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Why would a guy reject you if he likes you?

You have been bonding with a guy for some time now. You talk daily, show interest, know he’s looking for you, and now it’s evident that you like him and know it’s reciprocal. But have you taken the plunge, and he’s rejected you? Do you feel that whenever a romantic topic arises, he changes his mind or moves away? What’s going on? Why would a guy reject you if he likes you?

Well, not all guys are as straightforward or work the same way. The reality is that there are many reasons why a guy would run away the moment you talk about feelings. Even if he’s crazy about you, do you want to find out why he behaves this way? In this article, we give you the answer to all these doubts and help you decide on what to do about it.

7 reasons why a guy rejects you even if he likes you

These are a series of reasons why many men run away from relationships with the girl he likes. Find out which one you most identify with (or actively try to find out why by having a conversation with him):

1. He has other priorities

Maybe it wasn’t part of his plan to fall in love or be in a relationship. He may be very focused on his studies or work, and he’s already worked hard for it, so he doesn’t want to be distracted by a relationship.

why would a guy reject you if he likes you - he has other priorities

He can’t stop noticing you and being attracted to you, but he keeps pulling back when he thinks about being in a relationship. What will he do? He may decide to move away from you to pursue his path or surrender to your charms.

2. He is not ready

What do you know about his past? Maybe the problem has nothing to do with you but with his experience. He hasn’t gotten over his ex, or it has left him with specific traumas that he needs to work through before he invests time and effort in a new relationship. Or he may have gone through something on a personal level that distracts him from other things, and he needs some more time.

Even worse, that man might be dating someone else at the same time or married! Here are the most common signs a married man is pursuing you.

3. He has commitment issues

Welcome, and join the club of girls caught by a guy with commitment issues. You know he likes you, may even love you, adores you, and maybe you have already taken specific steps, but he cannot commit. He insists that he doesn’t feel anything, and even if one day he is very present, the next day, he disappears without explanation.

This type of man feels that committing will take up much more of his life, that he will have to explain everything to you, and that the relationship will deprive him of his freedom. Something like if he becomes a little boy, and you are his mother.

4. He has abandonment issues

This may be part of a past relationship, be it love, family, or friendship. Perhaps he loved someone who ended up abandoning him without explanation, and now his defense mechanism is pulling away when he starts to develop feelings for someone else. This type of guy has a hard time trusting people again, and if you are a healthy and perfect candidate, he will hide that he has no feelings for you.

5. He is afraid of being rejected

Some guys are too proud. He may think that you are superior in some ways, in beauty, studies, wealth, or social life, and he is afraid that you are playing with him and he will end up being rejected by you. So, if the coping mechanism is to walk away before you leave him.

why would a guy reject you if he likes you - afraid of being rejected

6. He doesn’t understand you

Have you ever stopped to think if you are a person who expresses his feelings clearly? He may be confused because he doesn’t know how to interpret your signals. What’s more, he may think the opposite: that you are not interested and playing a game.

He doesn’t understand you and wants to avoid getting his hopes up with you at all costs.

7. He has self-esteem problems

Maybe he does think you like him, but he doesn’t quite believe it because he has self-esteem problems. He says you’ll get tired of him, that he’s not good enough for you, that he’s boring, or random things like he’s not up to your ex’s standards.

What to do if a guy rejects you, but you know he likes you?

Have you identified the problem? Even if it’s not clear to you which of all these reasons is preventing the guy you like from being with you, there is one thing you should be clear about: You don’t want a baby boy in your life.

Remember that you are interested in him as a boyfriend, not a son. You want someone healthy, communicative, and open in your life for your sake and your emotional health.

why would a guy reject you if he likes you - what to do

So ask yourself this question: Do you want to start a relationship with someone who doesn’t know what he wants? Could you be happy with someone who decides to run away when he encounters the slightest problem or difficulty?

If you like the guy and think he is worth it, you can give him a chance to talk. Have an honest conversation about it and try to find out why and take stock together on whether it is something you can cope with together over time or if it would be better to forget about it before you end up falling in love with him and suffering unnecessarily.

Why would a guy reject you if he likes you? Final Words

People are complicated, even more so when it comes to emotional relationships. It would be best if you had empathy with the person you want. You can agree to have a “negotiation” talk about his problems and your chances.

But remember that you don’t have to accept everything in your life. Choose what makes you happier and avoid problems for your future self. Have you ever met someone who likes you but rejects you? What do you think the reasons may be? Tell us in the comments!