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Does no contact work if you were just dating?

You’ve been seeing a guy you like for a while. You are more than friends, but you are not an official couple (just yet). You’re just dating. But maybe he doesn’t pay enough attention to you, or you think the relationship has stagnated. Something isn’t moving forward, and you’d like to go further. Maybe you’ve already tried the active method: being more present and sending more hints, but he seems to have trouble opening his eyes. So you come up with an immature idea but see no other way: start ignoring him. But does no contact work if you were just dating?

The millinery technique to get the attention of the person you are dating. In this article, we hope to shed some light on when it might work and when you should avoid it at all costs.

When does no contact work? 3 different situations

No contact is a strategy that involves breaking off all communication with someone you used to be in a relationship with or were dating.

does no contact work if you were just dating - different situations

The idea behind no contact is to give both of you time and space to reflect on the relationship and determine what you truly want. Implementing it can be challenging, but when done correctly, it can lead to significant positive changes in your relationship. Here are three situations when no contact can work:

1. When you were dating

As we said, if you were casually dating someone and things seemed slow, no contact can be your ally. You can try cutting off all communication or start being less talkative. This way, you can help the other person realize the enormous opportunity he might be losing with you.

2. When he thinks he can’t lose you

No contact can work wonders if your guy thinks he has you wrapped around his finger and can’t lose you. Start ignoring him, being absent, and you’ll make him question his actions and whether or not he wants to be with you. This can lead him to start thinking about what he’s missing, which can cause him to want to reconnect with you.

Just be careful not to make it seem like you’re trying to manipulate him, as that could lead to a negative outcome.

3. When you show him you value yourself

Do you want to show your ex that you value yourself and won’t tolerate being treated poorly? Give him space. Do not be dramatic or something that might look desperate. Try not responding to his messages or calls to send him a fundamental message: you will not tolerate being treated like a doormat.

This can lead to your boyfriend realizing that he needs to treat you better and make more effort if he wants to be with you. However, this only works if you genuinely value and stand up for yourself.

Here’s when not to try the no-contact strategy

Yes, we have established that no contact is a popular strategy for dealing with relationship issues, and we recommend it once he has become your ex. But it’s not always the best way to proceed if you are still together or just dating. There are several situations where it’s not the best course of action.

does no contact work if you were just dating - serious relationship

Here are four situations where you shouldn’t try the “no contact” strategy to have his attention back:

1. You are in a serious relationship

If you’re in a serious, long-term relationship, no contact is not what you need. You are mature enough and should know how to communicate with him if you are unhappy about something. Communication is vital when you’re in a serious relationship, and cutting off all communication with your partner can only lead to more problems. Instead of going no contact, try to talk to your partner and work through the issues together. This can help to strengthen your relationship and bring you closer together. 

2. He is going through a tough time

Would you abandon someone you love in a moment of need? Imagine going through personal issues, and someone you care about starts ignoring you without warning. Whether he’s dealing with a personal problem or a family emergency, now is not the time to cut off communication.

Instead, could you offer your support and be there for him? This can help him to feel loved and supported, which can be a huge help during a difficult time.

3. You just got out of a huge fight

We know that after fighting, we all want to protect our pride. However, if you just got out of a massive fight with your partner, no contact is not the best way to proceed. After that big fight, it’s essential to talk things out and work through the issues that caused the conflict in the first place. No contact will only prolong the problem and prevent you from resolving the issues that led to the fight.

If you want this relationship to work, you will need to make this effort for the sake of the relationship.

does no contact work if you were just dating - huge fight

4. He is distant or behaving weirdly

If your partner becomes distant and you’re not sure why you definitely shouldn’t consider disappearing. What you should do, as a grown-up person, is try to have an open and honest conversation with your partner.

Ask him why he is pulling away and try to understand his perspective. Communicating and working through the issues together can strengthen your relationship and bring back the closeness you once had or would like to have if you were dating.

Does no contact work if you were just dating? Final Words

In a few words, no contact can be a powerful tool (psychology) in solving some minor issues when you are just casually dating, and he needs a wake-up call. However, while no contact can be an effective strategy in some situations, it’s not always the best way to proceed. Understanding the problem and determining whether no contact will help or harm the relationship is essential. Sometimes, it’s better to have an open and honest conversation with your partner and work through the issues together.

And you? How is your new relationship going? Are you sure about his feelings, or do you think he isn’t as emotionally involved as you are? Tell us about it in the comments section, and share your experience with people in a similar situation.