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How long should I wait to text her back?

Well, well. You are in that initial phase where you do not know how long you should wait to text her back. You like her and want to avoid compromising the situation out of your insecurities or lack of experience in this field. She answers every 5 seconds or 5 hours, but you always reply immediately, so you need to control yourself.

You want to know how often you should text her to avoid looking desperate without ignoring her. So, in this article, we will give you a piece of advice to start your new relationship in the best way:

How long should I wait to text her back? 8 things to keep in mind

Let’s get a few things straight. It’s time to let go of some prejudices, ignore friends who pretend to be experts and forget the movie clichés. Here’s what you need to do if you have doubts about how often you should write to him:

1) Forget about any stupid rule

No, there is no “3 days rule after the first date” or anything like that. You don’t have to wait 1 hour if she takes half an hour to answer you. You don’t have to wait without answering her just because she took longer than usual.

People invented those dumb rules to protect their pride. But by protecting dignity, you also alienate yourself from the other person. If you have a friend who has advised you to wait a few days, it’s time to thank them for their intentions and politely decline. You do you.

2) Mirror her timing

If you’re insecure about how often you want to respond to her, try imitating her. Is she the type to respond three times a day or three times a minute? Do as she does. If you’re in a conversation where you don’t leave the chat room, it’s wise to respond quickly.

how long should I wait to text her back - mirror her timing

If you know she’s busy (or you are), she’ll probably take longer to respond to you, or when she does, she’ll be terser. Understand that logically, and do the same. It’s all about understanding.

3) How long have you been talking?

Stop for a moment because this is an important variable. If you have been talking for a short time, it is understandable that you want to measure your words.

Please don’t overdo it, don’t come across as boring. But if you’ve been talking for a while and she hasn’t run away, you’re probably not doing too bad. You need to get rid of your insecurities.

4) How serious are you?

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, another essential factor is how close you are now.

If you trust each other, take this opportunity and be direct with her: ask her if she’s offended if you take too long to respond or if she thinks you’re too quick to respond.

Communication is always essential.

5) Does she live glued to her phone?

Another aspect to consider is the type of girl you are dealing with: does she never puts her phone down, or does she check it four times a day? If you know she always lives glued to her phone and tends to answer it quickly, it doesn’t hurt to reply as soon as you feel like it.

If you know that she doesn’t look at notifications too much throughout the day, there’s no need to rush because she’ll take her time to respond.

6) Are you always online?

What about you? Despite following these tips to a greater or lesser extent, you mustn’t stop being yourself. If you don’t like using your phone all day, you don’t have to change drastically for her. It will be understandable to check it a little more if it makes you excited for her, but without changing your habits for someone else.

how long should I wait to text her back - are you always online

Similarly, if you are one of those who do not take your eyes off the screen, you can let her know so that she understands that you answer because you are aware of the phone in general and not just for her.

7) Avoid looking desperate

Before all the tips, even if you do not mind responding quickly and even if she also responds in a short time, avoid sending multiple messages in a row every few minutes.

This behavior will make you look desperate. She may even feel dazed by the pressure or get overwhelmed and take some space from you.

8) Do not play games

Don’t be immature and play hot and cold with her. I mean the classic game of getting indignant because she has taken longer than usual to respond and wants to take twice as long out of pride.

Do not respond with monosyllables or passive-aggressive messages to show your anger. When in doubt, it is always better to be direct and honest.

how long should I wait to text her back - don't overthink it

How long should I wait to text her back? Stop overthinking it!

You do you.

She will notice if you start answering every five seconds, five hours, or five days. Just reply when you want and when you are available. If you are bored, it is ok to answer immediately. If an hour later you are busy, you can text her the day after. You do not owe anything to anyone.

Of course, you shouldn’t always answer right away nor wait 24 hours to text her because she might believe that either she has you at her feet or you are not into her. Be honest and tell her when you are free to talk and when you will disappear for a few hours.

You do not have to explain yourself to anybody, but essential communication will help to develop a healthy relationship.