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How to respond when he finally texts you back?

You used to talk often until one day, he started to take longer and longer to respond. This last time has affected your self-esteem. You would like to ask him for explanations, what he thinks and feels, etc. Remember that he may not respond to you because he is no longer interested in you, he is busy, or he is going through something personal. The point is you don’t know. So don’t act impulsively. The question is: how to respond when he finally texts you back?

There are many things you should avoid doing, and other tips we offer you to handle the situation as well as possible toward your goal.

How to respond when he finally texts you back: 12 things to consider

In this article, we offer you a series of do’s and don’t do’s to protect your pride and avoid conflicts:

1. Don’t text back immediately

The first thing is to avoid the impulse to respond a minute later when he has taken a week or two without contacting you. Why? Because you will look desperate and always available. It would be best if you had time to think it through and figure out what to say.

how to respond when he finally texts you back - don't text back immediately

2. Don’t play it cool

It’s all too obvious when a girl tries to play it tough and proud. If you go from answering him in a certain way to monosyllables, it will be so evident that it will cross the line of pathetic, and he will stop talking to you.

3. Avoid looking desperate or angry

Don’t try the opposite extreme, either. Even if you are angry or confused about the situation, avoid writing him a passive-aggressive message in which you overexpose yourself.

4. Don’t text too much, either

Texting too much denotes too much of your interest. Just as you should avoid replying to your texts too fast, don’t tell your life to someone who doesn’t show interest.

5. Don’t be weird

If you never write with emojis, now is not the time to do it. The important thing is to be distant but casual, similar to the one you’ve always spoken to her, so she thinks you don’t care.

6. Don’t text him if it’s not a good time for you

First and foremost, don’t let everything revolve around that message. If you’re busy, don’t rush to respond. Take your time.

7. Don’t text him if you are drunk

The golden rule: never respond if you’ve been drinking. You’ll end up regretting it. Haven’t you ever seen a romantic comedy?

8. Test the waters

If you keep talking, try to find out if he just replied to keep you there or if he was busy and is now interested in you again.

9. Don’t jump to conclusions

You don’t know what happens after talking for ten minutes or sharing five messages. If he shows genuine interest, let him stay that way, and you’ll find out what happens later. If he continues to be distant, don’t try to find explanations.

how to respond when he finally texts you back - don't jump to conclusions

10. Don’t ask many questions

You don’t want to be his mother, so don’t try to fire a thousand questions at him when he finally answers you. You’ll scare him away. Let it come naturally in the conversation, or ask him what you want to know later.

11. Look busy

Don’t let him see that you were looking forward to his response. Try sending him a message after several hours telling him that you are too busy or you will get back to him when you are free. Let him know he’s not the only busy one of the two of you.

12. Act like you didn’t care how long it took him to text him back

He mustn’t know how much waiting has affected you. Let him know that you’ve moved on with your life. It’s better to tell him that you’ve been busy making excellent plans with other people. Try to make him envious, but don’t be too transparent.

How to respond when he finally texts you back if you want to keep talking

If you think he’s been slow to respond to you this time for a solid reason but still shows interest in you, it makes sense that you want to keep talking. Please don’t rush to find out why he was slow to respond. You’ll have a chance to find out later. It would help if you didn’t burden him with nagging and reproaches.

We all have a life. Remember: You don’t know what happened.

How you respond to him is an important trick to keep the conversation going. Avoid writing, “I hope your week went well.” Ask, “How was your week?“. Ask questions that he has to elaborate on. Nothing too complex or intrusive, but something that has a more complex answer than a simple “yes” or “no.”

Of course, if he answers, “Good, how about you?” you can answer a simple “fine” and leave it up to him to decide whether he wants to continue the conversation. You don’t have to force a conversation with someone who doesn’t try to talk.

how to respond when he finally texts you back - you don't know what happened

How to respond when he finally texts you back if you’ve got enough of him

If you can’t stand that he takes days to respond or the excuses, or you don’t see the point in continuing to talk, do just the opposite.

Don’t ask. Just wish or state an “I hope it goes well this week,” anticipating that you don’t intend to write him this week. If he wanted to talk, he would find a way to turn the conversation around. Otherwise, let it go.

Final words

As cliché as it is, life is too short to wait for a guy to listen to you. Whoever wants you will look for you. We are no longer desperate teenagers who get our hopes up because we get a notification from the guy who practically ignores us.

This guy probably talks to two or three other girls to “keep his options open.” Think about it: do you lose anything if you stop talking to him? Your priority should be yourself.

Have you ever been in a situation where you waited for a guy to answer you, only to find out he was never really interested? What did you do? And remember: if he’s taking too long to text you back, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. So go out there and find someone who will appreciate your time and efforts.