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Signs your ex regrets dumping you

Nothing fills your self-esteem as much as watching your ex try to get back together with you. It tastes like a win. On the other hand, you’ve probably been through a lot to get over the breakup moment, and you don’t know if you want to risk it. Your head is a mess. You don’t know what he’s up to. You’re so confused that you don’t know if you’re misreading the signals or if your ex seems to be trying something. To offer you some more mental clarity, in this article, we explain the main signs your ex regrets dumping you and offer you our expert advice to decide on what to do about it.

13 signs your ex regrets dumping you

You probably know your ex better than anyone else, so as you read on, you will recognize them in these behaviors.

1. He tries anything to reach out to you

If you had a no-contact rule agreement, and he suddenly tried to keep in touch with you, you know, pretending to be mysterious, intriguing, trying to retake that special connection? It’s pretty obvious. When an ex decides to stay in touch, being vigilant is essential.

signs your ex regrets dumping you - tries anything to reach you

2. He unblocks you

If he’s had you blocked after the breakup, and suddenly you can see his profile picture again, en garde! It means he’s been thinking about you, and something has made him act up and purposely go and unblock you.

He could have just let it be or put the private photo on. But he wants you to know that he has unblocked you. Maybe he’s waiting for you to talk to him or thinking about what to say to you.

Get ready!

3. He constantly changes his profile pic and status

Another classic way exes use to get your attention, especially if you don’t keep in touch, is to change their profile picture and WhatsApp status constantly. Maybe he is the victimizer who puts intense photos looking at the horizon.

Maybe he tries to play by putting a profile picture of his pets, whom he knows you adore and miss. Or perhaps he puts snaps of partying or traveling to let you know that he is going on with his life and that he is fine without you, trying to look superior. But deep down, all this effort to change the photo is just for you.

4. Check his social media

If your ex has a social media account, a glance at his profile is probably enough to know his intentions. Or his Spotify account. Or his Instagram stories.

He’ll have posted profound phrases that “aren’t dedicated to anyone, it’s just a part of a song I like,” and the lyrics say something like, “I miss you, I want to get back together.” Like, come on!

5. He wants you to know how important you are to him

If you have now moved on to the phase of talking again, watch out for this sign: he tries to emphasize that you are an essential person in his life. When he gets the chance, he points out that you are friends but that he doesn’t have the relationship he has with you with anyone else and that he can always count on you.

He’s probably trying to be patient by making it clear that he wants to be part of your life, but secretly he’s trying to plant the “special person” seed so that it sticks with you. 

6. You feel stalked

One of the most common signs your ex regrets dumping you is “stalking” or checking on you. If you feel that he seems to respond on his social networks to every single thing you post, or that he shows up where you are, or that he knows something you haven’t told him, etc., most likely, he is in that phase of obsession in which he knows everything about you.

Be careful with this type of person. Although it may make you happy to know that he is almost literally crazy about you, he can quickly get out of control. Better give a step back before it’s too late.

7. He tries to keep in touch

You may have noticed that he starts almost every conversation. This behavior denotes a particular interest, as he wants to become a constant in your life. Thus, if he is not around, you will miss him.

signs your ex regrets dumping you - tries to keep in touch

8. He suddenly likes everything you like

The floppy-eared puppy tactic. He suddenly becomes submissive. He adapts to you. Try bonding more and having more things in common. Maybe before, he was indifferent to your interest in a particular movie, music, or activity, and now he has suddenly changed his mind. Oh, why could that be?

9. He emphasizes your good memories

This sign is usually quite obvious and a bit heavy-handed. It’s okay to mention a memory together sometime, but you may notice that your ex is living in the past, remembering better times. This means that probably, he would like to live in the past when he was with you.

10. He emphasizes everything you have in common

Notice how he emphasizes how many things you have in common? He’s trying to idealize your connection. Making it unique. “Do you really, really like Christopher Nolan’s movies? Wow, he’s my favorite director. I knew you would understand.” Edgy much?

11. He reminds you how much she loves your family

This falls under the almost emotional blackmail factor. He references how much he loves your family or misses you and your family, emphasizing your commitment level and how many things are lost with your breakup.

12. He is very interested in your plans

He needs to know your next steps to try to adjust or at least find out if your lives are compatible. And if he is positive, he will make comments referring to the fact that your paths may cross again.

13. He plays the victim

As ridiculous as it sounds, it often works. Because we don’t always realize it. He seems regretful about leaving the relationship and comes back full of sadness, with excuses about his situation and how bad he’s having a hard time.

You believe him because you feel sorry for him, and he may manipulate you.

What should you do if you notice these signs from your ex?

If you have recognized some of these signs, now you have to ask yourself: What now?

You should first know that you shouldn’t care what your ex wants. You matter. It matters why you broke up. Was it your fault, or was it his fault? Do you think it was for the best, even though you miss him? It would be best if you did not make impulsive decisions.

signs your ex regrets dumping you - what should you do

Stop and think about how hard it was to go through the breakup, what it would be like to go back, how you would be in a month, and if you are willing to go through the same thing. Getting carried away with your feelings at this time is the classic mistake that will cause you to enter a loop of unnecessary suffering.

Getting back with an ex should be measured by a series of prior agreements and commitments that go beyond feelings.

Signs your ex regrets dumping you: Final Words

As you may have deduced, love isn’t everything. When you find yourself alone, going through the breakup, you realize that you must take care of yourself to get over it. You had your friends, your studies or work, and your life. And those are other pillars that you should never abandon.

Getting back with an ex usually ends badly in most cases, but almost everyone thinks your relationship will be the exception. Don’t return to a person to return to a comfort zone, and don’t accept what once hurt you again.

Have you ever noticed any of these signs from your ex? Are you considering getting back with them? Let us know in the comments. We always love hearing from our readers!