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She likes me but doesn’t want a relationship?

Everything is going smoothly. Every time you see each other, you feel the spark, the conversations flow, and you have a lot in common and a lot to learn from each other. And most importantly: you know it’s mutual. The next logical step would be to propose, make the relationship official, and come to an agreement, but she doesn’t want to commit. “She likes me but doesn’t want a relationship.” What a frustration. What can you do?

The first thing is to understand why she likes you, to find a way to exploit them. Next, find out why she doesn’t want a relationship. Then, you can weigh what to do about it. In this article, we want to help you better understand what is happening and how to act responsibly and effectively.

3 Reasons why she likes you

First, you must make sure that it is mutual and understand if it is something profound, transient, with a possibility for the future, etc. Also, identifying the reason will help you try to go further if that is your goal.

she likes me but doesn't want a relationship - you are a novelty

1. You are a novelty

I’m sorry to tell you that it’s possible that she likes you just because she is bored. You came along, and you’re like a new toy. Her new entertainment. She knows it will be fleeting, and she may use you to make the person she likes jealous.

2. You are different

Maybe you are “not like the other boys.” She likes you, and it goes beyond that. That connection is real. She wants you just the way you are and feels things the way you think them. It’s not your imagination. So keep being yourself.

3. She sees you as a rebound

Do you know when her last relationship was? Have you considered that maybe she is using you to get over her ex? Unfortunately, many people jump from one relationship to another to get over their ex, but a rebound ends up making them miss the ex more. It’s essential to be realistic and identify this type of situation.

6 Reasons why she doesn’t want a relationship

Let’s get to the crux of the matter. She doesn’t want a relationship, but she likes me. Ok, but why? There are several reasons she might refuse to make the relationship official even though she has a crush on you.

1. She just got out of a relationship

She may be a decent person who knows that she needs to heal before getting into another relationship. She can’t deny that she likes you, but she may put off the relationship as long as possible.

2. Doesn’t want to be with anyone

Perhaps she is simply carrying over a bad experience, a trauma, or a personal decision. She might be a shy girl and doesn’t know how to say yes without going too fast. She has no intention of starting a relationship, even though you may be the reason why she will change her plans.

3. She has other plans and priorities

She may have fallen for your charms but is still aware that she needs to focus on her career or job. She may be planning to move in a not-so-distant future, or she knows that your future doesn’t mesh well because you plan to live in different countries, or the lifestyle just wouldn’t fit.

4. She doesn’t trust you

Have you known each other before? Do you have a history together? Maybe there is something about you that she doesn’t trust, and she doesn’t want to risk her well-being. The fundamental basis for starting a relationship is missing if trust is lacking.

she likes me but doesn't want a relationship - she doesn't trust you

5. Someone spoke badly about you

How many friends or acquaintances do you have in common? There’s nothing like the classic that she’s your ex’s friend. She may be trying to discover if all the bad things she’s been told about you are genuine. You’ll need to be on the lookout for who it could be.

6. Afraid of commitment

Unfortunately, many people today have an intense fear of commitment (not only men). They think starting a serious relationship will mean losing their freedom and opportunities, which is a problem.

What can I do if she doesn’t want a relationship but likes me?

Now that you know what your strength is and what is her weakness, the moment of truth has arrived: make a decision. Of course, if she doesn’t want a relationship because of personal problems or her own decisions (priorities, plans, etc.), you have no choice but to let her go. But if the reason is something else, the decision can be yours.

1. Let her go

Don’t complicate yourself. If she offers you only difficulties and problems from the beginning, it’s not worth trying anymore. Try not to keep intensifying the fire of your flame. Walk away and let it cool down.

2. Talk to her

The most mature decision would be to have a conversation between adults to clarify the problems and come to a conclusion together. This way, you can find out how invested she is in your possible relationship.

3. Talk to her friends

Are you afraid to talk to her directly? If you have a good relationship with her friends, you can try talking to them to find out what she thinks and what they think. Sometimes it’s easier to understand what’s going on from the outside. They may give you an unexpected opinion.

4. Become her friend

If romance seems impossible, but you are really into her, maybe the best option for you is to discard all illusions and try to see her as a friend. Try to distance yourself but still be present in her life with a different relationship.

she likes me but doesn't want a relationship - wait

5. Wait

Who knows? She may need time. Put your hopes on standby. Stay in her and your own life. Maybe she’ll deal with her problems or change her priorities, and you’ll have that future together.

She likes me but doesn’t want a relationship. Final Words

A relationship is never easy, but nobody said it was easy. Stop and think: how much do you like her, how deep is your connection, do you think you’re both ready for a relationship, and above all, why doesn’t she want a relationship? And above all, what is the reason she doesn’t want a relationship? Make a mature, realistic decision, and don’t get too carried away by your emotions because they may end up playing against you.

Have you ever had a relationship that seemed impossible and ended up working out? Share your story in the comments to give other points of view to other people in the same situation as you.