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20 qualities of a good woman every man look for

Maybe you have a type of girl you like. You may be more attracted to shy girls, taller, shorter, cinephile, sporty, party girls, or more down to earth. And yet, you may end up falling in love one day with a girl with all the opposite characteristics of what you thought you liked. The heart works in curious ways. However, for any relationship to work, you need to know how to appreciate the positive aspects of a person. To help you identify them, we have put together 20 qualities of a good woman that you should start identifying when looking for a partner:

If you are looking for the right partner, it’s a good idea to start looking for specific aspects that indicate that a person will bring many positive things into your life. The kind of girl guys regret losing.

20 qualities you should value of a good woman

Looking for an immature, sad, and dependent girl is easy and is what many men tend to look for to avoid putting effort into a relationship. But, spoiler alert: It goes wrong. Every. Time.

No more dramatic teenage relationships, no more unnecessary suffering, and no more absurd arguments. Start looking for a woman with the following qualities (mind you, no one is perfect). You may not even have all of these characteristics):

1) Independent and strong

Starting a relationship with a girl who has to work on herself is a double-edged sword. She will probably end up being dependent on you, and in the beginning, she will make you feel very loved and valuable in her life. Still, you will feel responsible for everything in her life, creating a toxic relationship.

It is much healthier to share your life with someone who does not need you, counts on you, loves you, and chooses to be with you even if she does not require you.

qualities of a good woman - realistic but positive

2) Realistic but positive

Negative people can overwhelm us. They attract negative thoughts, make you miss opportunities, and anticipate disasters. An extremely positive person is often immature in the face of life’s cruelty.

As always, virtue lies in the middle ground: the ideal person will be realistic but knows how to be positive even when things go wrong. Being positive makes women magnetic and irresistible.

3) Honest. Not a people pleaser

Nowadays, there are many people pleasers. They need people to like them and change their personalities to fit in with who they are. This means they can’t be themselves with almost anyone, so they inspire little confidence deep down. An honest person, able to agree or disagree politely and without fear, will be better.

4) Takes care of herself

You are looking for a girlfriend, not a daughter or a little sister. Not a pet either. She is an independent person who has to know how to take care of herself, her life, work, studies, relationships, and health. Value a person mature enough not to need anyone to tell her what to do or not to do.

5) Doesn’t need you but still values you

Is there anything sincerer than valuing and adoring your partner even though you don’t need them? Probably the best thing that can happen. Even with girlfriends. She has her whole life, and you are part of it. She still values you even if she doesn’t need you to be well.

6) Has her priorities

Many couples forget their own goals in life when they fall in love. They change the scheme of their lives to adapt to a possible life as a couple, which only generates resentment towards the other person.

Eventually, you regret abandoning some projects or ideas, which turns into reproaches. Therefore, you both must have clear personal goals.

qualities of a good woman - has priorities

7) Has her moral principles

You are supposed to love the other person the way she is, so what is the point of her changing to adopt yours or someone else’s? You value someone straightforward and trustworthy.

8) Confident

Far from being cute, an insecure person only reveals vulnerability and self-esteem issues. A confident person is not only more attractive but also more decisive. Being confident doesn’t mean you are the type of girl that intimidates guys.

9) Open to talk

This attitude is about maturity. Avoid a woman who lies to you, walks away, or takes an aggressive-passive attitude when something bothers her.

10) Empathetic

Sometimes it’s hard to open up to others when we’re having a hard time. That’s why you’ll appreciate having a woman by your side who understands you, can sense when something isn’t going well and knows if you need to talk or if you need space.

11) Forgiving

It gets very tiring to be with a spiteful person who reminds you and blames you for every mistake you might have made. Depending on the severity of the problem, you’ll appreciate being with someone who knows how to let go of the past.

12) Mature but still funny

We’ve talked about maturity concerning other qualities, but that doesn’t mean you need a boring person in your life. You can be mature by making decisions and behaving in your day-to-day life and still make your partner laugh by saying or doing teenage nonsense. What’s the harm in it?

13) Knows her flaws

Part of honesty is knowing how to recognize your flaws. This factor will be very helpful in resolving potential conflicts. For example, if she knows that she is compassionate, she will realize that maybe something hurt her more than it should have, and perhaps it wasn’t that bad.

Or if she gets angry too much and fast, she will know to ask you for some time to work things out instead of quarreling.

14) Knows when to apologize

Stop cringing all the time. Look for a woman who knows how to own up to her mistakes and take a step back. Everyone should know when it’s time to apologize.

15) Encouraging to you

Learn to appreciate when a girl inspires you for her goals and the effort she puts in. When she encourages you to pursue your own goals, even when you don’t think you can achieve them yourself.

16) Altruistic

Kindness in a person is a quality to be valued, especially nowadays. You can sense the vibes of a purely good person. Don’t let this type of person slip away.

17) Passionate about something

Have you ever heard someone talk about their passion? A positive quality has a driving force that moves us even in the worst times.

18) Remembers the important stuff

There is nothing like feeling listened to by the other person. It feels great to be reminded of your important dates, always keeping you in mind.

qualities of a good woman - open to learning

19) Open to learning

Being open to learning means being open-minded. Stubborn people who won’t budge can be incredibly infuriating.

20) Loves you the way you are but pushes you to be better and happier

Last but not least is a person who loves you the way you are but knows what things you want to change about yourself and pushes you to do so to be happier. Value someone who helps you to be the best version of yourself.

Qualities of a good woman: Final words

It’s not about being picky in choosing a woman. It’s about valuing certain qualities that often go unnoticed. Remember that you probably don’t meet all of these qualities, and it won’t be easy to meet someone who meets all of them.

But learn to value the ones you meet and avoid people who are the opposite of this list to have a healthy and promising love life. Have you ever met a woman with these qualities? Tell us about her in the comments!