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9 Tinder red flags you should avoid

Online dating can be pretty risky, especially for those people who do not know how to identify and interpret certain signs. How can you tell if the profile is fake? How can you prevent talking to a narcissist? How do you know if it’s the right person for you? This article lists the most apparent Tinder red flags you should not miss when dating apps.

I don’t think you should settle for a pretty face or an original phrase just because you are using a dating app. Avoid certain types of people by learning to read the meaning behind the red flags.

9 crystal clear Tinder red flags you should avoid

Use these red flags as a first filter to close your doors to certain types of people that do not suit you. Some will be red flags in general of people that are best avoided, and others are red flags that indicate that they are not what you are looking for. Remember, better safe than sorry.

1. Empty Bio

Lots of photos, an alternative song, but no description? Does he have nothing to say about himself on a dating app? What does it mean?

Most likely, this person is so shallow that they think you can’t reject them after seeing their photos. At worst, it could be a fake profile of a person who doesn’t intend to put any effort into elaborating his bio. Also, don’t fall for following him on Instagram if that’s his only description.

2. “If you’re interested, start the conversation.”

Potential narcissist. He’s embarrassed to use a dating app and thinks he should always be the other person to start the conversation, so much so that he even writes it in the bio. How can you be so arrogant? Should you always text him first? Nah.

If he already demonstrates this type of personality in a single sentence on Tinder, we don’t want to imagine what he’ll be like in a relationship.

3. Just One Photo

Fake alert. Everyone can find and steal a realistic quality photo and use it as a profile. Do not trust this type of person. Remember you are using a dating app. You don’t have to settle for a person who makes you have doubts. A single photo inspires as little confidence as having an empty bio. And it’s even worse if it’s one of those typical photos with bangs or covering your face. Avoid catfishing.

tinder red flags - just one photo

4. Their personality is reduced to a movie or music style

Let’s face it. Some people get stuck in their teenage years. Those who saw an intense Nolan or alternative Donnie Darko type movie make their whole personality around it. Of course, you can like them and be passionate about them. But better to pass on people who make “If you don’t like THIS movie, we have nothing to do with it” type comments.

As for the music nazis, whether it’s reggaeton or metal, if they’re the type to say “music is my life” or “long live X band” like this is 2013, and you are using Tumblr, run away. They are probably people whose personality is based on something that marked them when they were fifteen years old and had the mental maturity of an apple.

5. Shirtless photos

Another red flag of narcissists. No matter how many abs and muscles you have, if you have to go as far as selling your body through photos on a dating app despite being physically fine, you probably have some problem in your personality that scares people away.

Or you love getting compliments and are looking for a casual relationship. And this is not the best place to start it.

6. Texts back right away

A person who responds to the minute constantly probably lives hooked on Tinder and probably responds to everyone just as fast. Spoiler alert: 80% of them are desperate people with attachment issues.

This network flag is quite intuitive. Sometimes it coincides that he is bored and responds quickly. No problem. But, if it’s always like that, Ciao.

7. Texts back every few days

The other extreme is a person who downloaded Tinder as if it were a video game and only opened it when bored. He probably already has a busy enough life or has found someone and uses Twitter like it’s the new Pokémon Go.

Have you ever had to grovel for someone you loved? It wasn’t worth it. Well, it’s even less worth it to go after someone you don’t know. If it takes days for him to text back, stop.

8. Overly specific about his type

He has a giant red flag on his forehead. This is the typical guy who discriminates against certain types of women because of silly things like being interested in horoscopes, liking eyeliner, or using social media.

tinder red flags - overly specific about his type

These people are mentally closed-minded and already have an idea of a woman in their head, as if they deserve exactly what they want. Even if you don’t fit into those categories he discriminates against, he is telling you his personality types: self-centered, probably selfish, and sexist.

9. References to drugs

If he is smoking or getting high in half of his photos or directly writes in his bio that his favorite plan is to smoke weed or go to a rave and get high, you are getting into dangerous territory. Ignore these types of people for your health. If they are not embarrassed that their personality and Tinder bio is based on addictions, nothing good can come of it.

Tinder red flags: Final words

Just because you use a dating app doesn’t mean you deserve less. Or that you have to lower your standards. Do you have doubts about a person? Dislike. It’s not about finding someone desperately because it will probably end badly.

First of all, be clear about what you’re looking for. If you want a casual relationship, you will have some limits, and you will care less about other aspects, such as the fact that they upload shirtless pictures. If you are looking to meet someone and you would like to connect on a sentimental level, don’t lower your expectations to become more reachable.

By the way, if you’re not using Tinder, here is our online dating red flags list.

Don’t settle, and don’t be in a hurry. Be clear about what you want and what you don’t want. And if something doesn’t fit your criteria, don’t think twice: give yourself a break and move on. Now that you know the most common red flags, you will be more aware and save yourself a lot of headaches. Do you know any other red flags on Tinder? Let us know in the comments!