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On Social Media but can’t text back?

It’s hard to see the girl you like uploading stories on Instagram or posting tweets constantly while you wait for her to answer a message for several hours or days. You don’t know if she will text you back or when she will text you, draining your energy, making you desperate, and losing hope. If she’s on Social media but can’t text back, something probably went wrong.

It is an unfair situation, and you can only ask yourself, ‘Why isn’t she on Social Media but not texting me back?‘. In this article, we clarify the probable reasons why she is present on social networks but does not respond to you and what you should do about it.

6 obvious reasons why she is on social media but can’t text back

Unless she is an influencer or her work is related to her social media presence, there are several obvious reasons why she is ignoring you online and not even bothering to hide her activity while not responding to you:

1. She is ignoring you

It’s hard to accept since we tend to cling to hope, but we have to process that this is a very high probability. She has moved on to ignoring you. Maybe something bothered her about you. Perhaps she was never interested in you; maybe she met someone. There are thousands of possible reasons. But get this: none of it is your fault.

on social media but can't text back - ignoring you

She is very emotionally irresponsible if she has done something like ghosting you. Another very different thing is that you have had little contact and made illusions in your head. Beware of that.

2. She has a schedule for texting back

More and more people are getting lazy about answering messages. Maybe she has a lot of unopened conversations and unanswered messages and sees it as a duty or responsibility, so she avoids opening WhatsApp or direct messages.

You may have scheduled a time of day when you can calmly answer all the conversations, but in the meantime, you don’t mind being active on social networks.

3. She is playing it cool

A widespread tactic when you like someone is to “play it cool.” She doesn’t want her feelings or intentions to be too obvious. She prefers to pretend to like you, to make you worry about whether she’ll like you because those mini-dramas can be attractive too.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this article. So don’t worry if something tells you this is happening. It will be a matter of time before she starts paying more attention to you.

4. She doesn’t know what to say

Everyone is different, and it’s possible that she has no experience in the dynamic field and is nervous about responding to you. She doesn’t know what to say, so she puts it off while she overthinks.

5. She is interested in someone else

Another painful truth: someone she likes better than you has come along. It won’t take long to find out if she has a solid social media presence. So please don’t get too attached to her or become obsessed. If she starts ignoring you, you’d better distance yourself from this frustrating relationship.

on social media but can't text back - interested in someone else

6. Your texts are boring

Have you ever stopped to think about what you would reply to a person like you? Maybe the conversations are too simple and boring, and you don’t give her space to answer something interesting. Please ensure you send them funny or exciting messages that make for an entertaining conversation.

4 reasons why you should stop texting her

Remember that it’s not your fault that she ignores you for whatever reason. It’s time to consider a series of reasons why this type of person is not suitable for you:

1. Do you want someone like this in your life?

Ask yourself this question directly. Imagine being involved in a serious relationship with someone who cannot respond consistently. Do you want to live in a relationship where you have to worry about looking at their social networks every five minutes?

2. Protect yourself and your pride

You don’t know if she is playing with you. When in doubt, you’d better prioritize yourself and don’t cringe because if, in the end, she isn’t interested in you or has met someone else, your subconscious will find reasons to feel guilty and blame you for groveling and letting yourself be humiliated by a person who wasn’t worth it.

3. It should be easier

Let’s not confuse fun flirting and playing tug-of-war with a person who behaves in a very bipolar way. The beginning of a relationship should be intense and fun but safe. Don’t start a relationship with someone who shows you red flags.

4. Communication works both ways

It is not your duty to give more than your share when she provides less. Every relationship should be 50-50; if it’s not, let it go. Communication, respect, and love work both ways. If you stop texting her, will she even notice?

What should you expect from a potential partner?

If you are here, you may have shallow standards of your partner. You are the typical person who feels too fast and allows everything. You accept any behavior as long as she is with you and doesn’t leave you.

So here we leave you a series of minimum standards that the other person must meet from the beginning until the end of any healthy and worthwhile relationship.


We should not always guess what the other person is thinking or feeling, but we can easily deduce when she will feel better or worse and when our behavior is responsible for it. Empathy is a necessary minimum in any human relationship. It is what will prevent the other person from suffering unnecessarily.

on social media but can't text back - empathy


Even if we love a person, there will be times when we have to force ourselves to have uncomfortable conversations, details with our partner to make them feel better, etc. We won’t always feel like it. It won’t always be comfortable. But we are willing to make these efforts for people we care about.


Regardless of our baggage, insecurities, and experiences, one of our fundamental efforts is to talk when we love a person. We talk about situations when something is bothering us or when we disagree and feel something strange. Or when we want to change something in our relationship to make it work better and have a future.


Although we cannot always understand what the other person feels or thinks, we must accept what she tells us. Accept her limits and feelings, and reach an agreement you both agree, even if you sacrifice something.

On Social Media but can’t text back? Final words

It is possible that the girl is on social media but can’t text back because everything is an illusion of what could have been and was not. Maybe you wanted the relationship to work, and you’re at the point of realizing that she’s not as perfect as you thought. If she cared about you, she wouldn’t leave you hanging on, confused, not knowing what to expect.

Imagine what it will be like to find a person who caters to all your needs in a fair and empathetic way. Have you ever been in a situation like this? How did you react? Let us know in the comments!