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How do men fall in love? 9 things to consider

How men fall in love is slightly different from how women fall in love. Biologically, even though expectations and stereotypes have already overcome these barriers, men used to fulfill a role. Because of this, they are still predisposed to fall in love with certain specific behaviors.

This article explains in detail the factors that make a man fall in love. Maybe you can use them to make the guy you like fall in love with you. But we must ask ourselves, “how do men fall in love?

How Do Men Fall in Love: 9 things to consider

Some aspects are directly related to your personality and how you behave. Others, however, are related to how you make them feel. To make a man fall in love or be obsessed with you, you can follow some of these tips, and you will probably succeed, but remember always to be true to yourself.

Here are some of the factors that will make a man fall in love with you:

1. They fall in love when they feel useful

Even if you’re an independent and capable woman, you’re always going to make a man feel better about himself if he feels useful when he’s with you. Even if you don’t need him, he’ll feel like fulfilling a role and serving a purpose. Look for something you might need help with, and let him see that he fits into your life somehow.

2. Men fall in love when they know they make you happy

If you always appear insecure and sad because of insecurity, they will think there is something wrong with them. On the other hand, if they feel that they cheer you up, that when you are with them, you are happier, and that they somehow influence you to be more comfortable, they will feel satisfied. They will feel, as they do when they feel useful, that they fit into your life.

how do men fall in love - when they make you happy

So try to express gratitude towards the person you like and make them see the happiness they bring you.

3. They fall in love with self-confident people

If you show yourself as an exaggeratedly insecure person, beyond cute shyness, they may think you are appealing at first contact, but they will eventually get tired of you. A confident woman is much more attractive and capable and can sometimes seem like an impossible challenge, making the man even more eager to be with her.

4. Men fall in love with people full of joy

If you are a being of light, you will probably infect him with your illusion and joy. Nobody likes to be surrounded by negative people who are always sad. Be careful. It’s not about covering up your feelings. You have every right to be sad and to show it.

However, we recommend you take advantage of your time with him to forget your problems and have fun. This way, in addition to taking care of yourself, you will get him to associate you with the feeling of being happy. Here are some funny questions to ask if you want to make him laugh.

5. They fall in love with people who take care of themselves

No matter how hard you try to get a man to like you, you won’t be attractive if you don’t care for yourself. You may come across as desperate and lacking in self-respect and pride. So before you try to romance anyone, you must work on yourself.

Make yourself your priority and be a healthy and stable person inside and out. In this way, you will inspire much more confidence and have much more chances to offer a healthy, happy and lasting relationship.

6. They fall in love with people who are not entirely dependent on them

Although men like to feel useful, they don’t want to think you depend on them as if they had a child. Don’t always be available, don’t always look for him, take time for yourself and go out with your friends. Don’t neglect your studies, time for yourself, sports, hobbies, friends, and family.

how do men fall in love - when you'r eindependent

Never depend on a person, regardless of whether they like you more or less.

7. They fall in love when they can feel free in a relationship

The worst thing you can do with the person you like is to try to chain them to you. “If you like him and love him, set him free.” If in his freedom, he chooses you, then he appreciates you. If from the beginning you try to put conditions on him, make him feel guilty for spending time on his hobbies or friends instead of you, or criticize his tastes and decisions, he will probably end up getting tired of you.

Don’t become anyone’s cage. If you like him, you should like him the way he is.

8. They fall in love with authentic people

Don’t lose yourself in the process by liking someone else. Don’t change for him. You can follow these steps by adapting them to your personality, but the worst thing you can do is force yourself to be someone you’re not just for the sake of someone liking you.

Think about what might go wrong. Who will you have then? Again, you’ll have you. If you get rejected, at least you’ll be left with the fact that you’ve been faithful to yourself.

how do men fall in love - with authentic people

9. They fall in love with people who understand them

Affinity plays a crucial role in relationships. Therefore, listen to him, empathize with him and let him see that you know him. If he feels this special connection with you, there is a much better chance that he will fall in love with you.

How do men fall in love? The bottom line

Ironically, men like women who like themselves more. They fall in love with women that are magnetic and irresistible. The best thing you can do to make a man fall in love with you is to take care of yourself, prioritize yourself and work on yourself before you jump into the dating life.

However, if you’re here, you might start taking care of yourself for the wrong reasons.

Remember that you are yourself first. You should always be yourself, be authentic, and be genuine. You shouldn’t have to change for anyone to love you.