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He hasn’t texted me all day. Should I text him?

You met a guy, and everything was going great. You’ve been talking a lot; you have inside jokes, and you’re excited to wake up and see a message from him. The connection was tangible. But suddenly, he hasn’t texted you all day. So, you ask yourself the inevitable: “He hasn’t texted me all day. Should I text him?”

Well, it depends. Why hasn’t he texted you? What does it mean? Is it that serious? It depends on your situation and the kind of person he is.

Please wait for a second and think about it before making one of the two worst impulsive decisions: ignore him or drag yourself away.

Why hasn’t he texted you? 4 common reasons

Communication is the basis of any healthy relationship, and when you feel something’s wrong, you should always ask directly and be open to dialogue. However, if you are one of those who get carried away by insecurities and think you may be overreacting, but you are unsure, analyze the situation.

he hasn't texted me all day should i text him - reasons

These are the most common reasons why a guy suddenly stops texting you:

1. He’s not looking for a formal relationship

He may have told you that from the beginning, or he may not. But many are afraid of commitment, and when they feel the spark, they back out. Or you may be at a point where you’re not interested in a relationship because you haven’t finished getting over the last one.

After all, you’re focusing on yourself, or it’s just not the right time. If this is your case, it’s time to put the brakes on before falling in love.

2. He’s playing

He might be playing it cool, making you believe he doesn’t care that much out of insecurity or just for flirting. He may have sensed more interest on his part than yours and wants to make sure you show the same level of interest.

This behavior is not the most mature way to proceed, but this is an intermediate phase if you like to play flirty. If you don’t loathe this type of person, you can try and text him to see what happens next, but don’t go so far as to cringe for him.

3. He’s insecure

If you haven’t shown as much interest as he has, he may feel embarrassed after thinking he’s alone in this potential relationship.

Think about the messages you’ve been giving him or if there’s anything that might have made him think you’re no longer interested because something might have caused him to pull away.

Friendly reminder: Remember that almost everyone has some insecurities, but some people have too many self-esteem issues and are not ready to be in a relationship. You must identify them because sometimes they are unaware of them and end up hurting you.

4. He’s not interested

Unfortunately, not everyone can like us. Some people love-bomb at the beginning of the relationship, creating high expectations about what’s to come, but in reality, they’re not interested. So, one day they stop responding to you and wash their hands of you.

Remember that a decent person would give you an explanation for their behavior change. If they haven’t, they’re probably not a communicative person you’d be happy with as a couple.

When should you text him?

  • When you’re aware of something you have done wrong or played a game that you know he did not like, if you want to move forward with this person, it is up to you to give in. Go on and text him. Let him see that you are still there and want to count on him.
  • If you think he’s going through a difficult time, he may just be focusing on himself. A little support wouldn’t hurt. In this case, you can let him see you’re there when he’s having a hard time.
  • Of course, this question isn’t even worth asking if you’re in a stable relationship. Text him. It’s not worth throwing away something you’ve built just because he’s been distant for a day.

If none of the above is your case, do yourself a favor: Don’t drag yourself down.

He hasn’t texted you all day. Why shouldn’t you text him?

You may feel helpless because everything was going so well, and you would hate to lose the illusion out of pride.

But it’s not just about pride. It’s about the fact that an abrupt change of behavior without warning is a full-fledged red flag. Everybody would deserve an explanation, even if you weren’t in a formal relationship.

he hasn't texted me all day should i text him - what to do

You may struggle to see why you shouldn’t text him, but if you see the bigger picture, it’s obvious:

1. You’re dragging yourself along

If you pursue him when he ignores you, you’ll look desperate. And even if you go back to talking like you used to, he’ll indulge in this unstable behavior because he’ll understand that you’re always coming back.

Don’t allow it. Learn to set boundaries for yourself and others.

2. You might be wrong

What if it’s nothing? You may have made up the whole movie in your head, and in reality, the guy has had a hard day, and you’ve had too much time to dwell on it.

What kind of image will you give him if you burden him even more just because he hasn’t texted you for a day? He’ll think you’re a needy person, and you might make him rethink his intentions with you.

3. He doesn’t even care that much

I know it hurts. But is it that bad?

It’s not the end of the world, and it is better if he shows you his true intentions now and not once you’re fully invested in the relationship. At first, it hurts because you’ve got your hopes up, and you’ve gotten used to having butterflies in your stomach. But it is better to kill those bugs inside you now than to regret it when you are really in love and used to his presence in your life.

He hasn’t texted me all day. Should I text him? Final words

It would be best if you were your priority. You should also be understanding if it is you who has made a mistake. The right thing to do is to give in and text him. If you think he may be going through a rough time, take the opportunity to show your support. But make sure that there is indeed a change in his behavior and that it is not your imagination.

On the other hand, if there is no reason why he has suddenly disappeared, and the change in the way she talks to you is crystal clear, you may have become involved with a person who is immature, troubled, or simply not interested in you.

In either case, you’ve probably idealized him as much as you think you like him. But you need to know that a person with this behavior, which tends to ghost or disappear without explanation, is not a good prospect for a partner.