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What type of girl intimidates guys?

Women no longer play the sweet, innocent victim who depends on a prince charming or a hero. You are your queen. And that is completely fine. But some men still have difficulty getting used to a more passive, less protective role. Have you ever wondered, “what type of girl intimidates guys?

Many don’t know how to behave or treat strong, independent women if they don’t have to act like alpha males. This means that being a woman who has everything together (among other personality traits) sometimes translates into having difficulties in dating life because guys find you intimidating.

Want to know why guys like you but don’t dare approach you?

What type of girl intimidates guys? 8 clear profiles

These are the most obvious signs that you are an empowered woman and why you probably intimidate guys.

1. You do not need a man

And it shows.

You have proven and even said that you do not need a guy in your life to be happy. You complete yourself. Even though it is very positive, some guys will interpret it as if you didn’t want a guy in your life. Not needing him doesn’t mean you reject him. Make it clear!

2. You take care of yourself

Suppose a guy sees that you spend your time taking care of yourself, working or studying, playing sports, traveling, going out with your family, and taking care of your family. In that case, he will see that you already have all your time occupied with one thing: taking care of yourself.

Instinctively, guys tend to be attracted to women when they feel useful. Maybe you can show him that he is helpful even if you don’t need him by telling him something that’s bothering you and letting him help you or give you feedback.

what type of girl intimidates guys - you have a character

3. They say you have a character

Have you ever been told the annoying “it seems like you’re on those days of the month” line? Or maybe you’ve been told that you’re masculine, aggressive, or overreactive.

There’s nothing wrong with having a strong personality as long as it doesn’t affect you or result in you getting into trouble with other people. The last thing you should worry about is changing because a guy likes you.

However, if you like a guy and you have this type of personality, you have to find a way to express your interest or make him see that he is unique to you in some way.

4. You are independently happy

If you have everything under control, you are a happy, active person who takes care of yourself and your family and friends; guys may feel that there is no room for them in your life.

Have you ever stopped to think about it?

Love stories often start because she feels an emptiness, has a problem or needs something. How many love movies have you seen that start with two perfectly healthy people doing well?

5. You know your worth and flaws

If you are a person who is aware of your capabilities, your worth, and also your flaws, you are probably very mature on a personal and emotional level.

When a woman knows how to set evident limits on what she wants and doesn’t want in her life, what she deserves and doesn’t, guys tend to get intimidated.

6. You have a better job

If you have a higher educational background, a job considered “superior” in society, or are paid more, he will automatically feel inferior to you.

what type of girl intimidates guys - you have a better job

Unfortunately, many guys consider women with better jobs unattainable because they feel useless since, traditionally, it has been the men who brought home the money. By being with you, he would be at a disadvantage.

7. You have lived a more sophisticated life

Have you seen the typical romantic comedy of the farmer or small-town boy who falls in love with the rich girl attending a well-known university? The classic drama where he feels they live in different worlds, and she deserves “something better” (meaning a guy with the same lifestyle).

Well, it also applies to real life: if for some reason, he perceives that your family has raised you in a sophisticated environment and he has grown up with just enough to make ends meet, he will be intimidated by you.

8. You have had more relationships experience

Maybe you’ve met a guy who’s had one relationship or none, or they’ve been brief and had little experience. You, however, have had several relationships, or at least one much longer and more serious one.

Also applicable to sex: if he thinks you are an expert and he lacks a lot of experience, he will be intimidated by you.

what type of girl intimidates guys - more experience

What type of girl intimidates guys? Final words

Did you recognize yourself through these signs? Good! You do not need to change.

You do not need to lower yourself to become more loveable. But you can be more approachable by being nicer to the guy you like or simply making the first move. You could even talk about this topic!

Tell him how much you like the fact that you no longer need to be passive and wait for a guy to come after you and see how he reacts. First of all, you will know his opinion about it and how you feel about his answer, and secondly, you will indirectly communicate to him that even if you are independent, you can like people too.