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Why did my ex unblock me? 7 common reasons

If your ex blocked you in your last relationship, it is because something went very wrong. Days, weeks, or months have passed, and suddenly you can see his profile picture again, or he appears in suggestions on Instagram. The star question arises: “Why did my ex unblock me?

If you’re still not over him or think your ex isn’t over you, you may think he wants to get back together with you. Maybe he does, but it might be out of love or boredom. Or he’s coming back to make you suffer some more. Or with totally different intentions.

If the breakup is very recent, your best option is to block him back because your ex is getting carried away out of desperation. Always remember that if you had to block each other, it was because your relationship wasn’t working. If you cannot leave on good terms as adults, you are not ready to stay together, let alone in a few days or weeks.

Why did my ex unblock me? 7 common reasons

However, there can be many reasons your ex has unblocked you on Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social network. Let’s explore the main reasons:

1. He’s desperate

If the breakup was recent, or you know he’s been very lonely, he’s probably just returning to his comfort zone because he’s so lonely. You know the answer: as much as you may miss your ex, don’t give in. Run away from it. He can’t bring anything good into your life.

2. He wants to apologize

He may have realized it if he misbehaved with you and wants to make amends. In case it’s an innocent apology, you can accept that conversation. But don’t let him mess you up. He may try to play the victim and mess you up so that you forgive him and get back together.

In this case, always remember that if you broke up in such a wrong way, it was for a reason. It is not normal to end up blocking each other.

3. He’s bored

Let’s understand that there are people with boundless audacity.

why did my ex unblock me - bored

He may be bored in this period of his life and doesn’t mind coming back and making a mess of your life again to add some drama to his life. Identify this case quickly to give him the block back and save yourself a lot of headaches.

4. His rebound went wrong

Maybe he started a new relationship soon after breaking up with you. This behavior means that your ex doesn’t know how to be alone and needs constant attention—reason enough not to be in a relationship.

If this rebound goes wrong, he is returning to his comfort zone, taking it for granted that you will accept him back into your life if he drags his feet a little. Please don’t give him this satisfaction. Stand up for yourself since your ex didn’t value you at the time.

6. He wants you in his life

It may be that some time has passed, and he misses you, and that’s why he wants you in his life but healthily. If your ex tells you things clearly from the beginning and is aware that you can move towards a friendship little by little without trying to get back together, you might consider giving him that chance.

Let your instincts guide you. You know better than anyone the behaviors of your ex, and you will learn how to sense if his intentions are good or not. If you are one of those people who fall a thousand times with the same stone, maybe you should let yourself be advised by your closest friends.

why did my ex unblock me - regrets

7. Regrets

Maybe he hasn’t been able to respect his decision and wants to get back to you. Don’t think this if you are not sure what he intends. But it is a slight possibility. There may be many things left unspoken, arguments in the air, and conversations left unfinished, which causes him a lot of frustration because, in addition, he misses you.

Whatever happens, don’t get carried away at this moment. Life is not a movie, and crawling back is not a romantic gesture. It is a sign of weakness on many occasions. It is time to be realistic and stop and think about why the relationship ended and your current situation before deciding on it.

Why did my ex unblock me, and what to do if my ex wants to come back?

First of all, do not take any decision lightly. Every couple is different, and we cannot always say that the best thing to do is not to get back together with your ex. It is true that if the relationship ended abruptly, it is likely that it was fragile, unstable, or that you clashed too much, indicating that you are not made for each other.

Remember that it is normal to miss and still choose not to return for your good. Don’t get carried away by your emotions alone. Loving a person does not overcome all barriers. A relationship in which trust has been broken or is never stable is a relationship doomed to end and hurt you.

If your situation is too complicated and you do not feel able to make a decision, here are some tips to help you act most appropriately before going crazy thinking, “why did my ex unblock me?“:

why did my ex unblock me - what to do
  1. Take your time to think. You don’t have to respond quickly for fear that he will change his mind. If he cannot wait for you to think about it, it’s probably not a good idea to come back.
  2. How do you feel? You may have missed your ex because you were used to his presence, he was part of your daily life, and now you miss him. But was it love you felt before the breakup? How do you feel now? Are you still in love?
  3. Can you trust your ex again? And if you are the one who was wrong or misbehaved, can your ex trust you? If this is a tricky question, you’re walking on thin ice. If he suddenly disappeared and you had to let him go, and now he wants to come back, it’s a huge red flag.
  4. Is your ex a stable person? No matter how much love there may be between you, it will make you feel insecure if your ex comes and goes. This behavior will create a toxic dependency relationship in which you will end up having many problems on a personal level.
  5. What do your friends think? When we can’t be rational because we have too many negative feelings, we can lean on our closest friends. Your emotions might be blinding you if you are afraid to ask them because you think they are against your ex.

Remember that to be okay with one person, you both must be able to be okay alone. Going back to your ex out of necessity is walking into a guaranteed tragedy.