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Signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you

Do you like a girl and are unsure if she is interested in you? Do you think she prefers to wait to get to know you better or to feel more comfortable? Do you get mixed signals all the time? What are some typical signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you?

Reading a girl’s intentions can sometimes be confusing, especially if she’s an affectionate person or even if you’re involved in a casual relationship. But you want to go beyond the physical and beyond friendship.

How do you figure out if she wants a relationship with you? Learn how to interpret her behavior to avoid hurting yourself further.

11 clear signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you

How do women act when they are not interested in you? Or rather, when they don’t want to have a serious relationship with you. Here are the keys to understanding her intentions:

1. She doesn’t involve you in her plans

A key factor: talk to her about the future.

Ask her where she sees herself in a few months and a few years, and analyze if she counts on you and if it is compatible with what you have told her about your future.

If she tells you that she wants to go to Mexico after you have said to her that you want to live in Europe without showing any flexibility, she probably does not have a future with you in mind.

2. She invites other people when you see each other

Mega red flag for you: she avoids spending time alone together.

If every time you go to see each other, she looks for the opportunity to include other friends, it means that she sees you as one of the group. On the one hand, it’s okay because she values you mingling with her friends, but if she treats you like the rest, you’ve fallen into the friend zone.

signs she doesn't want a relationship with you - she invites other people when you see each other

3. She avoids intimacy

Suppose she doesn’t open up about personal topics, changes the subject every time the topic of relationships comes up, and doesn’t want to hear about love issues. In that case, it’s probably because she’s uncomfortable talking about it with you.

Conversely, a girl who is comfortable talking to you about what her ideal relationship would be like and how much she is open to having a partner would mean that she probably likes you.

If she avoids it, you know what it means.

4. She mentions “how good of a friend you are.”

To keep some distance, she decides to keep you closer but labels you directly as a friend. If she repeats phrases like “I wish I knew someone like you,” or she admires you very much as a friend, or worse, she sees you as a brother… I’m sorry, she has no intention of going further with you.

5. She doesn’t involve you with her friends

That is a huge red flag.

If you think she’s trying to keep you from meeting her friends, it’s because she doesn’t intend to have you in her life for a long time. Typically, when we like someone, we try to get her friends to like us and, at the same time, get approval from our friends.

If she doesn’t want to mingle with you, she probably wants to avoid a higher level of commitment to you.

6. She keeps her distance

It is difficult to see this sign because it is so ambiguous.

She may be a more closed or distant person who finds it difficult to open up to people. Or she might be a very close person but keeps her distance from you because she has sensed that you like her and wants to avoid getting your hopes up because she has no intention of having a relationship with you.

Therefore, it is vital not to judge the other person’s signals until you know her well.

7. She always prefers plans she would do with other friends

Don’t you do anything special?

Suppose all the plans you make are the ones she usually makes with any other person and avoids other more intimate plans like watching a movie at her house, going alone to the beach, or any other type of plans you may have made. In that case, it means that she knows you like her, and it is not reciprocal.

8. She mentions other guys

Another super mega obvious sign is when she mentions other guys to you. When she talks to you about how much she likes another guy or tells you she’s been seeing another guy.

Either she doesn’t know you like her and tells you because he sees you as a friend, or she knows you like her and tells you on purpose to put the brakes on you. Either way, you know she’s out of your league. It’s one of the most obvious signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

signs she doesn't want a relationship with you - she mentions other guys

9. She keeps it physical

Maybe you have a physical relationship that does not include the cares of a couple, such as affection, couple plans, involving your friends, etc.

Be careful with this relationship because their sexual interest can confuse and harm you. If you think this type of relationship is playing with your feelings, it is better to end it as soon as possible.

10. She avoids giving compliments

While you enjoy telling her how beautiful she looks today, how lovely her hair is, or her dress, she saves all the comments, and if she compliments you, she does it to respond to your compliment out of mere politeness.

When a girl likes you, it is usual for her to comment on how much she appreciates your smell or how well a color suits your eyes.

11. Talks about how you should flirt with another woman

Another obvious sign that she doesn’t want a relationship with you: she asks you about girls and tells you that you should date one in particular.

If she seeks to advise you on how to get a girlfriend and you sense that she doesn’t talk about herself? All hope is lost.

Signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you: Final words

If she’s a friend who likes you and treats you well, but you don’t reciprocate, you have no choice but to suck it up.

But if she is a person who gets hot and cold, sends you mixed signals, plays games with you, manipulates you, and you think she goes out of her way to be jealous, etc., be careful. She is probably a toxic or narcissistic person you should stay away from because the only thing she is interested in you is the attention you offer her.

On the other hand, she may not want a relationship in general for various reasons. Such as if she is not yet over her ex, prefers to be 100% devoted to herself, is in an unstable period in her life, or doesn’t feel like it. Or perhaps she has plans for the future in which there is no room for partners.

Whatever the reason, it is better not to look where there is none and dedicate your time and energy to loving yourself. Now you know the most common signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

Don’t be in a hurry to find a partner. You can’t force connections.