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If I stop texting her, will she notice?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably in a bit of a confusing situation. You like a girl, but she’s not treating you too well. She’s not clear with her intentions and feelings, and you’re tired of feeling what you think isn’t reciprocated or seeing how she is hot and cold. What can you do to stop the mixed signals? You need to assert yourself. And then you think, “if I stop texting her, will she notice?

If she has been treating you this way for a long time, she probably thinks, even subconsciously, that you will always be there, and that’s why she doesn’t need to change her behavior with you.

Let’s switch roles and analyze the situation. If the girl you like has been playing games with you or does not value you enough, it’s her turn to be confused. You will stop texting her for a while to see her reaction.

When should you stop texting her?

You must be sure she is being unfair before you start ignoring her. Don’t be one-sided. These are some of the scenarios in which you have the right to test the tactic:

1. You’re the one who always takes the initiative

If your relationship is 90% of you coming up with plans and starting conversations and 10% of her saying yes or no, it’s time for her to react. Let her realize that any relationship shouldn’t vary much from 50-50.

if I stop texting her will she notice - you always take the initiative

2. She has given you a lot of excuses

Is she one of those who doesn’t know how to say yes or no and makes excuses every time you see each other or have any rapprochement? Red flag.

3. You are way more invested in the relationship than her

If, in general, you think that if it weren’t for your efforts, you probably wouldn’t even talk, you’d better take that chance. Don’t be afraid to risk losing her. If you don’t pull on the relationship and it goes away, she never really cared about you.

4. She sends you mixed signals

One day she is very present and affectionate. She loves-bombs you and starts with intermittent reinforcement because the next day, she is distant with excuses like “I’m busy.” This behavior is dangerous because it’s addictive. You want to find a reason why she ignores you, and you want to make it right. It’s time to demand some consistency from him.

Will she notice if I stop texting her?

The answer is undoubtedly yes. If you have spent some time talking to her daily, or you start conversations, trying to meet and see each other, and suddenly you stop texting her, she will notice. Both girls and guys notice when you stop texting them. Nobody is a robot without feelings!

What is relevant is how she is going to react. Well, that will depend on how she feels. Her true feelings towards you and how much she cares about you.

How will she feel when you stop texting her?

She might get stuck in one of the following moods, although it usually goes in phases. She will notice your absence, which may lead her to open her eyes or abandon the relationship for good.

These are the phases she will go through the inside (and remember that everyone has their times):

a) Confused

Regardless of her feelings for you, she will feel confused. She won’t be able to help but look for a reason or a time when something went wrong and made you stop talking to her.

if I stop texting her will she notice - confused

b) Overly proud

She will likely feel she did nothing wrong and doesn’t need to since she never sought you out. She will seek to protect her pride and even blame you internally for leaving your relationship.

3) Hurt

If she cares about you, it will hurt her to feel your absence and distance. At this stage, she must decide whether to make amends or just let go.

4) Afraid that you moved on

Because she loves you or because she is afraid of abandonment, she will probably set off alarm bells and think that she is fearful that you have moved on quickly.

5) Best case scenario: Guilty and communicative

She will feel guilty if she has reflected and realized why you walked away. It won’t take her long to try to talk to you and make things right. It will be your turn to be open and communicative.

But be careful, don’t accept any behavior just because you miss her. Also, don’t take too much advantage of the situation. Remember that the goal is to reach a 50-50 relationship.

6) She won’t care

The other possibility, which may be a hard truth to swallow, is that she’s hurt her pride but will quickly let you go because she never cared much for you. If this happens, remember that it’s not your fault and that the best thing you can do is to get away from her.

What to expect once you have stopped texting her

You can summarize two possible scenarios that could happen after you stop texting her:

1. She will open her eyes

She may have always cared about you, and simply because of her problems or personality, she may not have been able to notice, or she was just too comfortable without making an effort.

But now that she is afraid of losing you, she will open her eyes and start acting to have a real relationship with you.

if I stop texting her will she notice - open her eyes

2. She will leave you

Whether she has feelings for you, she may decide she’s not worth doing anything about it and would rather ignore any possibility of drama. Remember not to blame yourself if this happens. She is rejecting the relationship, not you.

If I stop texting her, will she notice? Final words

Stopping texting her is a very soft technique to give her a wake-up call. If this person decides to respond by mirroring you, she is showing you that she is not worth it. This person would instead run away from a relationship rather than take an active role. Don’t accept any behavior from a person if you know they are being unfair just for fear of losing them.

After all, a relationship needs two people to be happy, not just one. And both of them should put their efforts and time into it. If not, you’re just setting yourself up for a toxic and one-sided relationship.