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Do guys notice when you stop texting them?

You used to talk to the guy you liked every day, and you were starting to build something solid. If you’re reading this, it’s because something has changed. You noticed some indifference or distance on his part, so you decided to stop writing to him. But now it seems like you’ve become obsessed while playing it cool, and he’s not showing any signs of life. Do guys notice when you stop texting them?

The answer is yes. Men notice everything. The real question you have to ask yourself is: Does he care if you stop texting him? And what does he think when you don’t text him back anymore?

Well, that depends on the situation. Maybe he’s dying to talk to you. Perhaps he’s trying hard to get away from you because something has made him insecure. Perhaps he’s playing it cool, or maybe he’s not interested. Find out why:

Yes, guys notice when you stop texting them. Here are 3 reasons why he didn’t insist on talking

Every couple is different, so don’t let them fool you with a cliché phrase like “whoever loves you is looking for you” because reality is rarely that simple.

Of course, whoever loves you is looking for you, but you don’t know if something could have happened without you knowing it or if there was a misunderstanding.

Imagine how many things are lost in life just because no one dared to take the step to talk and clarify things. If you still don’t dare, here are some ideas of what might be going on:

1) He is feeling insecure

It could be that he thinks your relationship is going nowhere because he doesn’t think you’re interested or available, and he’s afraid he’ll end up hurting.

Or it may be self-esteem issues, he may be telling himself that he’s not good enough for you, or he may not think you’ll ever like him. Many people use distance as a defense mechanism.

2) He only texts you when he is bored

Let’s face possibilities, even if they are hard to accept: he doesn’t like you. He entertains himself with you. He wants you to like him.

So he writes you just enough to keep you there so you won’t leave. You’re the second fiddle, and he might ignore your texts because he’s tired of you or because he’s found someone else to objectify and use. You’d better walk away if he’s a typical playboy you can’t trust.

do guys notice when you stop texting them - he feels afraid

3) He is afraid of commitment

Oh, commitment, the eternal ghost of men. You may not have sensed anything due to the classic lack of communication in men, but in his head, all sorts of scenarios and movies have played out. He has started to feel things for you and may have recognized that it is reciprocal.

And anxiety has started to control his decisions. Fear is irrational. It influences our choices and limits us significantly if we don’t dare to face them.

His fear of commitment tells him that being with you will take away his freedom, losing a part of his life, his personality, and a lot of opportunities to meet other people, a lot of time, etc. This fear happens due to stereotypical models in his head or past experiences from his parents as a couple.

Depending on the level of anxiety this fear causes, you can give him a hand by talking to him and making him see things, or he will need professional help.

When should you stop texting him?

The next most important question is how much longer you should put up with it. When should you set limits for yourself and stop writing to him?

1) He only gives you excuses

Whether it’s for whatever reason, fears, insecurities, or he doesn’t care about you, don’t accept excuses. Evaluate his behavior and decide, depending on how long he has been behaving this way with you, how valid his reasons are, etc. But don’t justify it.

The reality is that he is ignoring you, and if he always starts making excuses, it’s a huge red flag, so you’d better walk away.

do guys notice when you stop texting them - he gives you excuses

2) You feel like he is hiding something

Do you ever get the feeling that he is hiding something? It’s possible that he has other girls, that you’re second or third fiddle, that something is wrong.

If something gives you a bad feeling, do not stay to find out what it is and take the opportunity to distance yourself from him. Eventually, you’ll see it in perspective, and you’ll probably have dodged a bullet.

3) He only replies

If he never initiates conversations, doesn’t ask you how you are doing or how certain things you have shared with you are going, he is not talking to you. He is only replying out of politeness so that you don’t ignore him.

You will notice this, mainly if he used to remember your things and ask you about them. Protect your pride and avoid a person who doesn’t care about you. Maybe he replies with monosyllables, and you will notice this right away.

When you have to spoon-feed the conversation when it doesn’t flow, you can see perfectly well that he has stopped being interested. Something changed.

4) He doesn’t involve you in his personal life

If you keep talking, but you feel a giant wall between you because he separates you from the rest of his friends and the rest of his circle, something is wrong. Of course, he will not involve you if you’ve just started talking.

But if you’ve been in touch for a while now and it’s clear something is going on, it’s not like he has to introduce you to your family, but if you notice that he’s forcibly trying to keep you from meeting his friends, he may be hiding something.

do guys notice when you stop texting them - doesn't involve you in his personal life

Do guys notice when you stop texting them? Ask yourself

What does this person bring you? Does he bring you something good in life?

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s because he’s got you frustrated and dizzy, and all he’s done is send you mixed signals or ignore you. Without making things clear to you.

A mature person communicates if he has a problem. If he is emotionally responsible, even if what you feel is not so small, he will give you a minimum of an explanation so that you don’t have to ask yourself questions and be left in doubt constantly.

Remember, a person who wants you will try to see you, talk to you, and be with you. If a guy doesn’t “notice” when you stop texting him, it’s because he doesn’t care. And if he doesn’t care, it’s not worth your time or feelings. Move on! There is plenty of other fish in the sea.