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He texts me everyday but doesn’t make plans

You love talking to him. You’ve started talking every day, and everything seems to flow. You tell each other personal things, send pictures, and know practically everything about each other. But there’s something wrong. He never makes plans together. Even though you talk about things you’d like to do together, he never takes the plunge. But why is that?

He texts me everyday but doesn’t make plans: 4 common reasons

Sometimes you must come down from the cloud and put your feet on the ground.

It can be all very nice as long as it is hypothetical, but sometimes it is time to be realistic and think about what are the real intentions if everything remains in messages or video calls.

Here are some of the main reasons why he probably doesn’t take the initiative you’d like:

1. You are only an option

As painful as it is, you may have to consider that you’re alone in this game. Do you know him as well as you think you do? He may be playing on two sides, just for entertainment. Consider this option, especially if you’ve met him online and have never seen him in person.

Without being paranoid, try to talk to him about his life and find out what he’s all about.

Remember: Don’t treat someone who treats you like an alternative as your priority. If this person has been playing games with you or is not being emotionally responsible, he is not a good prospect for the future. It’s best to let them go before it’s too late.

2. He is not ready

He may not be a bad person. Maybe he’s starting to feel things too, and is interested in you. But he may not be ready to take a step toward what could be a relationship. He might be an insecure person, or he may still be getting over a history, an ex, or have some complication in his life that doesn’t allow him to focus on your potential relationship.

he texts me everyday but doesn't make plans - he's not ready

In this case, try to talk to him directly. It will be better to clear things up before someone gets hurt or you end up on bad terms.

3. He is not interested

Sending messages is very easy. It costs no real effort. Keeping up a false appearance on social networks is a piece of cake. The effort you have to put in to maintain contact via WhatsApp is minimal, and if he doesn’t put interest in seeing you in person, he’s probably just not looking for anything. Talking to you has become entertainment while it has become essential to you.

Watch out for this unevenness. You must identify this behavior to avoid being played with and in pain.

A decent person would tell you his intentions, especially if he knows you have bonded and been getting closer. If he tries to play dumb as if he knows nothing about it, he avoids taking responsibility for his actions. And this demonstrates a very childish attitude that is best avoided in your relationships.

4. He’s waiting for you to do it

Why does he always have to be the one to take the initiative? If he’s shy or insecure, he may not dare to propose plans, even if he’s dying of desire. What if you take the first step? I promise you, the world will not end.

At worst, he’ll say no and give you a reason. But if he is interested in you, he should offer an alternative plan or date. It will be up to him to meet or not. Of course, if you find that he only makes excuses, don’t make the mistake of insisting. Be your priority and dedicate your time to the one who commits it to you.

he texts me everyday but doesn't make plans - he's waiting

Don’t forget that the fact that a person rejects you because they are not interested or because of personal problems does not determine your value as a person. So even if it doesn’t feel good, don’t take it too personally.

What can you do if he texts you every day but doesn’t make plans

If you’re sure he’s not playing you and you don’t want to give up the game, these are your options: 

1. Take the initiative

Jump into the pool – what do you have to lose? Remove your doubts, empower yourself and give it a try. The odds are 50-50. What’s stopping you? Tell him to go out together to something you like and that she might enjoy, look for something you have in common: nothing too severe or complicated, just a plan to have a good time.

Of course, if he blatantly ignores you, it’s not something you should do. Consider doing what you’d recommend to your best friend and take your advice.

2. Let him know in a subtle way

If you don’t dare to make plans but don’t want to be left wanting, you can indirectly tell him that you’d like to meet up.

How? Please take advantage of a day he has off to tell him about an event or activity that will take place during those days. Tell him something you are looking forward to doing. Tell him that you are bored or have run out of plans.

he texts me everyday but doesn't make plans - take the initiative

It’s up to you how subtle you want to be. Telling him too directly can be overwhelming. Consider his personality, your level of trust, and your patience and desire to do something together. If there’s enough trust, you can try asking flirty questions and make your move.

3. Let him go

Are you tired of waiting? If you think he is not interested in you or treats you as a plan B, prioritize yourself. Understand that in the long run, this person would leave you when you were already emotionally attached, hurting you much more.

Leave, or let it go. Don’t force things. You have not yet met all the people you will love. Someone will come along who won’t make you have to think about these things. But above all, value yourself.

He texts me everyday but doesn’t make plans – The bottom line

If it is time to get to know each better and make plans in person and he doesn’t take the initiative:

  1. Consider what the reasons may be,
  2. Consider if it is worth it to have the initiative.
  3. Or let it go.
  4. Always count on the alternative of telling him directly.

We hope this article helps you solve your relationship problems. Remember that you are not alone; we are here to help you. Don’t forget to leave us your comments below!