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Signs a guy likes you but is intimidated

You meet a guy, and sometimes you feel he likes you, but then he throws you off. Had you desired him to like you? Don’t you know how to misinterpret the signals? It could be that the guy is intimidated by you, so he approaches you slowly, or he often feels insecure and takes steps back, etc. Did you know there are multiple signs a guy likes you but is intimidated?

If you want to find out if a guy likes you and why he might be intimidated, I invite you to keep reading this article.

7 signs a guy likes you but is intimidated

It could be that a guy likes you but is insecure, is in a difficult moment, or is not ready for a relationship, but it’s a waste to think that he likes you but doesn’t dare to take the step because he feels intimidated.

How to recognize that he is intimidated by you? These are the most obvious signs:

1. He either talks a lot or not at all

Some days he appears euphoric and happy to see you, asks about your life, remembers all the details, and is very present even by text. But other days, suddenly, something makes him hesitate, and he seems shy.

Something about you intimidates him, and he tries to shut down and walk away when it comes up.

Watch out for intermittent reinforcement from this person. Let him see that you like him too, and he should start behaving differently and more stable. If not, you are dealing with an unstable person that you don’t want in your life.

2. He wants to see you but doesn’t look at you

Oh, the sweet irony.

This guy tries to take advantage of almost every opportunity to see you. You know he likes you and is excited to meet you, but he often seems shy and almost afraid to look you in the eye.

If he avoids looking at you, it could be because he’s hiding something (the fact that he likes you) or because he’s intimidated by you.

But put all the evidence together: he’s looking for you! He wants to see you, but something is holding him back. Maybe it’s time to make him see that? You see it too.

3. He remembers everything you say about your life

Maybe he is not very shy. He acts like nothing is wrong. You are just friends, but he remembers every detail you tell him.

signs a guy likes you but is intimidated - he remembers everything about you

This behavior means that he listens to you. And not only that, but unlike many other people, he cares about what you have to say. He listens to you, attends to you, and remembers small details.

Even if he doesn’t dare to take the plunge, this clearly shows how much he likes you.

4. He texts you more than he speaks in person

A classic.

In person, he doesn’t seem interested, doesn’t dare to talk much, seems shy, quiet, or talks to other people.

But then he seeks you out by messages. He responds to you or reacts to your stories. You talk all day about everything and nothing because it is easier to confront someone who intimidates you through an app than in person.

5. He becomes jumpy around you

He is more relaxed when you are in a group, but if you are alone, he seems tense, as if he is in defense mode.

If he behaves radically differently when you are alone than when you are with friends, it may be because he likes you but sees you as unattainable.

6. He wants to get involved with your friends

One of the most evident signs that a person likes you is when they try to get involved with your circle of friends or family.

He may not be straightforward with his feelings and doesn’t tell you how much he likes you, but he actively tries to get closer to you, be part of your circle, and get to know your friends. You can take advantage and ask your friends how the situation looks from the outside. Because maybe they will see it even more apparent.

7. He uses your pet as an excuse to see you

Old but gold.

He tells you directly that he must meet your pet, not only compliment it. It is the classic excuse to meet, see, go to your house, and spend time together.

Let’s face it, as much as he loves animals, he doesn’t just want to meet your pet. He wants to get close to you and interact with your environment, with the people who are important to you.

Reasons why he might be intimidated

If you want to find out more, not only identify that he feels intimidated even if he likes you but also why he might be, these are the most likely reasons:

a) You’ve known each other for a long time

Is he an old friend? If you’ve known each other for years, he may be too used to treating you as a friend and now doesn’t know how to approach you.

Maybe he is afraid of losing you as a friend if he tries to flirt with you and is trying to figure out whether he wants to risk it or not.

b) You don’t seem to be approachable

Your personality and how you relate to people play a significant role.

Maybe you’re the typical cold, aloof-looking person, and he interprets this as meaning you’re not interested in him. Perhaps he doesn’t know you well enough, thinks you don’t want to have relationships, or maybe you have a partner.

It is up to you to clear his doubts.

c) He’s insecure, and you are not

His personality is also vital.

He may need a little more reassurance to dare to propose. If he is insecure, you are not very affectionate, hard to read, closed, or you have been friends for a long time, he will always find a reason not to dare to take the plunge. He might also be afraid of commitment.

d) He thinks you are not into him

Maybe he’s very confident but unable to read or understand you. You may have said something that made him think you don’t like him, so he’s already trying to repress his feelings to protect himself.

What about you? What are you going to do, deny it?

e) He thinks you are into someone else

If something or someone has made him think you’re in a relationship, he’ll probably never propose to you. So if you like him, you should make it clear that you are available.

Signs a guy likes you but is intimidated and how to deal with it

If you don’t like him, make it clear that you’re not looking to be in a relationship so that you won’t play games with him. But if you do like him, you should leave him little clues to let him see that you are available or interested in him before he fills with uncertainty or insecurity.

You may even be the one to take the step! Try to find out his feelings, talk to friends, ask how it looks from the outside, and then decide how to act.