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Signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you

Sometimes, reality outweighs fiction. Some relationships last a lifetime; I’m not just talking about love stories in books. Sometimes life seems like something out of a movie because inexplicable things happen. You know, things that you have felt but do not verbalize because anyone would tell you that you have lost your mind, that you are obsessed, or that simply “it will pass.” Some people consider those feelings signs from the universe that someone is thinking of them.

Some things remain when you have a profound connection with a person. The brain works in a sometimes funny, sometimes cruel way. You don’t know if you’re obsessed with the signals, with that person, but sometimes it’s too much.

Because yes, there are people who are there, even if they are absent, and life seems to want to remind you.

8 signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you

Some isolated signs, just once, may not mean anything. Please don’t become a psychopath by making it seem like a divine coincidence.

But there are many mysteries, many signs that repeat themselves, and you can’t help but wonder: “Are they thinking of me?

Here are some of the signs from the universe that tell you someone is thinking about you:

1) You dream about them

You start dreaming about that person over and over again. Sometimes they seem like all-too-real dreams, dreams that continue even if you wake up in the middle of the night.

They seem to want to tell you something, or sometimes they seem like premonitory dreams. It’s incredible how many times, when you talk to the other person, they confirm that, yes, they were thinking about you.

signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you - you dream about them

So yes, you often dream about that person and have realistic dreams. Most likely, they are thinking about you too.

2) They text you about something that reminds them of you

If they text you all day long, it’s not a sign from the universe but a direct way of telling you what they think of you.

But if they remember little details about you and happen to see those little things in their life and decide to send them to you, don’t be confused. It’s not just because they saw it and thought about you. They were thinking about you, and that’s why they saw it. Those details appear in their path, offering them an excuse to contact you.

3) You see angel numbers all the time

When you start seeing repeated numbers, like 1111, 2121, or even inverted times like 21:12, be it on the clock, on signs, on messages, on Instagram likes, anything, and you think of that person you love automatically, it’s the universe telling you that yes, they are thinking of you.

It’s so subtle you can’t explain it, but those ironies of life make clear what you cannot see.

4) They post a hint for you

You know that kind of story or tweet where he posts a song, a picture, or something that goes unnoticed in the eyes of others but not yours? Listen to him. No, it wasn’t random. That person wanted you to see it and understand it.

These are not coincidences: they are thinking of you. These things can produce small illusions, and I’m with you. It’s not for less.

signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you - they post a hint about you

5) They are Online until you are Online

You spend some time thinking about whether to write to them or not. When you enter the chat, they are online for a microsecond, suddenly disconnecting. And I bet your head that if you wait long enough, they will log in again to see that you are still online and log off.

Sometimes it might be a coincidence, but notice every once in a while, and you’ll see how it’s a repeating pattern because they can’t get you out of their head.

6) They text you with a random excuse

Has it ever happened to you that you are thinking about that person and suddenly get a text from them?

When this happens, the most typical thing is that the person was thinking about you when you were thinking about them. Let’s face it: they are looking for an excuse to talk to you. Play along!

7) You feel a deep connection in their absence

You are going on with your life, but the other person’s presence is constantly in the back of your head. It’s part of your daily life, even if you don’t want it to be. Sometimes you notice their smell, remember their voice and think of their embrace.

This feeling happens when you have built a profound relationship.

Spoiler alert: this is usually mutual. You don’t create strong feelings and connections only on one side. So most likely, the other person is also thinking about you.

8) You get nervous at night

You were tired. You had been planning to go to sleep for hours. You may have already had your sleep routine settled, but now that person comes to mind. And you can’t stop thinking, remembering, and daydreaming.

signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you - you feel a deep connection

You like her, but why this nervousness at night?

It happens because the other person thinks of you too. When you finally have that moment of calm in which you lie in bed, you can close your eyes and relax.

The memories come back to you, the nerves. And that person too.

Signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you: Final Words

The truth is that these signs tell more about you than about them.

It explains how much you are into them and how much you think about them. If you have a crush or you are in love, act on it.

The universe can send you many signals, but it’s up to you to interpret them if the other person thinks as much about you as you do about them. What are you waiting for? Don’t leave any more room for coincidences. Make it happen.