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How often should I text my crush?

Don’t be fooled. The ‘How often should I text my crush‘ crisis doesn’t belong to an age bracket. These questions arise in adolescence, but you can be a functioning adult and still not know when to respond to the person you like without seeming desperate or passive.

That’s because there is no correct answer for everyone. It will depend on your particular situation, as we explain in this article. And to help you win over your crush, we give you tips on things to keep in mind and advice on what to do and what not to do to move the relationship forward.

How often should I text my crush? It depends

It would never occur to you to start texting every day to a person you haven’t spoken to in years or a person you know hates social media, would you? This question sums up what you should remember when talking to your crush. It will depend on your relationship and your personality.

Let’s start by analyzing some key issues:

1. How much have you known each other?

If your crush is a lifelong friend, you probably have more trust and things in common. Texting him every morning would be natural.

You’ll be able to quickly bring up topics of conversation without seeming awkward. On the other hand, if you’ve only been talking for a while, it can be overwhelming if you start texting him several times a day about random topics.

You might seem too desperate, and your intentions will reveal too soon. You must put the brakes on. Draw your conclusions based on this parameter.

2. Is he glued to his phone?

Regardless of how long you have known each other, find out if he is the typical guy who is always on Social Media but can’t text back unless it’s urgent. You can afford to talk to him more often if he’s a social media guy.

how often should I text my crush - glued to his phone

Although if he still doesn’t respond to you too much, he may indicate that what you feel is not reciprocated. If, on the other hand, he prefers not to check his phone that often, you won’t be able to go by his responses and will have to bet everything on his behavior in person.

3. Is he consistently texting you back?

You must see if he always takes more or less the same amount of time to reply to you, if he sends you messages right after work or if he answers when he is free and bored.

There is a big difference between responding to messages and engaging in a conversation because you are interested and enjoying it.

4. Do you usually respond quickly to messages?

You don’t have to change for your crush. So, what about you? Are you one of those who usually respond within a minute or prefer not to look at the phone?

Maybe you should avoid always answering too fast, but you don’t have to wait unnecessarily to make time if you’re not like that or look at your phone more than you usually do just because you like someone.

Try to adapt your habits slightly to the situation, but always as long as you feel comfortable.

Mistakes to avoid when texting your crush

Within your habits, there are a couple of things you should avoid if you want the relationship with your crush to thrive:

a) Don’t always respond immediately

Maybe you live hooked to the phone and are constantly online, but you should avoid always answering the second.

Of course, this will depend on the situation. Suppose you are in the middle of the afternoon. In that case, you are busy, and he has taken ten hours to answer you in a monosyllable. You’d better prioritize your pride and not respond immediately.

how often should I text my crush - don't always respond immediately

On the contrary, if it’s 2 am, and you’re having one of those conversations where you don’t even leave the chat room, relax and respond naturally.

b) Don’t play it cool

Don’t try to do the classic double the waiting time to respond to him (for example: if he responds to you at 2 hours, respond to him at 4 hours yourself). This method is a child’s game that everyone gets tired of, and you will spend more mental energy than necessary. Don’t use the “don’t text him, and he’ll text you” strategy, either. It’s just dumb.

c) Don’t mirror him

You don’t need to try to copy his habits, either. If he responds quickly, respond quickly; if he takes too long, take too long again. Understand that you have your lives, routines, obligations, and concerns.

There will be times when he can, and you will be able to respond sooner and other times later.

Do this instead to win your crush

So now it’s time to follow a few tips on how to attract your crush and get an idea of how often you should text your crush:

1. Learn a bit about his routines

This process will help you feel like you have things under control.

Without going over the edge of obsessive or fixating too much on it, you can consider that maybe he works in the morning and goes to the gym for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

This information will give you a better understanding of his routines and when he’s most comfortable talking to you.

2. Be original and funny

Don’t just reply for the sake of answering. If you have to leave it on “read,” do it. Ensure your following message is original or will make him laugh, guaranteeing a different conversation than the rest.

3. You do you

Don’t become paranoid by trying to adapt to their rhythms, their tastes, or even changing the way you write or communicate.

Stay true to yourself. Remember that if the relationship prospers, you want him to like you as you are, not an adapted version of you.

4. It’s about quality, not quantity

It’s not about talking all day or every day. It’s about keeping the conversation flowing, interesting, fun, and meaningful. Don’t worry if you don’t send more than four messages daily. The important thing is the content of the messages.

how often should I text my crush - quality not quantity

5. Better in person

Although social networks make communication much more accessible, talking in person will always be better.

If you are lucky and can meet in person, find some excuse or be direct with him to meet up and forget about how much time he spends online or if he has left you on “read.”

Conclusions: How often should I text my crush?

To understand how often you should text your crush, one must know his habits and preferences regarding social networks and routines. This information will help you get the situation under control and understand their habits. However, don’t let this control obsess you or change who you are to make your crush like you more.

The more natural the relationship develops, the more likely it is to work out. Please don’t force it, and try to have fun! Following these tips on how often to text your crush will make a good impression. Good luck!