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9 texts to get him chasing You

The phase of flirting with a guy can be exciting and fun. But when it doesn’t progress, it can become frustrating. Dare to take a step and stop being shy. If you want to spice things up and move the relationship forward, you’ll need to know how to text him. Here are 9 texts that will get him chasing you.

Send him some of the following messages based on direct hints to make him see how much you like him and test the waters.

9 texts to get him chasing you

Depending on your trust, how long you’ve been seeing each other, etc., you can use these 9 texts to flirt with him and drive him crazy.

1. I’m thinking about what to do this weekend

Insist that you want to do something but don’t know what. You will leave the door open for him to offer you a plan. If he’s interested in you, he’ll look for something you can do together. Be sure to propose a date when you know he is free. He might not be interested if he tells you things to do but doesn’t sign up for the plan.

2. I had a dream about you last night, but I don’t remember what

This message will make him understand that you’re thinking about him, that he’s in your subconscious, without revealing too much. If you have gone through a phase or are more daring, you can change the second part of the message to I dreamt about you last night, but I can’t tell you what happened.

9 texts to get him chasing you - had a dream

Wait for his response. It may be too much for him if he’s a shy guy. So, before you decide what message to send, count on his personality.

3. I had a great time with you

When you come back from spending a day with him, please send him a message like this and wait for his response. These statements are the ones that clear your feelings and open the doors to seeing each other again.

Take advantage, and if something is pending to do or a plan comes up in the conversation, propose to see each other again but let him decide so as not to seem desperate.

4. I have to tell you something when we see each other

These types of messages cause great intrigue. You will make him think and think about what it will be. He will ask you for some clues if he is interested.

On the other hand, you have to have something attractive enough in mind to tell him when you meet. Otherwise, you will disappoint his expectations, and he will discover your strategy.

5. I’ve wanted to see X movie for a long time, but I never find the time

I couldn’t miss the cliché, the queen of excuses when planning a date. Find a movie she might be interested in, and say someone recommended it to you a long time ago but never found the time to watch it.

Be sure to say this when he is free, so he can offer to watch it with you. If he responds sympathetically but doesn’t tell you about seeing it together, it may be because:

  • He is shy
  • He is not free
  • He is not interested in you

It’s your turn to find out what the real reason is.

6. I saw this, and I remembered you

We all like to be remembered. This text makes one of the most loving messages you can send. Find something very yours, something in common, or that you have talked about uniquely. An animal, flag, number, message, shape, or any excuse is good enough. Send him a note at a random moment and tell him that he came to your mind.

9 texts to get him chasing you - I remembered you

7. I feel like going on an impromptu hike. Are you up for it?

Is he a spontaneous person? If yes, you can take the opportunity to propose small excursions or plans, concerts, day trips, or two. Let him know your funniest, most spontaneous, wild side.

As always, be sure to propose it when you know he is free, to a place that might interest him or that has been in the air to go together at some point. Take every opportunity to do something together and see his response.

8. Why don’t you get off the phone and come get me?

Try being direct if you’re sick of playing games, hints, or going after him. It’s not the boldest message, but it’s a way to tell him you’re tired of waiting and would like to see him in person. It’s up to you what you want to happen next. Whatever happens, at least you’ll end the uncertainty.

9. I propose to kiss you, and if you don’t like it, you give it back to me.

When you are sure you like each other, you can try to be direct with this message. Better yet, if you have the chance to tell her face-to-face. This very playful message will start something physical in a fun way.

9 texts to get him chasing you - come and get me

Some extra tips

  • Don’t bombard him with messages: this will only make him get tired of you or make him think you’re a pain in the ass.
  • Don’t respond immediately: do you want to seem desperate? Stay away from your cell phone and respond when you are free. If you’re wondering if you should text him again after 5 minutes, please calm down.
  • Don’t always be available: if he finds out that you’re into him, he’ll think he doesn’t have to do anything to like you anymore because you’re already at his feet.

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Texts to get him chasing you: Final words

There you have it. 9 powerful texts to get him chasing you. By sending some of these messages, you will create more tension and test the waters to find out if he likes you and how much. Plus, you may have the opportunity to set up fun plans and dates on the spur of the moment. But remember: don’t drag your feet if he doesn’t dare to take any steps.

One thing is texting for fun, and another is bugging him. If you don’t get an answer or he doesn’t show interest after a few days, move on! There is plenty of fish in the sea, and you shouldn’t waste your time on someone who isn’t interested in you.

Which text message was your favorite? Have you tried any of them? Let us know in the comments below!