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Does no contact work on women? Here’s the truth

The no-contact rule tactic is one of the most used strategies after a breakup, an argument, or when someone does not pay enough attention to us, and we want to let them know our indignation without telling them directly. In a few words, it is about calling their attention and waiting for the other person to react. But not all people work the same way. It usually works with men in two ways: either they ignore you, ultimately showing that they don’t care about you, or desperately look for you. But does no contact work on women?

In a woman’s mind, many more factors come into play since we are always under the eye of society. In general, we don’t like to have to grovel or be lured by childish games. But you can’t generalize, as there are many types of women and people, and each one reacts differently, as we explain in this article.

Here you will learn how it works, how to use it properly, and what you can expect.

Does no contact make her miss me?

Your goal is to make her feel your absence. If you used to talk every day, if you are the one who always starts the conversations, and if she is used to you always answering her with elaborate messages, she will notice your absence.

does no contact work on women - make her miss me

But noticing your absence is not the same as missing your presence. If she cared about you, she would miss you. And if she’s a girl with her mind made up, she’ll seek you out. But she might also miss you and won’t do anything about it.

Why? Because, as we said before, each person works differently. It will depend on your personality and the type of relationship you had to begin with. To get the situation under control, we explain below the possible reactions a girl will have to no contact.

How do women react to no contact?

How well do you know your girl? If you know her personality, you will be able to identify her among one of the following responses to no contact:

1. She will be offended

She may not understand why you changed your behavior. She will think you are ignoring her or ghosting her. She is likely to be offended and angry if she cannot see why you are doing this or feels she doesn’t deserve it (and she might be right!). The tactic may pay off for you.

2. She will act proud

She may consciously or unconsciously figure out why you’re keeping your distance. But her pride prevents her from asking or talking to you about it, so she’ll pretend nothing is happening.

3. She will imitate you

A typical life philosophy is “you reap what you sow.” If she disagrees with your modus operandi, or even if she is offended, she may mimic you to make you see how ridiculous it is. Do you take 5 hours to answer her texts? She’ll do the same. In this situation, you are at a dead end.

4. She will confront you

One of the best options that can happen to you is for her to tell you directly that he knows something is wrong. Or she’ll ask you. Even if she does it while angry, it means she cares about you. She’s unwilling to let it go and disagrees with how you act, but she intends to fix things.

does no contact work on women - she will confront you

5. She’ll think it’s child’s play

If this mature girl always tends towards communication and advocates a healthy relationship, she’ll probably tell you that she thinks it’s a very childish technique. Or she may ignore you precisely because she believes you don’t deserve the attention you’re seeking because of how you’re trying to get it.

6. She will be concerned

A simple person will notice that something is wrong and worry. Remember that your actions have repercussions on the other person. Depending on their personality and ability to externalize feelings, they may take the form of anger, sadness, or indifference. But, if you know she cares about you, you will make her worry.

How to properly use the no-contact rule

The reaction you’re looking for is for her to care enough to seek you out. She knows something is wrong and wants to talk to you about it or pay more attention to you. How do you achieve this?

The first thing you have to do is not be too obvious. You don’t have to go as far as the no-contact rule. Zero contact means to walk away and miss, yes, but in the end, you increase the distance. You’ll have to be much more subtle to get her attention. Don’t ignore her to make her chase you for attention. In most cases, it ends up bad.

Keep talking to her as usual, in the same cheerful tone. Please don’t start talking to her much more seriously or in monosyllables. Don’t write too much either. Avoid double or triple texts. Start texting her in more and more separate time intervals. Allow more and more time, and respond slightly less or more distantly.

does no contact work on women - how to use it properly

For example, if you used to write in detail about how your day went, now you can summarize it in “It wasn’t bad. I’m just tired now“. Give her some information, but don’t go into detail. Also, avoid speaking negatively at all costs.

Try to give off good vibes. Let her know that you’re having a good time, that you’re happy with your life. Don’t say, “I haven’t left the house in three days,” or “I’m super bored this weekend.” You want to be a cheerful, fun person who follows her happy life even if she moves away. That way, you’ll make yourself truly desired.

Does the no contact rule work on women? Final words

The no-contact rule should be a definitive technique, not a means to get attention. Only use zero contact when you want to stop talking to someone indefinitely, such as after a painful breakup.

If you don’t want to end it, don’t try to ignore a woman because she will likely see you as a childish individual trying to get attention like a teenager. If you want to attract a woman, be a happy, independent man who talks to her but makes light of it.

Have you ever tried the no contact rule? What was the outcome? Leave us a comment and let us know. Good luck!