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Triple texting: what is it and why you should avoid it

Do you want to avoid ending up being your partner’s mother? Can’t you avoid overwhelming the guy you like? Is triple texting a sign of your anxious attachment? In this article, we’ll tell you about one of the biggest mistakes we all make in our love life: triple texting.

We explain why it’s horrible, when it can work, and when you should avoid it altogether.

What is triple texting?

Before we get to triple texting, think about what double texting is. The guy you like replies to a message, to which you reply with a “hahaha,” a “yes,” or any comment that didn’t require a response from the guy.

Then, a few hours later, you talk to him again to continue the conversation. Maybe you say hello again, send him a tweet or a picture, or ask him a question. Okay, it’s probably not the ideal situation, but it could be that he’s just busy and missed you. He might be on social media, but he can’t text you back yet. Maybe he would have written back if you had waited a little longer.

triple texting - what is it

He has no interest in you if you’re constantly sending the last message in conversations. Now let’s go a step further… What is triple texting?

Imagine you reply “hahaha” to him, he doesn’t answer back, and you send him a funny tweet. Maybe he reacts or something but doesn’t respond. And then, you fall into the mistake… you text him again.

A third message at three different times (not three messages in a row). You ask him how he is or any questions or excuses to get a conversation going. So seeing this way, sure, you can realize it’s horrible, but you’re not so aware when you’re doing it.

Why is triple texting a bad habit?

Simple: if it happens once, it means nothing. If it becomes a habit, you’re in a 90-10 relationship, where you respond, remember him, and strive to chat with someone who merely reacts to you.

If you tend to do triple texting, you are creeping on the other person, and he is not making an effort to have a conversation. He will get used to it and know that you are thinking about him and keeping an eye on your cell phone when he responds to you. He will see that he has you at his feet and will treat you the way he wants.

When is triple texting acceptable?

There are some occasions when it is acceptable, and they are apparent occasions: When you are on a trip, and you tell him you will send him pictures, or when you know he is not going to look at his cell phone all day (and he knows you know it).

It’s also okay when you know the other person is sad, going through something, or busy. If you know why he’s not responding to you, that’s fine. If you don’t understand why and are desperately trying to get them to listen and respond to you, then it’s wrong.

triple texting - is it acceptable

What is the worst triple text you can send?

Triple text is horrible, but some specific messages are incredibly terrifying. First, there’s the desperate “hello?” message when you don’t hear back. Are you demanding a response from a person who actively ignores you? Have some pride!

Then, there’s the “Why aren’t you texting me back?“. Girl, maybe the non-answer is a response. By not telling you anything, it means you everything. By asking this question, all you do is sound like his mother and make him like you less.

Then, there’s the “Please tell me something.” Again, cringing. Begging her to listen to you, it’s so sad! Any aggressive-passive message about why he doesn’t respond to you or message in the form of an accusation because he has left you on “read” is the worst message you can get.

What to do if you already have triple-texted someone?

The answer won’t surprise you: delete the messages if you can. But, likely, he has already seen them even if he hasn’t opened them, so you have already lost your pride. If the person ignores your triple text again, nothing is the best thing you can do.

Exactly what you didn’t know how to do before. Don’t text back. Don’t post hints on social networks. Please don’t make the mistake of sending her a passive-aggressive message.

That’s it, he’s a person who doesn’t value you, and you’ve lost your temper because you went out of your way to continue a conversation that was only working on one side. It’s a person who doesn’t value you; millions of us are in the world.

It’s not worth waiting or hurting your pride for him anymore. If he responds to you, try to talk to him usually and send messages neither too short nor too long, and above all, do not ask questions. Leave some space between you to cool things down, and let’s hope he forgets about you getting crazy on texts.

triple texting - what to do

Triple texting: Final Words

Relationships have changed shape with the normalized use of social media and WhatsApp. Many relationships are based on texting each other all day long. If you feel you cannot control your obsession with messaging, perhaps you should rethink your use of technology. It might be a good idea to start by limiting the number of hours you use social media.

Let yourself breathe and detox from your cell phone. Have you ever received a triple text? How did you respond? Leave a comment below and share your experience with others.