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Giving a man space to pursue you

Everyone knows that stereotypes are wrong. But they exist for a reason. Whether we deny it or not, several characteristics define and differentiate people. Sometimes people make stereotypes or stereotypes make people, mainly because of social issues. Roots are beyond our control. Have you heard the expression “giving a man space to pursue you“?

Although it is wrong to generalize, we should not deny reality. The truth is many men are afraid of commitment, with a type of avoidant attachment. This fear means they get overwhelmed when their partner takes up too much space and time. They use the excuse of losing their freedom to take distance and walk away, blaming the other person.

What does this mean? That doing the opposite, giving them their space, will make them more attracted to you. Want to know how to use this trick to your advantage? We explain why and how to make a man chase you.

Why does giving a man space make him pursue you?

On the one hand, there is the factor that he is not overwhelmed, and he does not feel that being with you means losing his freedom. He thinks he can remain independent even if he gets close to you.

On the other hand, by giving him space, he will realize that you are also a free, independent person, capable of leaving his life at any time. In other words, he will not take you for granted.

A classic in relationships is that men treat their partner as a trophy they have won during the first months before and after the relationship, and then stop taking care of you, internalizing that you are something that cannot leave their lives.

giving a man space to pursue you - why?

But you know what they say: you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. So giving him his space will make him open his eyes. It will be like a wake-up call that will make him realize he wasn’t paying enough attention to you.

How to make him pursue you

Want to know how to give him that space to chase you? You can follow a few tricks, always respecting him and without playing emotional manipulation. Remember that the important thing is to have healthy relationships and play with psychology within fair limits.

1) Show him you are ok without him

You should be ok without him. But prove it.

Dedicate more time to yourself than you did before, time for self-care, going out with friends, with family, making plans alone, and enjoying them.

Take the opportunity to pamper yourself. You will not only show him that you are independent and that life, even if he is not around all the time, but you will also enrich your time alone.

2) Tell him he can count on you if something’s going on

But don’t insist.

If you think he’s overwhelmed or withdrawn, isolating himself from others, maybe the last thing he needs is for you to start playing mind games with him. If you have trust, open up to him.

Tell him that you are there if he needs it, that you can try to help or listen to him. Show him he is not alone.

Communicate your insecurities, uncertainties, and your concern about his behavior. But set limits for yourself. If you have tried to be communicative and don’t get a response, don’t push him too hard.

It’s time to give him his space and take time for yourself while he clears his head and realizes that you won’t always go after him if he doesn’t do his part.

3) Don’t text him all the time

Please don’t send him eighty messages per minute. If you’re wondering if you should text him first, keep reading.

giving a man space to pursue you - don't text him all the time

If you know he is distant, you have tried to talk to him, and he doesn’t give you an answer; the worst thing you can do is to harass him via text. As it is much less personal, it tends to be more irritating. Because the tone is missing, your look and your collaboration are missing.

Besides, you will feel bad about yourself if you send him too many texts and don’t receive any reciprocity from him.

4) Give him space

If you have already tried talking to him and nothing works, or you are simply in a situation where it seems that what you feel is not reciprocated, give him his space. Devote yourself to yourself and date or see other people. If he pulls away, do nothing and give him space.

Show him that you will not accept any weird behavior just because you have feelings for him. Show him that you value yourself even if he does not.

5) Spend little time together but make it unforgettable

If you want this guy to like you, you don’t need to be there daily.

The important thing is that when you are there, you leave a mark. See each other and make it a memorable, special day. Meet up with him and leave him wanting more. Make him beg. Tell him that you don’t know when you will be available again.

Give him hints that you had a good time, but don’t look for him. Let him chase you.

6) Mention how much someone else is being nice to you

Are you tired of him not listening to you? Give him some of his medicine. Don’t chase him. Give him his space, and take advantage of some situation to, in a very subtle way, tell him that there’s some other friend who’s being significant to you.

giving a man space to pursue you - mention someone else

If he likes you, this will set off his alarms as he realizes you can leave if he doesn’t value you and doesn’t treat you the way he should.

Giving a man space to pursue you: Final words

Your type of relationship should guide your behavior. If you have been together for a while and trust each other, the best thing you can always do is try to communicate.

Set boundaries for yourself and him, but not without first trying. If he’s a guy you like or you’re just starting something, then you must assert yourself. Keep in mind that you are laying the groundwork for a future relationship.

Ask yourself: Do you want a relationship where he treats you like that??

If you allow him to ignore you or treat you like anyone else, this behavior will perpetuate itself in the relationship. So, before starting something serious with this person, clarify what boundaries and behaviors you are unwilling to accept.