for signs he has strong feelings for you. You know, those little things that give away his feelings and intentions.

In this article, you will find out if he sees you as a friend or likes you. Get ready to take the plunge in your relationship.

11 irrefutable signs he has strong feelings for you

If you identify the guy you like with one of these signs, it may not mean anything. But if you start to relate several signs to his behavior, you’re probably looking at your future boyfriend. So please read it carefully.

1. He stopped seeing other girls

Even if he had no other relationships, it is possible that from time to time, he was seeing other girls, testing the waters, and open to starting a relationship.

If you gradually realize that you have become the one girl he meets alone, he has stopped mentioning other girls, etc., it is likely that, consciously or unconsciously, he only has eyes for you.

2. He reaches you constantly

Has it become that daily conversation – do you constantly send memes, Instagram posts, Twitter, kitten pictures, or an inside joke to each other? You probably don’t see it, but from the outside, it’s evident that you’re a pair of lovebirds.

signs he has strong feelings for you - he reaches you constantly

If he can’t stop texting you when he’s not with you and even starts saying good morning and goodnight? It’s only a matter of time before you end up together. Enjoy the process.

3. He always laughs at your jokes

Many psychological studies affirm that when a person likes you, he tends to react more exaggeratedly than the rest to your comments.

The most transparent way to see this is to tell a joke in a group and see if he is looking directly at you and if he laughs more than the rest or louder. He won’t notice, but it’s a natural reaction when you like someone.

4. He shares personal memories with you

If he has started telling you about personal experiences, he has begun to open up to you. And this is something that not all guys do, so I appreciate it.

He’s comfortable with you and doesn’t mind feeling vulnerable because he’s safe. Maybe he’s waiting for you to open up to him similarly. An intense relationship is on the way.

5. He wants to know your friends

When we like a person, we try to make a place for ourselves in his life. We try to get their friends to want us, be accepted, and seem like a more compatible match. If your crush wants to get to know your friends and you sense that he is trying to get them to like him, too, his intentions with you are undoubtedly serious.

signs he has strong feelings for you - wants to knw your friends

6. He is genuinely interested in your past relationships

This sign is perhaps one of the most obvious signs. Suppose you start having deep, personal conversations, and he wants to know more about your love history. In that case, he is trying to gather information about what went wrong, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and whether you are emotionally available.

This conversation is vital as it will allow him to move on with you or back out of the competition.

7. He tries to look and smell nice for you

Regardless of whether he is a guy who cares about his appearance, you know very well when a guy starts to take more care of his clothes, hairstyle, and even his perfume when he comes to see you.

He tries not to repeat outfits, to wear his favorite clothes and make them look casual. He is trying to impress you. Having a tight appearance when you’re around is one of the most common signs he has strong feelings for you.

8. He behaves differently when you are alone

Have you had a chance to see how he behaves with other people in front of him?

Suppose you notice that he changes significantly when you are together, either because he becomes much more nervous or because he relaxes and can be himself. In that case, these indicate that he has strong feelings for you and can’t control himself.

9. He remembers details about you

Few things are as romantic as a guy listening and paying attention to you. If you see him refer to comments you’ve made, remember anecdotes, make original comments about something you said, etc., he’s probably crazy about you.

Please pay attention to how much attention he pays to you. He might be obsessed with you.

10. He highlights your common interests

If you have something in common and he has feelings for you, he will probably try to highlight those commonalities, be it an artist, music, movie, the country you want to live in, your dream life, your dream job, etc. He will try to highlight anything that creates a special connection between you.

signs he has strong feelings for you - highlights common interests

11. He talks about plans you would like to ask you out

Of course, in addition to enjoying the present, he will look for plans that might interest you for the future. A concert, a party, an exhibition, or a special event at a museum. Anything you might like enough to ask you out.

Why doesn’t he say anything about his feelings?

If he has strong feelings for you, why doesn’t he say or do anything about it? Many boys suffer self-imposed limitations on themselves and don’t realize it.

One of the main reasons may be the fear of commitment, since it means losing freedom and opportunity to meet other people, even losing a part of his identity.

It is also possible that you have had bad experiences emotionally and are afraid of exposing yourself and putting yourself in a vulnerable position where you may be rejected or hurt. Or perhaps you are simply inexperienced in the romantic arena or are unclear whether the feeling is mutual.

Signs he has strong feelings for you: Final words

Are you here because you want him to have strong feelings for you? If so, try to read the signs and let him know you like him to see how he reacts. If it is clear that he meets many of these signals, don’t wait for him to make a move. Take the initiative; you don’t have time to waste. We hope this article has helped you understand how guys act when they have strong feelings for you.

Have you ever noticed any of these signs in a guy? What did you do? How did he react? Let us know in the comments.