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Signs from the universe that someone is missing you

Admit it. You keep checking your cell phone because you miss that person. A reasonable amount of time has passed, but you keep constantly thinking about the person you’ve fallen in love with. Because yes, you may not know it, but you have fallen in love. Suddenly everything reminds you of that person—even the most mundane things on the planet. These things are signs from the universe that someone is missing you.

The doubt kills you: Will that person miss you too? Or are you alone in this?

Sometimes, life seems to want to give us a break. It appears to warn us of the way things are. Read this article carefully and pay attention to your surroundings and everything that happens to decrypt what the universe (or that person, in a less direct way) is trying to tell you.

8 signs from the universe that someone is missing you

I don’t think it’s all a coincidence. Don’t become that obsessive person who says, “he liked Disney movies too.” Come on. Everybody loves Disney.

It’s about identifying little things that do mean something. Signs from the other person or that life in a mystical way is trying to communicate to you:

1) They find an excuse to text you

Okay, this doesn’t have much to do with fate, but it’s no less valid. If opportunities to do things together suddenly appear, your favorite group comes along, but they’re looking for an excuse to see you.

And you know it.

signs from the universe that someone is missing you - excuse to text you

You know, it’s not a coincidence that they could have told you nothing and carried on as if nothing happened. What more signs of destiny do you want?

2) You feel a random touch

These signs are interpretable only by the most sensitive people.

You are alone, thinking about that particular person, and suddenly, while thinking that you miss their hugs, you notice it. You feel a shiver run through your body as if you can feel their touch, their warmth.

Let’s face it. Sometimes the universe has funny ways of telling us things. Maybe at that moment, the other person is thinking about you. Somehow, they are with you, even in their absence.

3) You hear their voice in their absence

No, you are not going crazy. It’s like hearing the doorbell and thinking it’s that person. Sometimes, you recognize their voice, their perfume in the crowd. You hear their name. Even when you’re alone, you feel him calling you.

You hear it because your connection is different and you touch each other without being close. You listen to the voice because you feel each other no matter the distance.

4) They post something they know you like

You go on your social networks and see that they’ve posted something you know they know you’ll recognize. You. Just you. It won’t mean anything to others, but it will mean something to you.

Because they miss you and want you to recognize them in the crowd, and you do.

5) You zone out thinking about them

You’re studying, working, walking, trying to sleep, going out with friends, and you zone out, thinking about them.

signs from the universe that someone is missing you - you zone out

Anything makes that person come to your mind—everyday things, a sentence, a moment alone. Suddenly you don’t know how long you have been disconnected from reality. You were thinking about that person without being able to avoid it. As if something was calling you from somewhere else.

It has happened to all of us, but if it happens to you often, it is probably because that person is thinking about you. After all, they miss you.

6) You see white feathers all around you

They say that the white feathers are sent from the angels to indicate their protection, to send you a message. That person you miss so much is thinking of you. They are not telling you with an Instagram post or a Whatsapp message but through the magic of nature.

Something as pure and as natural as a white feather. And not just one, but you will start to recognize several around you.

7) Your ears or cheeks burn

When you think of the person you like, you get nervous and feel your ears or cheeks burn. As if you have a fever.

It can indicate that you are in love, but also that it is a required love. It suggests that the person is thinking about you and misses you.

8) You hear a song that reminds you of them all the time

Unless it’s the summer hit, if you start hearing on the radio, on the street, your neighbor humming, in every clothing store or shopping mall, that song that reminds you of that person, the universe is telling you something: don’t forget them. They miss you.

signs from the universe that someone is missing you - a song reminds you of them

Signs from the universe that someone is missing you: What should you do?

You are not only feeling their energy around you. You see their reflection in little signals sent by the universe, but there is something even more evident: it is you who misses them.

Suppose you’re here because you’re having a hard time, and your doubts are killing you. You want to know if your crush misses you as you do. Well, why don’t you text them

If you cannot get over the distance or walk away unless they’ve been mean to you, you’d better do something about it. Ask friends or write to them directly, but don’t let them keep spinning your head like a washing machine.

Get out of doubt: write to him, tell him you miss him. Be direct. If you are already missing them, you have nothing to lose.