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7 signs your male friend has feelings for you

Do you have a guy friend, and you feel that he treats you differently from the rest? You don’t know if it’s sympathy, a great friendship, or he likes you. Sometimes friendship can be confused with spark, but there are certainly some factors that give away people’s true feelings. Read this article and think if you feel identified before taking anything for granted. And then it’s up to you to think about what you want to do. Here are some of the most important signs your male friend has feelings for you and what to do about them.

7 Signs your male friend has feelings for you

Whether it’s a lifelong friend or someone you met recently, there are several clear signs your guy friend is falling for you:

1. He actively seeks time to see you

Is he trying to make plans to spend time with you? Is he looking for events, excuses, or things you like to do to spend time with you? This behavior is one of the most obvious signs that he likes you. Time is the most precious thing we have, and if this person is looking not once but constantly for plans to spend time together, he probably has a crush on you.

2. He has started talking to you almost every day

Not all friends write to each other every day. It might be nothing if it’s just single messages, small talk, or unimportant texts. But if he has started saying good morning to you, telling you about his day-to-day life, asking you about yours, and trying to be funny, it’s evident that he doesn’t want to be just your friend.

3. He doesn’t want to go home

Do you walk around or talk for a thousand hours before going home? Does he tell you to take a long walk before saying goodbye? Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most romantic signs of how much he likes being with you. And if you accept, will it be reciprocated?

signs your male friend has feelings for you - doesn't want to go home

4. He asks you about your interests and plans for the future

Be careful. All your friends will want to know about your life. The difference is in how he asks you, how much information he retains, and what he asks you about. He will ask you to get to know him and find out how compatible you are. If he focuses on commonalities and comments that you might see each other in the future, he’s probably trying to like you because he’s interested in you.

5. Try to get closer to your circle

When we like someone, we sometimes unconsciously try to get close to their circle of close friends and appreciate them. It’s much easier for a person to like you if their friends like you.

If you see him trying to be nicer than usual with your friends or looking for some things in common, he is probably trying to fit into your life.

6. Start creating inside jokes

It’s normal for random inside jokes to pop up with any friend without further ado. However, if you start creating more than one and refer to them throughout conversations, it’s a clear sign that he’s looking to make a direct connection with you that you don’t have with anyone else.

signs your male friend has feelings for you - inside jokes

7. He’s told you how much fun he has with you

The cherry on top is when you spend a day together, especially if it’s been alone, and when you get home, he tells you how much fun he has with you or how much he enjoys spending time with you, it’s likely that he likes you, or even has a crush on you. And you, what will you do?

Does my guy friend like me? What should you do?

If you have recognized any of these signs, your male friend is falling for you, and it’s time to consider what to do. It’s time to introspect and think about how you feel about it.

signs your guy friend is falling for you - what to do

If you like him too

If you are starting to like him, too, it’s time to let things flow until it’s time to propose. Let everything take its course, don’t try to make it attractive for him to go after you, nor let him see too clearly that you will go after him.

Above all, enjoy the process of getting to know him and letting him get to know you. There’s nothing like taking time to get to know someone and letting things happen naturally.

If you see him as a friend

If you like spending time with him and the kind of relationship you have, but for whatever reason, it’s not reciprocal, you must let him see that. Even if you risk losing him, you should not lead him on if you know that he is a friend to you.

You can make him see it indirectly, talk to him that you like someone else or that you see him as a brother if you want to avoid telling him directly, although it will always be better to say things to his face.

If you’re still not sure

Do you think you’re starting to like him, but you’re not sure? It’s essential to know how to tell the difference: do you like him, or do you like the attention he’s giving you?

does my guy friend like me - if you're not sure

If you don’t know how you feel, it’s your right to keep spending time with him and see how you come across him. Give yourself time to clarify. But don’t expect too much, and above all, don’t play games with him or give him false expectations. Always try to be honest.

Signs your male friend has feelings for you: Final words

Liking a friend can be the basis of a great relationship or why you lose a friend. It is essential to reflect on whether or not you may also have feelings for him or not and act accordingly.

Remember that he deserves the truth, even at the risk of losing someone important to you: don’t play games with someone who loves you. Have you ever had a similar experience? Tell us in the comment box!