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How to make him obsessed with you? 10 ways

Whether he is your boyfriend or a prospective partner, you would like him not to normalize your presence. You want to know how to make him obsessed with you. You want him to keep getting nervous when he sees you, not to fall into the monotony of living as a couple. You want him to continue to feel the tranquility and security of being together but the illusion of seeing you every day without getting bored.

But how? In this post, we explain the trick to make him obsessed with you for a long time.

How to make him obsessed with you: 10 potent ways

Remember: the following tips should be applied to a stable and trusting partner, not someone who is not committed to you. You run the risk of dragging yourself down.

1. Value him

Being together doesn’t mean you’ve won a trophy. People are free to leave whenever they want, and if you don’t take care of your partner, they can tire you out and leave you just as you can. So show him that you don’t take his being with you for granted.

Let him see how much you value him every day. Convey your excitement to see him again and the joy of having him in your life. Knowing that you appreciate him will make him internalize that you are a safe home, a safe place, an important person who is good for him and whom he loves in his life.

2. Show your love

Of course, making him doubt your feelings would only bring insecurities. Along with communication, safety is the most critical foundation of a relationship. Knowing that he can trust you, feeling loved, reciprocated.

how to make him obsessed with you - show your love

Just by seeing each other every day or spending a lot of time together, you are not showing your love. Strive to convey your love to him constantly in different ways and enjoy being in love. Make him laugh and be flirty if you can.

This way, you will make him fall more and more in love and he will not want to let you go.

3. Be fair

Reciprocity is essential. He must reciprocate your efforts. If he is attentive and detailed, you must try to live up to it in your way.

Likewise, if he is a person who does not appreciate some loving gestures, try to control yourself so as not to overwhelm him—everything within your naturalness, without forcing anything. Being in tune will make the relationship flow, avoiding conflict.

4. Be confident

Don’t seem insecure, don’t go after him, and don’t worry that he will stop loving you someday.

No. To be good with him, for him to want to have you by his side, you must work on yourself simultaneously. Love yourself and recognize your value.

If he knows that you are aware of how much you are worth and still choose to be with him, he will understand that you appreciate him.

5. Show him off

Feeling that our partner is proud of us in front of other people and on social networks makes us feel great. Let’s not kid ourselves.

It shouldn’t be an essential requirement because it can border on toxic when checking up on our partner, who knows we’re together, etc. But it does our self-esteem good to know that our partner brags about us and is not afraid to express his feelings, whether private or public.

6. Let him know he is special

Especially if you are affectionate, it is essential to let him understand that he is not just another person.

Your partner will probably be your best friend in an ideal situation. But it would be best to make him feel that he is more than that and that you value him, with small details and attention different from the ones you give to the rest.

7. Show him you want the relationship to be healthy

Taking care of the relationship, aiming for a healthy relationship, and working together is the ideal way to express how much you care. He should appreciate your efforts and realize that not all couples achieve the stability of a healthy relationship.

Set boundaries for yourself and him, especially regarding jealousy, possessiveness, time together and time with friends or alone, work on communication, make him see that you can be talked to even during arguments or clashes, etc. If he is smart, he will realize how much you are worth.

8. Don’t let him think you are obsessed with him

Nobody likes desperate people. It’s not the same to convey your feelings for him, value him, and love him vs. letting him see 100% that you are obsessed (within healthy limits) with him.

There must always be a small percentage that is better kept to yourself.

Of course, if you think you are obsessed beyond healthy limits, you risk being a toxic person, condemning the relationship to end in drama, or him getting tired of you and you having a rough time. If this is your case, you should work on yourself rather than focusing on him obsessing over you.

how to make him obsessed with you - respect his space

9. Respect his space (and yours)

At the beginning of a relationship, you go through the “honeymoon” period, you want to be together all the time, and it is easy to put aside hobbies, friends, and alone time. Avoid love-bombing, which can be addictive, because then comes the phase when you start to get tired and miss other habits.

Also, in no case can you take for granted that you will be together forever. If something goes wrong, it will be better to have other pillars of your life to lean on.

But if you continue to have a healthy and functioning relationship, having your own space will keep you from getting tired of each other, and you will value your time together more.

Remember, it’s about not invading 100% of your partner’s time and space, nor the other way around.

10. Don’t lose yourself

Whatever you do, stay true to yourself. Always seek to improve yourself as a person, make an effort, and get out of your comfort zone but never stop listening to what you feel inside. Remember that your partner liked you before you were with him. If you start to lose yourself and change for him or adapt to the relationship, he might not like you anymore.

How to make him obsessed with you? What’s the secret?

Toxic games are behind us. No, it’s not about making him jealous or feeling that he might lose you. It’s about making him see that he can be happy with you without giving up his life. It is about staying as two independent persons who, within their freedom, still choose to be together.

Now that you know how to make him obsessed with you, it’s time to ask yourself: Is this what I want? Think about it, and good luck!