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What to say when someone ignores you on text?

When a person with whom you have a particular trust leaves you on “read,” all the alarms go on. Is he ignoring me? What did I say wrong? Did something happen, and I didn’t notice? You start wondering what to say when someone ignores you on text.

Pride hurts, and the imagination starts running wild, looking for a reason. Many people do not respond because they are old school and respond when they are bored or when it is necessary. They don’t make a big deal about not responding.

But if you’re sure it’s strange that they haven’t responded to you and have started ignoring you, there are a few messages you can do before you screw up.

What to say when someone ignores you on text? 8 simple questions

The best thing to do is to be cautious. Send one of the following messages to open doors, not close them.

1) Are you okay?

The first thing you should do is make sure that the person is okay. Maybe he has gone through something difficult and has not told you. Perhaps there is a severe problem that is leading him to isolate himself.

Perhaps they have trouble opening up to people and asking for help. By asking him first, you may encourage him to tell you.

2) Did I say something wrong?

It’s wise to think that maybe you made a mistake or said something that hurt him without realizing it.

Maybe he’s hurt and doesn’t feel ready to tell you or is embarrassed. It will trigger him to tell you what happened if he’s angry. And if nothing happened, he may feel guilty that you are taking the blame.

what to say when someone ignores you on text - did I say something wrong

3) I’m here when you are ready to talk

For people in conflict or with personal problems, it’s essential to let them see that you’re ready to talk, even if it may be uncomfortable. Sometimes uncomfortable conversations are the most necessary.

4) I’ll give you space, but I’m still here

With this text, you are making him understand that your absence is distance, not ignorance.

You are respecting his space and time for him to clarify his ideas but making it clear that you will be there when he needs you. This way, it will be up to the other person to decide when to return.

5) I’m sad that you can’t count on me

If you’ve already tried to make it clear that you’ll be there, but the other person doesn’t seem to want to open up or give you a clue about what’s happening, you can open up directly.

By telling him that you are sad, you will make him see that his actions directly affect your feelings. In this way, he may rethink the way he does things.

6) I’m sorry if I did something wrong

In a case where asking what’s wrong might be too much for the other person because they are more introverted or you know they need a little more time, try apologizing in advance.

Be careful. It would be best if you didn’t do it often.

It’s not okay to apologize if you don’t know if you’ve done something wrong or if the other person is being unfair to you. But if it’s unlike this person to behave like this without any explanation, and you perceive it might be because of something you did or said, it’s okay to say I’m sorry.

7) What’s the worst thing that could happen if you talked to me?

This question is thought-provoking. Depending on the person, they may react one way or another. But you will make him think about how he acts, which he needs.

Because really, what’s the worst that could happen if he opens up to you? You may argue if the problem is with you, but only to reach a solution. Please help him to open his eyes and not isolate himself.

what to say when someone ignores you on text - you'll never guess what happened

8) You’ll never guess what happened today

As a last alternative, if you think it’s just a bad patch with the other person and they don’t want to talk, you can be the light that illuminates the way. No talking about the problems because he’ll already spend most of the day thinking about them.

Help him entertain himself. Encourage him. Tell him funny stories, send him memes, and suggest plans. Anything that might help him feel better, and maybe he’ll tell you the real problem.

What not to do when someone ignores your texts

Whether you send one of these messages or not, there are some things you should avoid doing. These are the most common relationship mistakes that many people don’t even realize.

a) Insist way too much

If you’ve already let him know that you’ll be there, that he can count on you and that you’re willing to talk, don’t insist. You’ve left the ball in his court, and the decision is up to the other person. You can’t interfere with what he wants to do.

Even if it frustrates or hurts you, insisting convinces the other person to act as we want them to. And sometimes, it’s better to let the other person fall on his own. Don’t insist. You’ll only succeed in overwhelming him and adding to the frustration of trying to control the situation. Never triple-text anybody.

b) Passive-aggressive texts

It may hurt your pride to see how the other person ignores you, and that’s up to you. But don’t stoop to their level and get carried away by emotions. Don’t act impulsively.

Sending a message that is not directly cruel but denotes anger, resentment, or a passive-aggressive message, can only result in you pushing the other person further away. End up making a mountain out of a small problem.

c) Overprotect your pride

It’s also not a good idea to protect yourself at all costs, to end up shutting down because it hurts you to be ignored. Accept that the other person is going through something, and try to be empathetic and understanding.

Of course, it’s not about letting yourself go on forever and putting up with any behavior. The virtue is in the middle ground.

what to say when someone ignores you on text - mirror their actions

d) Mirror their actions

It is not ideal to imitate the other person before talking. If he doesn’t respond to you, and you decide to leave it alone and not speak to him until he talks to you, a relationship may end up broken for stupid reasons. Don’t try the “don’t text him, and he will text you” strategy.

Try a rapprochement. Forget your pride. If you have tried, it will depend on the other person. Neither insist nor base your behavior on that of the other person.

e) Take for granted what happened

Your imagination can take you anywhere. Don’t let your head be the one to tell you what happened because it will probably put you in the worst situation, and it doesn’t always have to be correct.

Be flexible and communicative in any situation that may arise.

What to say when someone ignores you on text. Final words

When you are dealing with someone you care about, who is not unstable and does not usually behave like this, it is worth trying to get closer. Let him see that you care, are concerned, and are there for him when he decides to talk things over. Don’t insist, don’t withdraw into yourself, and don’t let yourself be dragged in. Try to behave as rationally as possible.

Have you ever been ignored by someone you care about? What did you do in that situation? Let us know in the comments.