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Why is my crush ignoring me? And what to do

You’ve finally met someone who catches your eye. You feel that vibe that you don’t get from everyone. You started talking, and it seemed to be going well. But all of a sudden, he started talking to you less. Or rather, responding without ever initiating conversations. In short: he started ignoring you. And you wonder: “Why? Why is my crush ignoring me?

We understand that this could mean the end of the relationship. If you can figure out the reason in time, it may have all been a misunderstanding, or it may have a solution. There may be a reason that never even crossed your mind. But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll hopefully help you figure out what your crush thinks of you and how to get them to notice you.

11 reasons why your crush is ignoring you

Let’s start by ruling out options. Some you may not like, and some you may like. Try to be realistic and identify your particular situation. Don’t hesitate to do some research (without obsessing!) before making any judgments.

why is my crush ignoring me - not interested

1. They are not interested in you

The first option is the hardest one. I’m sorry to say that this is indeed a possibility. You may not be their type, you are not compatible, or they have someone else in mind. Trying to put your self-esteem issues aside, do you think it’s possible that your crush likes you?

2. They don’t have the time

Maybe it’s not a matter of taste but a matter of time. They decide to prioritize their studies, work, friends, mental health, or other vital aspects of their life. They don’t feel like dealing with the mental effort of starting a relationship with anyone, and that’s more than ok! Let’s thank them for being honest and not playing you. Extra points if she’s completely honest and tells you she needs time. Eventually, it could work.

3. They are dealing with something personal

Another possibility is that they are going through a tough time in their lives. A loss, a period of great stress, or a difficult breakup. Maybe they are attracted to you but would instead not do anything about it to focus their energies on solving their problems.

4. They are playing it cool

Let’s face it. Not everyone is an expert in the field of flirting. Maybe they think that by ignoring you, they get your attention. And if you’re here reading this, it’s because they’re right, and it’s worked.

But maybe they don’t know the limit and are overdoing it. The important thing is to rescue the origin of everything: they do it because they like you.

5. They don’t think you are interested

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you express your emotions? You may think you are transparent; in reality, they believe you are unsympathetic. There may have been a misunderstanding because of an unfortunate comment. They may simply be distancing themselves because they like you and think it’s not mutual.

6. They think you are in a relationship

How much do they know about your life? Maybe they’ve sensed that you’re in a relationship for some reason, so they’re simply staying away from you to avoid trouble. Maybe they asked if you’re single, and your response wasn’t clear enough. Make it evident that you are single!

7. They don’t want to be too obvious

What if they’re just shy? Maybe they think they’re shouting from the rooftops that they like you and feel embarrassed. What’s your solution? Do the opposite. Ignore you to disprove any suspicions about their true feelings for you.

why is my crush ignoring me - don't want to be obvious

8. They lack experience

How well do you know them? They may have never been in a relationship before, or they may not have much experience in the romantic or flirting field. The situation can be stressful and create a lot of anxiety, so they get 100% cold to avoid confrontation.

9. They think you are out of their league

What if it’s a self-esteem issue? If they like you, they may perceive you as a goddess of Olympus. You’re prettier, more intelligent, harder working, have a more sophisticated lifestyle, are more sociable, etc. They feel overwhelmed by you, so they decide to remove all illusions by moving away from you.

10. They are afraid of commitment

And we enter the realm of trauma and mental problems. Nowadays, many people are so scared of commitment. For them, falling in love with someone and ending up in a relationship means losing all their freedom and a thousand opportunities, sacrificing a part of their personality. Something like saying goodbye to their youth and being castrated.

11. They are afraid of rejection

Among the traumas is the fear of rejection. If they are unsure of your feelings, they prefer to avoid finding out the hard way. This fear is coupled with the fear of abandonment, i.e., if you accept them in the first place, they may think that you will get bored and leave them aside. They must work through these issues before starting a relationship with you.

How to get your crush to notice you: 4 tips

If you think your crush is ignoring you, but there’s a chance that they like you, it’s time to give them a heads up to take action:

1. Make them know you might like them

Give them hints to let them know you’re interested in them. Don’t be too blatant to avoid possible humiliation, but just enough to give them some reassurance.

2. Talk about relationships in general

It would help if you talked to them about relationships. Talk until you find out if they are open to meeting or already know someone. You can get valuable information if you know how to guide the conversation well.

why is my crush ignoring me - go on with your life

3. Find out if they are available and mature emotionally

Through that conversation, or perhaps through friends, find out if they are available emotionally and if you are talking about a possible partner. You can find out if they are a person who is clear about things or if they are a classic f*boy who wants to play with you. Don’t annoy them with texts all the time, though. You should text your crush every now and then and see if they even care about answering.

4. Go on with your life

Regardless of what you learn about them, go on with your life. If you’ve already made things clear, it’s their turn to make a move. You can’t control other people’s reactions forever, and you can’t waste your energy on people who don’t know what they want.

Why is my crush ignoring me? Final words

If your crush ignores you, it’s time to give it your all. Put the situation to the test, and make your intentions clear to them without dragging you down. Think that you have nothing left to lose, so why not take a risk? It’s better to lose the bet than to stay forever with the uncertainty and the constant “What if I had…?

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you solve it? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.