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Signs a guy wants you to chase him

The season of courting ladies is long, long gone. You may not have heard about it yet, but you can be the girly girl in your town and still be able to take the first step to flirt with the guy you like. That’s right. We girls can take the initiative too. And that doesn’t mean we’re desperate or giving up our femininity. In this article, we help you identify signs a guy wants you to chase him and understand men’s minds a little better.

Most feminist guys are on board; in fact, there may be a particular guy in your life who is eager for you to pursue him. Do you want to know if this is your case? Do you want to know why he gives you clues to flirt with him but doesn’t take the first step?

7 signs a guy wants you to chase him

You might be confused if you’re used to guys being super direct and evident, like a sign with little arrows and neon lights. To find out if your guy is waiting for you to hit on him or just being friendly, try to identify these signs:

1. He pays more attention to you when he feels you’re pulling away.

Have you ever been dissatisfied with him, and he’s noticed you more than other times? Do you feel like when he’s super present in his life, he ignores you a bit?

He’s probably playing hard to get. Playing hard to get but not ready to let you go (yeah, very mature, by the way). Something may be brewing if you’ve noticed this classic strategy more than once.

signs a guy wants you to chase him - mixed signals

2. Mixed signals

Let’s analyze these signals for a moment: on the one hand, he tries to keep his distance so as not to be too obvious, and on the other hand, he’s afraid to keep enough space to push you away because deep down, he likes you.

What’s the most common example? Insults. Yes, insults (not too aggressive) by way of flirting. It doesn’t work for everyone. See if you are the only one he treats that way to understand if it has some special meaning or if he is just a foul-mouthed guy.

You should also consider things you might not like so much, like one day he gets closer to you, tells you more personal items, and the next day he acts indifferent, doesn’t talk to you, or pretends nothing happened.

3. Is very present in social networks

Another classic among classics: he doesn’t look you in the face in person but likes every story, tweet, or post. Okay, it doesn’t have to be that extreme, but you got the idea. In person, he doesn’t seem to notice you too much, especially if you’re with other people, but then he writes to you on social media.

A bit suspicious. Isn’t it?

4. He tries to be interesting

One of the most common signs a guy wants you to chase him. Some succeed, and others look bad trying it. Maybe he likes to play mysterious, the silent sufferer, or pretend he knows a lot about a topic you want. You might like it, and you’ll notice it. He’d be spared these behaviors if he wasn’t interested in you.

signs a guy wants you to chase him - tries to be interesting

5. He texts you back but doesn’t start conversations

This sign can mean that he wants you to pursue him or that he is not interested in you. How to tell the difference?

Easy: it’s not quantity. It’s quality.

If he responds, “I’m fine, how about you?” monosyllables, or any typical classmate response, definitely save your time and walk away. However, if he tells you something interesting, tries to be funny, uses original stickers, or sends you tweets that remind him of you, it means he thinks twice before answering you.

6. He tries to make you jealous

Guys have the strange conception that if we know more women behind them, we will like them more. Why? Well, have you ever seen a men’s perfume ad? He is very handsome, with many women at his feet, and only one gets him. Well, that’s how they think it works in reality. It doesn’t matter that it works. It matters that you know how to recognize this sign.

7. He tries to be funny by flirting

The most confusing sign of all is when he flirts with you. But he makes it “as a joke,” so you can’t tell if it is actually a joke.

  • Is he flirting?
  • Is he flirting as a joke?
  • Is he flirting as a joke but flirting in reality?

Check the way he behaves with other friends!

5 reasons why he wants you to chase him: the logic behind it

The exciting thing about the situation is understanding why they try to make you react a certain way instead of just taking the initiative. Well, here are some of the possible reasons. Where do you recognize your guy?

1. He is afraid of being rejected

Fear of rejection is pervasive among guys. For some, jumping into the pool and flirting with several girls every night is a game, and they don’t track how many reject them. For others, perhaps more sensitive or with specific experiences and insecurities, it means that there is something wrong with them, and they cannot take the risk.

2. Doesn’t know if you are emotionally available

What if the doubt is you? Maybe you are not a master of showing your emotions. Are you expressive as a rock? He is trying to test the waters to find out if you are available, or rather if you are interested in him. Until he’s sure, he doesn’t want to do anything to avoid creating awkward situations. Once he knows you’re game, he might switch his strategy and try to pursue you if he wants you.

3. He is too proud

Some guys love themselves too much. Risking a possible rejection unconsciously means accepting that not everyone may like them. And that’s too high a price to pay for guys with low self-esteem but too much pride.

4. You’ve been through a breakup recently

How well do you know the guy in question? He may not be over a breakup and doesn’t feel ready for something new. But he can’t help but be attracted to you. Try talking to him about it to find out his intentions.

signs a guy wants you to chase him - thinks you are out of his league

5. He thinks you are out of his league

Maybe he feels threatened because he considers you prettier and more attractive. He knows that you are desired by many, or that you have had several partners and he hasn’t, or maybe you have a more sophisticated lifestyle or a richer education. You can tell him that you may be waiting for someone to come along.

Signs a guy wants you to chase him: Final words

If you’re asking yourself this question, and you’ve read the whole article, you probably do like this guy. The question you have to ask yourself is: is he worth it? Are you emotionally accessible? If both questions are yes, it’s worth a shot. Regardless of how much he likes you or not.

Okay, a little game-playing is fine, but wouldn’t you want to get the doubt out of your mind? Have you ever felt like a guy wished you to chase him? What did you do? Please share your experiences with us! We’d love to hear from you. Good luck!