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He unblocked me but no contact: what’s next?

When a relationship ends, and it ends badly, sometimes we go to the extreme of zero contact. Nowadays, the limit of blocking a person on social networks is pretty rough. So, what does it mean when you can see their profile picture again one day? Has something changed? Is this phase over? What does it mean if he unblocked me but hasn’t reached out? Is he playing games? Does he want to get back together? Am I being paranoid?

In this article, we will cover the main reasons why he unblocked you but hasn’t contacted you:

He unblocked me but hasn’t reached out – 9 common reasons

The reason why your ex has unblocked you will largely depend on how the relationship ended.

Here are the most common reasons you should consider:

1. He wants to avoid bad blood

Maybe the fact that he blocked you was because he was furious or to avoid making the fight worse. Now, coldly, he has unblocked you intending to clear things up. He might not intend to get back together or be friends. He wants to end on good terms and perhaps even leave the possibility of resuming contact in the future.

2. He’s seeking attention

Has he had a rebound relationship after you?

Maybe he has done poorly and is an insecure person who does not know how to be alone and needs constant attention and affection to feel good. He takes it for granted that you will be there, so he returns to his comfort zone.

Identifying this behavior is essential to avoid playing with you, and your feelings are crucial.

3. He misses you

As simple as that, he might miss you and want to get back to you but doesn’t know what to say. Or maybe he misses you and has the urge to get back with you but knows he shouldn’t. Perhaps you’re incompatible. Maybe he’s being impulsive. It’s up to you to consider the possibilities.

he unblocked me but no contact - he misses you

4. He feels rejected

Maybe by blocking you, he expected you to go after him, to seek him out. Seeing that you have disappeared, he feels rejected, forgotten, and unimportant. So now he comes back to feel wanted again and see if, as he wished to, you follow his lead and go after him.

5. He doesn’t know what he wants

He may not know what he wants if he unblocks you but hasn’t reached out yet.

Please don’t fall into his game, don’t talk to him. A person who doesn’t know what he wants is unstable. Just as he unblocks you and maybe even contacts you today, he may block you again for no reason.

6. He feels guilty

He likely feels guilty if you broke up because of him or if he blocked you impulsively. Maybe he intends to resume contact. Otherwise, he won’t be able to talk to you again. It depends on how insecure he is and the complexity of the situation.

In this case, you will have to assess the seriousness of the matter because you will have to decide whether you can forgive him and whether he deserves to be forgiven. Before you forgive him, reflecting on what would happen after you have forgiven him can be helpful.

7. He’s bored

Beyond not knowing what he wants, he might not even care. Maybe he’s just indifferent but is bored and wants to see if you’ll talk to him, or he’s thinking about talking to you to see what happens because he can’t live without drama.

None of this means that he misses you or has feelings for you.

8. He doesn’t pretend to do anything

Many people do not like to have anyone blocked; without giving more importance, he has unblocked you because you are indifferent to him. Without further ado, there are no ulterior motives or twists.

he unblocked me but hasn't reached out - playing games

9. He’s playing games

Perhaps the opposite is true. Regardless of his feelings or intentions, he’s a toxic person who likes to play games with people and knows that unblocking you will make you feel insecure and rethink what he wants. And if you’re here, it’s because it’s probably worked.

In this case, even if he assures you that he loves you, misses you, etc., it should be clear that the best thing to do is to stay away from him.

He unblocked me but no contact. What can you do after he unblocked you?

Now that you think you know why he has unblocked you, it is time to consider what to do.

It would be best if you did the opposite of what you have been doing up to this point of the article: less thinking about why he has unblocked you and what he wants, and more thinking about what you want and what is good for you.

If you have broken up, there is a reason. Although it also depends on many scenarios.

It was his fault

If he made a mistake, it’s up to you to estimate the severity of the issue, whether it’s a one-off, whether it was a mistake, whether he’s capable of repeating it, and how you feel about it.

You don’t owe him anything, and you have every right to prioritize yourself and not go back if you don’t feel like it or if it’s going to make you feel bad again. If he blocked you without saying anything and disappeared, let him go.

It was your fault

The other side of the coin happened when it was your fault, and you think the problem is solvable. The first thing to do is to make amends. Ask for forgiveness, talk to him, and estimate how much he is hurt and the possibilities of getting back together.

Maybe he doesn’t want to go back, or he doesn’t want to forgive you, or he doesn’t want to go back because it won’t be the same. If you think the reason you broke up was severe, maybe it’s time to ask for forgiveness and nothing more.

It was a mutual agreement

Understanding if you have a chance of getting back with him will be tough. Keep some contact and consider what stage he is in. He may be feeling the same as you, wanting to get back together, or wanting to leave on good terms, be friends, or maybe he prefers to have zero contact.

Why did he block you in the first place?

Here are some of the factors you should consider before deciding on what to do:

  • Was it a tense argument and anger of the moment or deliberate action?
  • Were you being irrational?
  • Was he being irrational?
  • Do you think he just needed to get away from you for a moment?
  • Do you sense that he was burned out of the relationship for a long time?
  • Could he want to remove the temptation to talk to you for a while?

Another factor to consider is how long ago he blocked you. It doesn’t mean the same if he unblocked you the next day, week, or months ago. Here are some reasons why he unblocked you.

He unblocked me, but no contact: Final words

Understand that there are things you can’t forgive or are not easy to overcome and that you don’t owe anyone anything. And the other way around. If you were wrong, the other person doesn’t have to get back with you, even if they miss you.

Tip: don’t want to get back together with a person just because they have become your comfort zone. It is essential to learn to be alone.

On the other hand, getting back in touch does not necessarily mean getting back together. And above all, missing someone and not wanting to get back together are compatible. Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do? Let us know in the comments.