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10 signs that a man is pursuing you and what to do

Fortunately, nowadays, men understand that it is OK to share feelings. However, many guys struggle to express what they feel, especially to recognize that they like a girl, because of all this can entail. The most common fears among men are fear of rejection, fear of being unrequited, and fear of commitment due to fear of abandonment or loss of their freedom. Also, if you haven’t known this guy for that long, or if he is part of your group of friends, it can be a bit more complicated to read the signs. Here are the most common signs that a man is pursuing you.

No matter how shy, introverted or proud he may be, there are many patterns that a person can’t hide when he likes you. This article reveals the tricks to recognize them and tells you how to act.

10 crystal clear signs that a man is pursuing you

Depending on the guy’s personality, whether he is more open or closed, and your level of trust, he may show some signs or others. He doesn’t have to do them all, but you are the best person to judge him:

1. He is a constant in your life

If he has gone from a sporadic conversation to talking to you every day in person, in class, or at work, or texting you every day with any excuse, he is undoubtedly looking to get closer.

When we feel attracted to a person, we seek to make a place for ourselves in their life if they allow us to do so. These are the people who, when they leave, leave a void because they manage to become part of our routine.

Undoubtedly, if they are looking to be part of your day-to-day life, there is a lot of interest.

2. Remember the details you tell them

It’s not only about talking 24/7. It’s about paying attention. Anyone can ask a thousand questions to feign interest and not store anything you tell them. Be careful with these people because their interests may not be the purest.

signs that a man is pursuing you - remembers details

On the other hand, if you start to notice that they remember little details about you, wish you luck on an important day, or see little things that not everyone notices, it is because they are paying attention to you uniquely.

3. He strives to look his best

This sign isn’t valid if he is a guy who has always taken care of his looks. On the contrary, if you notice that when you meet up, he always wears different clothes and takes care of his hairstyle and even the type of perfume he wears, he is trying to impress you and make you like him.

4. He always laughs at your jokes

This behavior is an excellent tactic to determine if a guy likes you when you are with friends. If you say a funny comment and he laughs louder than the rest, he always laughs at your jokes or laughs first; it’s a reflex action that we can’t avoid when we like someone.

5. There is a lot of eye contact

Unless they are timid and try to avoid eye contact with you at all costs because they feel intimidated, the pursuit of eye contact usually means there is chemistry.

Also, you can find out how you feel about it by responding to this contact. You may feel comfortable in connection. You may feel intimidated and avoid looking, or you may feel uncomfortable.

6. Tries to be close to you

This sign has two interpretations. If you go out with other people and he seeks to sit across from you, walk beside you, or ride together in the car or bus, it is because he cannot be away from you.

If he always plans to see you again, even when you are still together, it is clear he has feelings for you.

7. He looks for excuses to be alone together

One of the most specific love languages is wanting to spend time with the person we like. If he is actively looking for plans to spend time alone with you, he likes you and is trying to captivate you.

signs that a man is pursuing you - be alone together

8. Interacts a lot with you on social networks

This is one of the most common tactics nowadays. Unless he’s an old-school guy who doesn’t use social media too much, he’s likely to start games to post interactions with you or send you funny content that makes you laugh or reminds him of you.

Social media flirting is one of this century’s most conventional flirting tactics.

9. You have inside jokes

When things go to the next level, you’ve been talking for a while, and he’s become a constant in your life and remembers little details about you, you’ll probably start to get some absurd inside jokes that only you understand.

If you’re movie buffs or have a series you like in common, you might also get a joke or quote from them. Anything that creates intimate connections between you based on your commonalities is a sign that he likes you very much.

10. Take a protective role

A double-edged sword. Some guys become a bit protective, for example, by getting indignant when someone mistreats you, telling you that you deserve better or that you need to assert yourself. This person is the kind of protective guy you want in your life.

There are others, unfortunately, who exude toxic masculinity (a huge red flag on tinder) and seek to be macho when they like a girl, becoming possessive, pushing you away from other guys, and even becoming aggressive. As romantic movies say otherwise, this is not the kind of guy you want in your life. Please don’t make a person your project to help him.

What to do with these signs?

If you have recognized several signs that a man is pursuing you, it is already clear that he is attracted. The next question is: what do you want to do about it?

a) Ignore them

If you don’t like him, don’t trust him, or he doesn’t suit you, and you’re not interested in having him as a friend, you can ignore the signs and not get your hopes up.


b) Talk to him about friendship

If you have established a special connection, you like him a lot, but you don’t feel attracted to him, the best thing to do is to talk to him to clear things up without hurting him and let him decide if he agrees to be just friends.

c) Play his game

If you like him too or are just discovering it now, you can have fun and enjoy getting to know someone. You can have fun and enjoy getting to know him before you decide if you like him.

d) Take the plunge

If you’re here because you love him and think he likes you too, don’t wait longer: go for it.

Signs that a man is pursuing you: Final words

The signs can mean something or nothing depending on the guy’s personality and your trust level. To recognize them, you can study how he behaves with other girls and identify if he is different around you.

Once it’s clear that he’s attracted to you, it’s time to decide how you feel and what to do about it. Now that you know the most common behaviors and how to interpret them, it will be easier for you to take the next step. We hope this article has helped you and that you have found the answers you were looking for. Good luck!