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No contact rule: Female Psychology – Does it work?

The girl you like or your girlfriend is behaving distantly. You feel that you are the one who always has to make an effort, from planning any outing to starting any conversation. So, even though you love her very much, it occurs to you to try not writing or not responding to her one day “to open her eyes.” Now, women’s minds are not so simple or so complex, depending on how you look at them. Depending on the situation, the desired effect will arise, or it can go very wrong for you. To prevent you from unnecessarily sabotaging your relationship, we help you understand when the no-contact rule works and when it’s best to avoid it.

When should you use the no-contact rule?

Remember that the most mature option for any problem in a couple is to talk. Sit down and have an adult conversation. But if you think it’s something small that she should be able to figure out without telling you, or you feel like you’re always complaining in your relationship, maybe the no-contact rule can work.

no contact rule female psychology - when to use it

If you’ve argued and even broken up, and you’re sure it’s her fault, and you know that when she gets over it, she’s going to come back to you, that’s also an excellent time to use the vow of silence.

When shouldn’t you use the no-contact rule?

In general, if you have communication problems within the couple or if you think she is furious with you, trying to ignore her can make things worse. What you do to get her to return to you and pay more attention to you may have the opposite effect. It’s not worth risking a relationship over pride.

What can happen if you try the no contact rule?

We can summarize the possible scenarios in two options: the one you would like and the one that will probably happen.

1. It will work exactly the way you want it to

Option A: If you have an almost ideal, stable relationship based on communication and respect, and you start ignoring her, she will return to you. She will care and want to know what happened, just like you wanted.

2 I.t will backfire

Does option A sound realistic to you? It should be option Z because it is the last of the possibilities. Chances are, your girlfriend will get angry. Why? Easy, you’re supposed to be her partner, not her teenage son.

Who solves their problems by not talking? Ok, sometimes it may work to pat her on the back to get her to wise up, but in most cases, it usually doesn’t work. You’ll probably cause her to be proud and decide to imitate you, so you’ll realize what you’re doing yourself. At the very least, you will hurt her.

no contact rule female psychology - backfire

She’ll think she’s done something too severe for you to stop talking to her altogether, and at best, she’ll confront you and ask to speak about them to make it right. How would you feel in this situation?

Also, if your relationship continues, she will have a small gap where you have broken her trust. What message are you sending your partner if you disappear when something goes wrong? This will cause her to stop trusting or counting on you when she feels she needs you.

What will she do if you try the no-contact rule? Female Psychology

Most likely, as I said, it will backfire. Think of her, hurt, worried, and dissatisfied. What will she do? She will contact her best friends. Imagine how they will react when your girlfriend says you have decided to stop talking to her.

Of course, they will jump like lionesses to protect her and start to have a bad image of you. What kind of boyfriend ignores his girlfriend? Why would you want to create that uncertainty? She will realize that she most likely doesn’t deserve that behavior.

She will think she prefers a mature boyfriend who knows how to communicate problems with her. In a much more toxic and immature scenario, things can get messy. She may decide to pay you back in kind. Start pulling away, ignore your distance, pretend everything is fine, and even play jealousy on you (e.g., the classic ex-card).

As you can see, you’re getting into murky territory. Right now, things are probably not so bad. Are you worth risking it? All for the sake of pride? Remember that when you leave your place free in a woman’s life, she will not be left mourning your loss. She’s going to occupy it with other things.

no contact rule female psychology - what will she do

No contact rule: Female Psychology – Final words

As I told you, women’s minds are not simple. Think directly about the literal meaning of no contact. What are you going to get? No contact! That means distance and time, gratuitous abandonment, and loss of trust. If you care about your partner, you should work to find a way to solve your problems by talking.

Now that you know how women’s minds work and how a no-contact rule will affect your relationship, it’s time to find out if it’s the right choice for you. If you’re looking for an easy way out, remember that, in this case, less is not more. In most cases, ignoring her can end up harming your relationship more than helping it.

Still, if you try it out, do so with caution and thoughtfulness. Remember that the no-contact rule will only work to your advantage if both parties are willing to put in the effort and change their behavior. Women’s psychology is not something to take lightly—it requires care and attention. Be sure to weigh your options before deciding which action is right for you. Best of luck!