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Flirting at the gym: 8 tips to nail it

Someone may have caught your attention if you spend a lot of time at the gym. Maybe you’ve dared to talk to them, ask for a hand with a machine or give them some advice. Or perhaps you’re just looking at him from afar like a psychopath. It’s time to get out of doubt. This article gives tips on how to flirt at the gym and, more importantly, how to do it right.

Flirting at the gym: 8 great tips

Get the attention of your gym crush by following these tips. Personal note: don’t base all your motivation to go to the gym on seeing that person. Go about your routine as usual. You can try to move things toward liking them, but don’t force the environment. Don’t be in a hurry. Be patient and cautious. Test the waters before you attack.

1. Be approachable

If you are the type of person who plays sports with your headphones on, does music blasting, doesn’t wear contact lenses, and has a poker face while training, they probably won’t dare to talk to you.

Always say hello and goodbye, cross a smile and a glance. Take every opportunity to make a comment or ask for help. Don’t be the typical person who always asks for help by interrupting the other person’s training, nor the one who constantly advises without being asked for it. Find the middle ground.

Be open and friendly. Learn how to start a conversation with a guy without being intrusive.

flirting at the gym - be approachable

2. Don’t talk to that person alone

If you start being approachable, but only with that person, it may become too apparent to him and the rest of the gym and make him feel uncomfortable. Also, you might make a mistake if you don’t know him too well. He might have a partner, etc. So try to be sociable with everyone to confuse them or at least not make it too obvious that you want to approach him in particular.

3. Don’t talk too much

Don’t forget where you are: at the gym. Your gym crush goes to work out, not to see you, just like you started going for sports. Besides, there’s nothing more annoying than a person who constantly interrupts a physical activity session.

It’s better to leave him wanting more than to overwhelm him. Even if he likes you too, if you’re on top of him, he may think you’re too much of a pain in the ass, and you’ll have the opposite effect. Talk just enough. Keep the tension. Make him become obsessed with you.

4. Know their routines

Try to guess which days he goes to the gym to see if you can coincide. Be careful, do not become a professional stalker or sacrifice other areas of your life to coincide by force with your crush. Don’t start changing your routines for one person. Be your priority.

But if you have the freedom to choose, why not try to train on the same days?

5. Try to leave the gym at the same time

The moment you enter or leave the gym is the ideal time to find out where you’re going or what you’re doing with your life. Here you can feel the possibility of going for a run together in nature instead of going to the gym or having a drink after the next workout.

flirting at the gym - leave at the same time

I recommend you always look for a topic of conversation related to sports. Don’t try to dig too deep into his life or be too nosy too soon. Little by little, take your time.

6. Find out if they are in a relationship

Don’t make the mistake of approaching a person who is not single. Talk to him in a friendly way, be nice, and look for clues to find out if they are in a relationship. Don’t try to make a move if you suspect they are in a relationship because it will be very uncomfortable for both of you.

Also, if someone approaches you and asks if you’re single, here’s what to say.

7. Don’t let it affect your routines

Important note: don’t change your routines to suit him. It’s just a gym crush. He’s seen you too.

Someone has to make the first move, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice days out or days off or that you have to go more days in the week to see him more.

When you’re training, focus on what you’re doing. Don’t waste your time. Remember you’re going to the gym to spend time on yourself (and he’s doing the same).

8. Use it as (a little bit of) motivation

Your gym crush shouldn’t be the reason you go to the gym because if it goes wrong, you’ll stop going and stop taking time for yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as extra motivation. If some days you find it harder to get out of bed, use that little bit of excitement to get you going.

flirting at the gym - use it as motivation

But are you sure you want to flirt with this person?

As I’ve told you throughout the tips, there are many limits you have to set for yourself.

It’s not just about knowing how to flirt at the gym. It’s about knowing who to flirt with.

Don’t forget these three key factors:

  • If you’re only going to that gym for a couple of months, it’s okay if you try to flirt and it goes wrong, but if it’s the gym you always go to, it can be very uncomfortable for both of you.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t misread the signs if you like him because he once helped or was nice to you. Trying to pick up in a gym, the place and time where we work for ourselves, can be very frustrating for you and the other person.
  • Don’t make your gym crush an obsession or the reason you go to work out. Make it just extra motivation.
how to flirt at the gym - extra advice

Flirting at the gym: Extra advice

The best thing you can do is: aim for a friendship. You will have support in every way, and you can gain a person you like in your life. If what you feel is not reciprocated, it won’t create that awkward situation of having to see each other every day at the gym and pretending nothing happened.

Approach him without being too flirty and try to establish a friendship. This way, you can get to know him better, make sure you like him, and test the waters to see your possibilities. If you think he likes you too, you can make a move; if he doesn’t, you will have won a gym buddy.

Now that you know how to flirt at the gym the right way don’t miss these tips on picking up men. Have you ever tried flirting at the gym? How did it go? Let us know in the comments!