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He blocked me. Will he come back?

When your partner becomes your ex and blocks you, it’s like plummeting off a roller coaster. He goes from being by your side every day, being your good morning and good night text, to suddenly not being able to see his profile picture. You think, “he blocked me. Will he come back?

He has blocked you, and you are left alone with your doubts, thoughts, and everything you have to say. You don’t know if it is temporary or if he will come back. Should you give him his space or insist? And the solution to this situation depends on specific variables, such as the reason and the moment he blocked you.

It would not be the same if he blocked you because you do not respect his space when it is clear that the relationship is over versus if he blocked you after a heated discussion. In this article, we shed light on the possible reasons why your ex has decided to block you. Do you think he will come back?

4 simple reasons why he blocked you

Which of these cases do you identify with? This first step will be essential to determine if your ex is returning or if you must start accepting the harsh reality.

1. He is done with the relationship

Maybe he blocked you because he doesn’t want to hear from you anymore, so he can move on and suffer as little as possible. By blocking you, he wants to stop all the possibilities of you convincing him to go back with him (power of silence). It will be temporary. It doesn’t mean that he hates you or that you did anything wrong.

he blocked me will he come back - he is done

It may be that he asked you for space and time, and you have not been able to give them to him. If your ex is a patient guy who has blocked you, you should start packing up his things.

2. He got furious

One of the most common reasons why we tend to block people is because we get angry. He may have impulsively blocked you if you’ve had an argument and both crossed the line into aggression.

And let me tell you, that’s an excellent way to go because when you see red, it’s impossible to think straight, and we end up saying very hurtful things that we then can’t take back. So don’t worry because you won’t have to wait too long for him to return.

3. He wants to control himself

This strategy requires a lot of willpower. Your ex knows that the relationship couldn’t last, had no future, or was unhealthy. But he is aware of how much he loves you and how much he will miss you, and based on introspection or past experiences, he knows that he cannot control himself.

He knows he will talk to you and make a mess of everything. So he has blocked you to force himself not to text you.

4. He needs time

Maybe you are going through a rough patch, and he doesn’t know how to react. He has blocked you as if he is trying to seek mental silence to clear his head before deciding or taking action.

The best thing you can do is respect his wishes and give him his space.

He blocked me. Will he come back? It depends

When your ex blocks you, things are often very black. It’s hard to interpret the meaning, and his intentions can vary daily, as breakups are hard enough. You are in an emotional moment. Do you want him to come back? Do you want to know if he is coming back?

1. You need to apologize

First, you must apologize if you have cheated, betrayed, or hurt him. Write him a letter if he doesn’t want to see you, avoid social media messages unless there is no other alternative, and prefer verbal statements. Don’t play the victim in your apology, and be as sincere as possible.

he blocked me will he come back - you need to apologize

2. He asks your friends about you

This behavior shows that he doesn’t hate you completely and doesn’t know if he’s yet ready to end the relationship. But it’s also logical that it’s hard for him to let go, even if he decides to leave. Talk to your friends and find out if he asks about you and what they think about it.

3. He checks your social media

If time passes and he still looks at your stories or profiles, he’s probably trying to trick himself by blocking you because it’s easier for him, but the reality is that he misses and still loves you. It’s very common for an ex to block you and then unblock you; you don’t know why.

4. He blocked you because of his lack of control

If you think this is the reason, the relationship is more than over. He knows it is difficult, yet he does everything possible to get over the relationship.

5. He needs some time

Try to get it straight from him. If everything is still up in the air, he probably needs time and distance without you to clarify his thoughts and feelings if he has to decide.

What should you do if he blocks you?

Regardless of why he blocked you and irrespective of your intentions, there are several things you should and things you should not do:

Be patient

There’s probably not much you can do but wait because it’s not your decision, and trying to speed up the process may end up splashing you in the face. Give it your time and wait patiently. Will your ex ever unblock you? Nobody knows.


If he blocked you for something you did to him, the only thing you should and can do is apologize to him.

Don’t insist

The worst thing you can do to the relationship if you want him back is to insist. You will make him have a more negative opinion of you just because you cannot control yourself.

he blocked me will he come back - don't insist

Don’t try to know everything

The worst thing you can do for yourself, personally, is to try to know everything. It will hurt you because you won’t be able to do anything about it, and it won’t change anything. Let things take their course.

Let it go

If something inside tells you this has been the definitive one, don’t wait your whole life. Don’t push things to change in your favor. Accept reality and don’t suffer unnecessarily. Let it go.

He blocked me. Will he come back? Final Words

Your ex blocking you is a bad sign, although everything is reversible. The real question is whether you should get back together, even if possible. If he is already your ex and you have gone to the extreme of blocking each other, it means that there were significant problems in the relationship that you could not overcome.

It’s time for you to take time from the relationship, as it’s possible that even if it hurts, it’s better to put it behind you. Think about the opportunities you have in front of you, and don’t miss them because you’re waiting for something that may never happen.

We hope this article helped you understand what to do if your ex blocks you and how you should act in each case. Remember, giving yourself time to heal is the most important thing. Everything will be okay in the end.