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How to make her miss you: 10 helpful tips

It is natural for us to like to feel wanted and needed. When we are in a relationship and feel more involved than the other person, we start to feel vulnerable. If you think that she is putting distance, your brain will want to look for a reason and will most likely try to blame you for some mistake you have made. All the alarm bells will go off, and you will start acting desperate, which is something you should avoid. Here’s how to make her miss you.

It’s not about showing her even more that you are always there, always available for her. Nor to give her a thousand gifts or write her a hundred times a day. If you want to know how to make her miss you, pay attention:

How to make her miss you: 10 helpful tips

On many occasions, it’s more about how you behave with yourself, the limits you set for yourself, and the vibes you give, rather than how you behave with her.

But certainly, if she is neglecting the relationship, it’s not your job to do your part as well as hers. It’s about making her realize she’s doing something wrong and offering her the opportunity to fix it. In this article, with these tips, we show you how to make a girl miss you and have the will to fix it.

1. Respect her personal space

You must give her the space and time she needs. She may have pulled away from you for some relationship-related reason or simply because she has her problems. Chances are good that it’s just a rough patch, meaning it’s temporary.

how to make her miss you - respect her personal space

So, don’t make things worse by burdening her and being too much on top of her. Don’t abandon her out of pride because this may cause her to question your relationship.

2. Enjoy being alone

It’s not about keeping up a facade where she sees that you respect her space but that you stop to think about yourself and your priorities. Worrying when your girlfriend walks away can drain your energy and make you feel worse.

Learning to be happy alone is the most beneficial thing you can get out of this situation. Right now, what matters to you is that she sees you well and doesn’t feel your despair, to realize that she may lose you if she’s not fair to you. But more important than that is that it’s true. You can distinguish the pain of a possible relationship loss in your head and be fine alone.

Enjoy your hobbies, a walk alone listening to music, activities you have always liked, or discovering new things or places.

3. Be your priority

This tip encompasses most of the recommendations. Regardless of the relationship’s path, you must always be your priority. Be aware we are sentimental, social, and emotional beings. If you are in a relationship, it is evident that the fear of losing it will cause you pain and panic. But it is also true that everything is temporary, including pain. Your eternal companion will always be yourself.

When other people leave, you will always find yourself again. Therefore, you must care for yourself even if you suffer for someone else. 

4. Show her you care, but you have limits 

You don’t have to pretend that everything is perfect for playing it cool or showing her that you don’t care if she doesn’t love you anymore.

Be sincere, show her that you are there if she needs it, that you care, but that you are not going to chase her to make her count on you because you are an emotionally responsible adult, and you expect the same from her.

This is a healthy boundary that every relationship must learn to have.

5. Give her some more distance than usual

If your partner is going through a rough patch and does not need to be surrounded by the people she loves but prefers to be alone, respect her space. Make it clear to her that you are there when she needs it, and give her her distance. Let her be the one to come back when she decides.

6. Show her you are a good friend

When we’re having a hard time, we don’t need our partner’s loving side. What we need is our best friend. So, put aside your needs as a boyfriend and be the best friend she could have. Listen to her, consider her needs, respect her time, and think about what can help her or if you can count on other people.

how to make her miss you - show you are a good friend

7. Avoid meaningless conversations via texting

Try avoiding meaningless conversations via social networks to make her miss you. It is possible that out of desperation, you try to know about her, control what is happening, where she is, when she is available, and many other things that border on the unhealthy. Here’s how long you should wait to text her back on different occasions.

As we have made clear throughout the article, give her her space. Write to her only when it’s necessary or significant.

8. Less time together but more meaningful

Reduce the time you spend together, but make sure that she can enjoy a meaningful plan every time you see each other. This time will help distract her from her problems and remind her that you are her happy place and comfort zone, making her miss you when you are gone.

9. Good vibes

It would help if you tried to have good vibes around her. We all want to surround ourselves with people who are light, who inspire joy, who smile, who can overcome their problems, and who see the positive side of things. Especially when we can’t.

Become that person she calls when she’s not feeling well.

10. It’s time to listen more and talk less

Try to prioritize what she says, and don’t foreground your insecurities about her distance. Listening will make you a good friend and boyfriend, the support she needs and will want to have by her side in the future.

how to make her miss you - good vibes

How to make her miss you: Don’t just accept anything because you are afraid of losing her

The first thing you should do is communicate with her. If she decides to distance herself and not explain herself to you, make it clear that you will be there when she wants to talk, and then prioritize yourself.

Spend time with yourself, learn to be okay, and reduce your time and conversations with her to fun and meaningful moments that she will miss in the future.

It would be best not to go after her or accept any behavior for too long. Learn to set boundaries. If she mistreats you for a prolonged period and doesn’t even offer you a valid justification, it will be better to let go. This is how you make a girl miss you.

Let us know if you have any questions or want to add anything. Have you ever been in a similar situation? We would love to hear from you!