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She unblocked me but no contact: What do I do?

Sometimes relationships end in a fight. Things weren’t going well for a while, or maybe you cheated on her or messed up somehow, which led to your ex blocking you from social networks to avoid contact. Now that some time has passed, you suddenly see her profile picture again. She has unblocked you, but she hasn’t written to you. What does that mean? What has changed? And more importantly: What should you do?

In this article, we’ll explain why your ex has unblocked you but hasn’t reached out to you and how to respond to this situation.

She unblocked me but no contact? 9 common reasons

Find out your ex’s intentions when unblocking you or the true meaning: what is she up to?

She is no longer angry

If things ended suddenly and the way she ended the conversation was to block you, she probably needed some time without hearing from you. Or she may have been impulsive in blocking you out of anger and didn’t think it through, so now she regrets it and is embarrassed, so she unblocks you but doesn’t text you.

The key to gauging your ex’s intentions is how much time has passed. If she blocked you just a few days ago, she probably blocked you impulsively and would like to discuss things. If she blocked you months ago, she might be at peace with the situation, and there are no hidden agendas.

She got over you

If some time has passed and your ex has unblocked you but has not written to you, it is likely she has made peace inside and no longer holds a grudge. She has gotten rid of the resentment and doesn’t want to have you blocked, but she doesn’t intend to contact you.

she unblocked me but no contact - she got over you

So you’d better not give it a second thought and let it be.

She misses you

Unless years have passed and you have moved on with your lives, your ex may have unblocked you because she has realized that he misses you. She doesn’t dare write to you because you hurt her or she feels guilty, proud, afraid, etc.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s a good idea to write to her about the possibility of getting back together. Men also unblock their exes commonly but don’t contact or engage because they’re timid.

She is struggling

She loved you, she was in love with you, and things ended one way or another.

Maybe she is trying to move on, but it is challenging because she has other problems in her life. After all, you are her best friend. She misses you, it might be clear to her that you should not get back together, but she is having a hard time and is very indecisive.

She may have unblocked you to leave the door open, a wake-up call you shouldn’t heed. She is having a moment of weakness, but this should not change the grief process.

She wants to clear the air

One possible reason your ex unblocks you is to end your bad blood. She doesn’t intend to get back together. Maybe not even be friends. But she wants to tell you that she no longer holds a grudge or intends to ask for forgiveness and leave things on good terms like adults.

You need to finish a conversation

Sometimes it is impossible to move on if something keeps going around in your head. When things end too abruptly, issues are left unresolved. There are apologies to be made and items to be understood.

she unblocked me but no contact - you need to finish a conversation

Maybe your ex has unblocked you to clear your doubts and find mental clarity.

Her rebound relationship didn’t work

Let’s accept that sometimes people disappoint us.

Maybe your ex is a selfish girl, the typical person who needs to be the center of attention, who jumps from one relationship to another. She thought it would be easy to get over you because she started with another guy soon after, but it didn’t work out.

So now she’s back in her comfort zone: she’s unblocking you to get attention (and if you’re reading this, it’s worked) so she doesn’t feel rejected.

She wants you to miss her

It may sound twisted, but many people don’t want to be forgotten. Even if she moves on with her life, she doesn’t want you to get over her. She wants you to stay hooked on her, on your relationship. So she plays with social media, hints, and unblocks you to make you flip-flop and keep thinking about her.

She’s bored

We often confuse missing someone with being bored.

Breaking up a relationship means going from having a person to talk to every day to having zero contact, from receiving kisses, caresses, hugs, affection, and special attention to having no one to treat you as such. So you combine missing your ex with feeling lonely and bored. That’s why she unblocks you but doesn’t text you.

She’s bored but doesn’t want to come back.

What should you do when your ex unblocks you?

Regardless of why your ex has unblocked you, how you react will make a difference. What do you plan to do? Here are our top tips:

Don’t start a conversation

Did she misbehave with you? Don’t text her.

No matter how much you miss her, let her see that you don’t care and will not fall for her so easily.

Think about it for a moment. Is it enough to see that she has unblocked you to go after her? You deserve better. Have some self-respect.

she unblocked me but no contact - apologize


Did you misbehave with her? Text her and apologize.

Please take advantage of this situation to write a single message (no bombarding her with Whatsapp messages that can end up overwhelming her). Write a meaningful letter in which you explain the reason for your apology, and let her decide if she wants to respond or not.

Ask a mutual friend

One way to interpret your ex is to ask a mutual friend. Do not ask her friends if they are not your friends.

Don’t try to find out more, either. Ask innocently if they know anything about it that will help you understand what she is looking for.

She unblocked me but no contact: Conclusion – Don’t change your plans

Whatever the reason your ex has decided to unblock you, don’t let it change your plans.

Let time pass.

If you misbehaved with her, apologize, but don’t go back. If you broke up for another reason, don’t look back. Once it’s all cleared up, move on. Don’t let her start all the drama from scratch because grieving is too difficult or because she’s bored or needs attention. Remember, as cliché as it is, the relationship ended for a reason.