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9 Signs she is developing feelings and what to do

You have that special friend with whom you feel that connection, which is slowly becoming the spark. However, you’re not sure if what you’re feeling is reciprocated. And we know there’s nothing worse than trying to propose to a friend and getting the crap kicked out of you. You can end up risking that rejection and losing that friendship. So we understand that it’s a delicate, complex issue to jump into. To give you the mental clarity you need, we analyze some of the clear signs she is developing feelings in this article.

How many signs are you able to recognize?

9 subtle signs she is developing feelings

Check this list after a day with her, and write down how many signs you could recognize in the comments. Let’s discuss with other people what they think and share experiences to help you see the bigger picture.

signs she is developing feelings - interact on social networks

1. Interact a lot with you on social networks

Has it become a constant on your social networks? It’s a way of trying to make a way into your life in a public way for everyone to see and to stay in touch in a somewhat more subtle way.

2. She tries to be super funny

You may have noticed that she tends to send you a lot of memes or make references to series or movies that you like. If she always tries to make you laugh and asks you funny questions, that’s one of her primary love languages.

3. You have created inside jokes

In addition to being funny, you have come up with your vocabulary, jokes, references, etc. No one else would understand it, only you. You have created a bond that doesn’t exist with anyone else. Doesn’t it tell you anything?

4. She opens up to you

One of the most obvious signs is that she shares personal issues with you. From her love history to family problems, trauma, or other sensitive topics. Chances are she expects you to open up to her as well.

5. You enjoy walking and talking

You know a relationship has a future when you can spend hours walking, talking about anything and everything, without having to do much for fun. It doesn’t mean you’re boring, it’s okay to change and go for dinner or a drink, but if you enjoy the art of conversation without needing anything else to spark things up, she’s probably the one.

6. You text each other every day

How much you talk doesn’t depend on your type of relationship but your personality. Some people like to be on their cell phones all day, while others can’t stand being dependent on technology, and that’s okay. But if you text each other every day, whatever it is for, something is going on.

signs she is developing feelings - remembers minor details

7. She remembers minor details about you

One of the most significant signs is that she remembers the things you tell her, especially the details. This means she likes you enough to pay attention, listen to you, and think about you when you’re not around. This is probably a girl who is worth your time.

8. You both act nervous and smile a lot the first few minutes

Another super obvious sign is that you can’t stop smiling as soon as you see each other. This is due to the little “positive anxiety” accumulated by the nerves of seeing that person. When you like someone, it’s normal to feel that uncertainty, confusion, nerves, or desire to be with that person.

That’s why the first few minutes are usually chaotic with laughter and maybe awkward comments. This is nothing negative; it just means that you like each other.

9. She keeps making plans with you

Things are going great if you’re together and already making plans. One of the most common signs she is developing feelings is when she looks for a concert or an upcoming schedule that she knows you’ll like and offers it as a plan. It’s a classic.

What to do if you recognize some of these signs?

It can be exciting to realize that someone you like might have feelings for you too, but it’s important to remember that it’s not up to you to decide how someone else feels or to try to control their feelings. Here are a few things you can do if you think the girl you like is developing feelings for you:

  • Communicate openly and honestly: If you’re interested in the girl and want to see where things go, you must communicate your feelings. This can help you understand where you stand and whether you have a future together.
  • Respect her boundaries: If the girl you like is developing feelings for you, it’s important to respect her boundaries. This means not pressuring her to do things she’s uncomfortable with or pushing her to express her feelings if she’s not ready.
  • Be supportive and understanding: If the girl you like is going through a difficult time or dealing with strong emotions, it’s essential to be supportive and sympathetic. This can help her feel appreciated and valued, which can be a necessary foundation for a healthy relationship.
  • Be patient: Relationships take time to develop, and it’s essential to be patient and allow things to unfold naturally. If the girl you like is setting feelings for you, give her space and time to process her emotions and decide what she wants.
signs she is developing feelings - be patient

Signs she is developing feelings: Final words

If you believe that the girl you like is developing feelings for you, the best thing you can do is be honest with her about your feelings. If you are unsure about your feelings, it is crucial to take some time to think about them before you have a conversation with her. Always be respectful of her feelings and be open to communication.

You can try talking to her about your feelings and see how she responds. She might be open to exploring a relationship with you, or she may feel differently and want to remain friends. It’s okay if things don’t work out between you and the girl you like.

Approach the situation with care and be mindful of her feelings. It is also essential to be prepared for the possibility that she may not feel the same way and to be able to handle that outcome maturely and respectfully. And you, are you brave enough to give it a try? Please tell us your plan in the comments and share your experience with people in a similar situation.