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Signs a married man is pursuing you: and what to do

Being hit on by a guy in a relationship can be awkward, but if it’s a married man, it can be a very complex situation. You might feel flattered that an older man who has almost everything in life is checking you out. He makes you feel special. He tells you that you are different. You may even consider liking him or being attracted to him. What are the signs a married man is pursuing you?

If it’s making you uncomfortable and confused, and you don’t know how to react, keep reading. Before you judge, you must be sure of what you suspect.

8 signs a married man is pursuing you

Before you accuse or act on your suspicions, consider the following signs that he is pursuing you. If you identify with these signs, you are probably right.

1. He compliments you a lot

We agree that some compliments can be harmless. Or does he compliment you constantly and usually only when you’re alone? He is flirting with you if he starts noticing your clothes, hair, make-up, and even perfume.

2. He looks for common ground with you

He doesn’t have to be married for this to be a clear sign that he’s flirting with you. If he is looking for shared tastes, be it movies, series, music, dreams, travels, ideology, etc., he is testing your compatibility and is probably adapting his answers to make them more compatible with yours.

signs a married man is pursuing you - looks for common ground

3. Gives you advice about your love life

Ironically, the cheater will tell you to ignore certain types of guys. He’ll try to put down any prospective partner in your life by ridiculing them and putting himself above them. He will tell you that you deserve better or this guy isn’t worth it.

4. He tries to be alone with you

If he’s always coming up with plans for the two of you to meet up alone, and it’s usually far away from your city center or where you can meet people you know, he’s probably trying to get too close to you.

He wants to get to know you and create an intimate bond with you, perhaps even physically. Be very careful about accepting this type of invitation because, firstly, you may not know his real intentions, and you may end up in a bad situation. Secondly, if someone finds out, it could lead to unnecessary drama.

5. He texts you every day

The tactic of the star cheater: Contact you via text.

This way, he is in control. He can text you without anyone finding out or hiding, or controlling what he says. They often control your social networks and can even be jealous and control your social life.

6. You think he hides to meet you

If it seems like a secret every time you see each other, his wife and friends probably have no idea that he sees you because it’s not something he would do regularly. This behavior indicates his intentions towards you.

signs a married man is pursuing you - hides to meet you

7. He behaves differently when his wife is around

Of course, if you notice him distant or different every time his wife is around or even friends, it means he is hiding your relationship. Even if nothing has happened, he knows what he is doing is wrong and wants to avoid being found out at all costs.

8. You feel it

Trust your instincts.

If you think he looks at you in a certain way, makes double-entendre comments, or there is something that tells you that he is pursuing you, you are probably right. We tend to perceive married men as innocent, and it’s unusual to cross your mind that he’s flirting with you if he hasn’t given you a reason.

Why does a married man flirt with you?

You are probably wondering why he is pursuing you when he is married. There are many possibilities, but we can sum them up into four:

1) His marriage is going through something tough

Relationships are complicated, even more so when the commitment feels like a loss of freedom and is accompanied by a typical marriage bump. Everyone has the right to doubt, even if they are in love with their partner, but this does not justify trying to be unfaithful to their wife.

b) He is bored

Let’s accept that some people are just plain nasty people.

He may be bored with the marriage or tired of his wife, and instead of trying to talk about it, fix it or leave her, he prefers to do the easy thing and have fun behind her back to satisfy his needs.

signs a married man is pursuing you - he's bored

c) He wants revenge

Maybe his wife is not a saint. Perhaps he is suffering because he has been unfaithful or because his wife has been unfair to him somehow, and his copying mechanism is to pay her back in kind.

d) He wants to feel young and capable of flirting

Growing up is exciting but getting old is scary. It may have nothing to do with his marriage, but he needs to know that he is still attractive and capable of flirting with younger girls, feeling wanted, and feeling certain emotions.

Inevitable age crises can be very hard, but this does not justify the immorality of his actions.

Signs a married man is pursuing you: What should you do about it?

It doesn’t matter what the motive is. It doesn’t matter that you are attracted to it. It’s probably a fantasy on his part, or both if you like it too, and I’m sorry to say it’s not worth it. Remember that you will be an accomplice in a situation that could lead to severe problems, and you could end up getting splashed.

Besides, they will be unfaithful and break a woman’s heart out of selfishness. Do you want to be a part of it? He only wants to use you and will say whatever he has to get you. The best thing you can do is to be a good person, save yourself a highly complex situation, and get away from this person by making it clear that you don’t want anything.

Avoid problems and tragedies. Don’t risk your life or your heart, and value yourself enough to know that you deserve someone who will love you with all their heart, without secrets or lies. Be careful and think about your actions because it’s not just a game. He might have kids and a wife, and you could destroy a family.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? What did you do? We would love to hear from you in the comments!