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When a man is nervous around a woman

Sometimes men are not very expressive, and reading their intentions and feelings can be challenging. Yes, you like him and you don’t want to waste time. You want to find out if it’s mutual before you take any steps and end up hurting your pride. However, did you know when a man is nervous around a woman, there’s a chance he likes her?

What do guys do when they like someone? They usually feel insecure and uncomfortable in some funny way, making them nervous. When a man is nervous around a woman, what does he do? What gives him away? And what does it mean?

Don’t worry. This article breaks down the signs when a man is nervous around you.

10 signs a guy is nervous around you

Let’s play bingo. See how many you get right. You’ve drawn a line if the guy you like matches more than five. Suppose you can identify with almost all of them. Bingo! Big prize.

But remember to be subtle and notice the details that sign a guy is nervous around you, especially you, not everyone.

when a man is nervous around a woman - he's too quiet

1. He is either too quiet or too talkative

Regardless of your personality, you can probably identify with this behavior. Sometimes, he is so nervous you don’t know what to say. Sometimes, he is so nervous that you don’t know when to shut up and say things you regret.

2. He talks a lot about himself

If he starts opening up more than usual, he’s probably trying to move fast in his relationship with you. Look to do that mental compatibility test and try to interpret what you like about him and what you don’t like.

Also, it’s important to note that he will highlight love issues, sentimental issues, and all of his relationships in some way.

3. He can’t look straight at you

When he is timid, he has difficulty holding your gaze. We often think it’s the opposite. We think he doesn’t want to look at us because he doesn’t like us. So to interpret these signs, it is necessary to know the guy well.

4. He walks fast

If you notice that he walks very fast as soon as you see each other, it is a sign that he is very nervous. However, if, at first, he strolls but starts to speed up, it could mean the opposite: he feels uncomfortable and wants to leave as soon as possible. It’s one of the most common signs a guy has feelings for you.

5. He uses a lot of emojis

When we like someone, we move our nerves to the digital dimension: Just as we say silly things and make a bit of a fool of ourselves in person, we start using more emojis than we usually do.

6. He laughs a bit much

This trick is infallible. If you go out with more people, try saying a joke or witty comment. Then pay attention: does he laugh first or always laugh more exaggeratedly than he should? These are clear signs a guy is nervous around you because he is into you.

7. He can’t stand the silence

When a man is nervous around a woman, he tries to fill every silence with comments. This behavior is not necessarily a positive sign. It also indicates that there is not yet trust between you to enjoy the silence.

8. He stares while you are not looking

A classic sign a guy is nervous around you and almost in love with you. He watches you when you turn around while driving and when he thinks you can’t see him. Especially if he’s the guy who avoids your gaze but, deep down, would spend all day staring at you.

when a man is nervous around a woman - he stares while you are not looking

9. He opens his eyes wide open while you talk

Learn to read body language. If he tends to open his eyes wide when you tell him something, or his pupils dilate too much for the amount of light, he is nervous about your presence. Other typical signs he can’t help but do is to lean in when you talk or mimic your posture.

10. He asks way too many questions about you

If a date starts to feel like an interrogation, he may not realize it because of nerves. He starts asking everything he’s been thinking he wanted to know about you, and he has no filter. Also, use the questions to fill in awkward silences.

Why does he get nervous around you?

That he is nervous, as you have seen, is not necessarily a good thing for you, as there is more than one reason why he might behave this way:

1. He is insecure or introverted

Simply because of the way he is. He is introverted, insecure, shy, or inexperienced. He can’t help but feel nervous or even anxious about spending time with the girl he likes. You might see many signs he’s intimidated by your presence due to his personality.

2. He’s really into you

If he likes you, he will feel nervous in his stomach. If he agrees to be alone with you, it’s probably for this reason.

3. He lacks experience with women

Not all guys have a long track record in their love life. Many haven’t had relationships, or they haven’t been serious, or they haven’t been with someone like you. You’ll probably find out if this is the case during the first date.

when a man is nervous around a woman - he lacks experience

4. He thinks you are out of his league

Maybe he feels intimidated by you. He considers you much prettier, much more intelligent. You have more money, more friends, more friendly, an important job or much more prestigious studies. If he feels at a disadvantage but likes you, he may think he’s out of your league.

When a man is nervous around a woman. Final Words

Do you consider that the guy you like is nervous, but to the point that he can’t stand to be with you? Or does he asks you for a subsequent date bathed in sweat and without looking you in the eye?

As you can see, there are many signs a guy is nervous around you and several explanations. So yes, it depends on the context. Learn to read the situation and try to get to know him better before you say whether he is nervous because he likes you or for another reason entirely.

Have you ever noticed any of these signs in a guy around you? Did he ever tell you he was nervous? How did you react? Tell us your story in the comments!