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Will my ex ever unblock me? And what to do

A breakup is hard enough as it is. If your ex has decided to have zero contact, removing you from all social networks and blocking you, you’re probably going through a storm of emotions. Now you’re just thinking about why they blocked you, what to do (and more importantly, what not to do even if you have the urge), and “will my ex ever unblock me?

The answer depends on many factors, depending on your situation, starting with why they decided to cut off contact:

Will my ex ever unblock me? 3 main reasons why they blocked you

The reason they blocked you will mark how long until they decide to unblock you, if that ever happens.

1) You cheated on them

If you cheated on them or betrayed their trust in some hard-to-repair way, they’ve likely decided they don’t want to have any contact with you for a long time to protect themselves from you and to help you get over the breakup and put all their feelings for you behind them.

2) You ended up in a fight

Sometimes, we don’t control our impulses when things get overheated during a fight. Maybe your ex blocked you out of their anger or frustration or because they thought you weren’t rational and hurting them too much. If this is your case, they will unblock you as soon as things have cooled down.

will my ex ever unblock me - you ended up fighting

3) They want to set boundaries for themselves

Maybe you didn’t do anything to them or fight, but they needed to block you because otherwise, they would come after you again. When willpower is lacking, everyone is forced to take the necessary measures to avoid future suffering.

Your exes will unblock you when they are ready to control themselves and continue without talking or resuming contact without fear of relapsing.

What should you do if your ex blocks you?

The question of the century: what should you do? Well, let’s sum it up in one thing you shouldn’t do and one thing you should do to avoid failure:

a) Don’t call them compulsively

If they have blocked you for whatever reason, do not try to exceed that limit. You should not attempt to contact them by other means.

Don’t be a psychopath, don’t go to their house or try to send them messages through friends or start emailing them. If they have blocked you, it is because they need time and space for whatever reason, and the most important thing will always be to respect the freedom of others.

b) Be patient and go on with your life

It’s not up to you to decide how long it will take them to unblock you and resume contact. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to spend time on yourself. You can think about what you did wrong and what happened, but don’t dwell on it too much. Work on yourself, be patient and move on with your life. Don’t let the breakup sink you.

It’s time to keep building other pillars of your life, like getting back in touch with friends, telling them what happened, leaning on them, dedicating more time to your hobbies or sports, etc.

Go out, write, express yourself and breathe.

Everything will end up in its place. If your ex has to come back, they will come back, and it should have nothing to do with you forcing the situation.

will my ex ever unblock me - be patient

Will your ex ever unblock you?

The answer is yes, sort of. It may take days, weeks, months, or years. The duration is what will determine your future relationship (or non-relationship).

If it’s a fight over some silly argument that got out of hand, your ex will also come to the same conclusion, and you will resume contact. If it’s something they really can’t forgive you for or has made the decision to break up with you altogether, they will unblock you when they have forgiven you. They can have a healthy friendship relationship with you without fear of falling back on old feelings.

You can deduce their behavior depending on why you broke up. However, you must know how to differentiate when your ex is unblocking you because they want to get back together or something else. After all, if it wasn’t that serious, they could unblock you because they want to clear things up.

If they don’t know what they want or have no self-control and you see the relationship is going nowhere, don’t “take advantage” of it. Be the bigger person and learn to differentiate between when a relationship is over and when it is the person giving in.

What to do if your ex unblocks you?

They might have unblocked you as you read this article by the magic of the universe. Or not. They might unblock you tomorrow. Or the following year. Your ex might unblock you but avoid contact years later.

If enough time has passed, it probably doesn’t matter much anymore. If you’re here, it’s because it’s all fresh. So let’s get into the two possible scenarios after you’re unlocked:

1) If they start the conversation

They’ll let you know if they unblock you for a specific purpose. If they want to try again with you or if they want a simple friendship, they will probably tell you. It will probably be awkward at first, and it will be about testing the waters.

There will be a lot of uncertainty on both sides. It’s probably time to have a conversation about what caused them to block you, and staying calm is essential, so you don’t start another argument.

The first thing you should do is get things straight.

Tell them what you won’t accept, and ask them the same questions to see if you can have another chance as a couple, as friends, or if it will be better to cut off contact.

2) If they don’t text you

This behavior is where your head starts spinning like a washing machine. You can see their profile picture again, but there’s no message.

What should you do? Wait. Wait for them to take the initiative. If days go by and they don’t try to communicate, decide if it’s worth asking.

Think about whether you still need to clarify things in a conversation, whether it is possible to resume contact, and, again, ask yourself what you want and what they expect. The important thing is to reach an agreement.

will my ex ever unblock me - reach an agreement

If you perceive that the other person is not very receptive, it will be better not to force the conversation and wait some time to avoid being blocked again.

Will my ex ever unblock me? The bottom line

Here’s the truth: if they blocked you because of a fight that got out of hand, don’t worry because if you love each other enough and are mature enough, you will find a way to fix it. And if it’s bad enough that they block you for a long time?

Honey, it doesn’t matter when they unblock you. You need to get on with your life and focus on yourself. Over the years, time will tell if that person belonged in your life or not.

Learn from your mistakes, grow as a person, and be patient. Everything will work out in the end. I hope this article helped you understand what’s going on better. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section below!